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Hamas extends condolences for tragic self-immolation of US Airman Aaron Bushnell

Hamas extends condolences for the tragic self-immolation of US airman Aaron Bushnell, condemning the US administration’s support for Zionist actions. Vigils outside the Israeli Embassy underscore the emotional impact of Bushnell’s protest.



vigil for Aaron Bushnell at Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C.
(Photo: X/Sulaiman Ahmed)

In a distressing incident that unfolded on Sunday afternoon (25 Feb), Aaron Bushnell, a 25-year-old active-duty airman with the U.S. Air Force, carried out a shocking act of self-immolation outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington.

A video of the incident circulated widely on social media, capturing the moment when Bushnell declared, “I will no longer be complicit in genocide,” using language commonly associated with critics of Israel’s military actions in Gaza to characterize the ongoing campaign.

With a fervent cry of “Free Palestine!” he set himself on fire, sustaining the fiery protest until he eventually collapsed to the ground.

The incident prompted reactions from various quarters, including the Islamic Resistance Movement in Palestine, Hamas, who shared their condolences for the death of Aaron Bushnell in a statement.

“We in the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) express our deepest condolences and our full solidarity with the family and friends of the American pilot Aaron Bushnell, whose name has been immortalized as a defender of human values and the oppression of the Palestinian people who are suffering because of the American administration and its unjust policies,” Hamas stated.

The American activist Rachel Corrie, who tragically lost her life in 2003 after being crushed by a Zionist bulldozer in Rafah, the same city where Aaron Bushnell sacrificed his life, is also mentioned.

Bushnell paid the ultimate price while advocating for his country’s government to prevent the Zionist army from attacking and committing atrocities in the region.

According to Hamas, the responsibility for the death of US Army pilot Aaron Bushnell lies with the administration of US President Biden due to its policy supporting the Zionist entity in its conflict against the Palestinian people.

Bushnell is hailed as a hero who gave his life to expose Zionist massacres and ethnic cleansing in the Gaza Strip.

“The heroic pilot, Aaron Bushnell, will remain immortal in the memory of our Palestinian people and the free people of the world, and a symbol of the spirit of global human solidarity with our people and their just cause.”

The tragic incident underscores the increasing discontent among the American people who reject their country’s policies, contributing to the killing and extermination of Palestinians.

The government’s perceived violation of universal human values by providing cover for the impunity of the Zionist entity and its leaders from punishment is also condemned, Hamas stated.

Vigil and flag burning outside Israeli Embassy in memory of Aaron Bushnell

In a display of solidarity, a multitude of individuals assembled in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. to honor the memory of Aaron Bushnell.

On Tuesday (27 Feb), dozens of protesters gathered for a vigil to mourn the loss of the 25-year-old American soldier who tragically set himself on fire outside the embassy.

Adding a poignant note to the demonstration, one protester took a bold step by burning an Israeli flag during a vigil held on Monday night (26 Feb), outside the same embassy.

The act was explained by the protester, who stated, “This is in solidarity with Aaron, who burned his body. At the very least, we can burn the Zionist flag.”

These gatherings and symbolic actions outside the Israeli Embassy underscore the deep emotions and strong convictions surrounding Aaron Bushnell’s tragic death.

Caution prevails as Israel, Hamas, and Qatar navigate potential Gaza truce amid ongoing talks

Israel, Hamas, and Qatari mediators approached the possibility of a truce in Gaza with caution on Tuesday (27 Feb), following U.S. President Joe Biden’s statement that he believed a ceasefire deal could be achieved in less than a week, halting the conflict for Ramadan.

Hamas is currently considering a proposal, reached in talks between Israel and mediators in Paris last week, for a 40-day ceasefire—the first extended truce in the five-month-old war.

The proposal involves militants releasing some hostages, increased humanitarian aid for Gaza, and Israeli troops withdrawing from populated areas.

However, it falls short of meeting Hamas’s primary demand for a clear path to a permanent end to the war and Israeli withdrawal.

President Biden, in a late-night talk show broadcast (26 Feb), stated that Israel had agreed to halt fighting during Ramadan, which is expected to start on 10 March.

Biden expressed hope for a ceasefire agreement by 4 March, citing progress reported by his national security adviser earlier on in the day.

Qatar, acting as the main mediator, is currently hosting delegations from both sides to negotiate the deal’s terms.

However, Majed Al Ansari, spokesperson for Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mentioned on Monday that no final agreement had been reached on the key issues, expressing hope but not certainty about a breakthrough in the coming days.

The Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip reported on Monday that the Palestinian death toll from Israel’s offensive since 7 October has risen to 29,782, with 70,043 Palestinians injured.

Over the past 24 hours, ten massacres were committed by Israeli forces, resulting in 90 deaths and 164 injuries.

The ministry highlighted ongoing challenges, stating that many individuals remain trapped under rubble and on roads, making rescue efforts difficult.

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How scary, eh?
Inside their own US Airforce got HAMAS synpathetizer and supporter.
It makes one think HOW many of this sort are fighter pilots or worse in command!!

Those who had done active service/duty for their country will NOT want this airman to be standing next to them in a real crisis. Ppl entrusted to hold a line will care less about political affililation, rather only whether those in line with them are dependent when the shxt hits the fan. Nobody would wish him to kill himself or hate his personal alignment, but nobody would want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him either in difficult situation.

All terroris+ lovers and sympathisers please follow suit.

Why Hamas never express condolences to Gazans killed by their own rockets – those which failed prematurely before reaching Israel side? At 7000+ rockets fired, maybe 5-15% failures (a likely rate for amateurish assembled kits), can have ZERO casualties on a densely-populated area like Gaza, meh? The world know of at least one which hit a hospital (killing 50-70 civilians), which the Palestinians quickly blamed an Israeli strike. So are they putting their “friendly fire kills” under the tab of about 30,000 killed by Israel? Yeah, Hamas = 0, Israel = 30,000 looks very good for propaganda, hor. But there… Read more »

Hamas= No hostages, no cease fire. Simple as that !!

A cheap shot to capitalise on such tragic incident by the Hamas IMHO.

Why only temporary ceasefire and partial release of hostages? Should be a permanent ceasefire, all hostages released, Palestinians held in Israeli prisons without due process released, IDF to withdraw completely from occupied territories, all Zionists settlements on Occupied territories be dismantled, Israel to go back to its borders of 1948 and a State of Palestine should be declared in the UN. This temporary ceasefire will only allow the continuation of genocide after it expires.

Disgrace to The US Military.
Nevertheless can all Hamas sympathisers,
Follow Suit.