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Airbus issues apology after Chinese & Russian visitors allegedly denied entry from military plane at Singapore Airshow

Airbus apologizes for barring Chinese attendees from German military aircraft at Singapore Airshow. Reports also claim Russian visitors faced similar restrictions. In its apology, Airbus promises corrective action.



SINGAPORE: Airbus has issued an apology subsequent to claims made by Chinese attendees that they were prevented from accessing a German military aircraft during the Singapore Airshow held on Saturday (24 Feb).

Several posts circulating on Chinese social media platform Weibo highlighted grievances from visitors who alleged they were denied entry to view an Airbus A400M transport aircraft operated by the German air force.

The complainants further asserted that individuals of Russian nationality also faced similar restrictions.

Chinese & Russian visitors allegedly denied entry into German military plane

In one Weibo post dated Saturday (24 Feb), user @PLAN_DDG172 recounted being turned away from the aircraft after queuing up for a viewing, alleging that staff selectively checked the nationalities of individuals who appeared to be Chinese.

Allegedly, those identified as Chinese were explicitly instructed to leave the queue, with staff apparently saying “Chinese go out.”

Additionally, the user reported that while in the cabin, they were allegedly pushed by a German soldier, resulting in a sprained foot and nearly falling off the aircraft.

Expressing anger over the purported discrimination, the user insisted on apologies from both Airbus and the German military.

Meanwhile, a video circulated on TikTok captured an individual wearing an Airbus lanyard querying a man about his nationality as he attempted to access the “German aircraft.”

Upon disclosing his Chinese nationality, the staff member purportedly cited “military restrictions” as grounds for denying entry.

Another user on Weibo claimed that Russian guests faced similar restrictions and were not allowed to enter the aircraft.


【Chinese Tourists Denied Entry at Airshow? Airbus Responds with Apology】 On February 24th, several Chinese visitors at the Singapore Airshow reported that a German Air Force A400M transport aircraft refused boarding to Chinese tourists during the exhibition. Airbus, the company behind the aircraft, issued an official response on the evening of the 25th, stating that there were no longer obstacles for Chinese spectators to board and view the aircraft since the afternoon of the 24th. Airbus mentioned that upon learning of the situation, they promptly communicated and coordinated with relevant parties, improved the visitation process, ensuring the aircraft is accessible to all attendees. Airbus expressed deep regret for any inconvenience caused earlier during the on-site operations. #singapore #airshow #airbus #a400m #aircraft #news #china #2024 #fyp

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Airbus apology

In response to the escalating controversy, Airbus issued a statement via its official Weibo account on Sunday (25 Feb), expressing regret for the situation and affirming corrective measures.

The aircraft manufacturer acknowledged the grievances raised by visitors and promptly liaised with relevant parties to rectify the visitation process, ensuring unrestricted access to the aircraft for all attendees.

“We deeply regret the inconvenience caused by previous on-site work and thank everyone for your continued attention and feedback,” Airbus stated, emphasizing its commitment to fostering a trustworthy relationship with the Chinese aviation industry.


Subsequent reports from Chinese daily The Global Times indicated that Chinese visitors were able to access the A400M aircraft without impediments from Saturday afternoon onward, signifying the resolution of the issue.

For further updates, Airbus encourages affected parties to engage through its official communication channels.

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Easy, all Alibaba purchases made by Europeans and Americans should have double the price compared to rest of the world. America, Europe keeps reiterating that China is not their friend.

Why Russian and Chinese visitors wanna see inside of a German Airbus but not the Chinese C919?

The only acceptable corrective action is passing the blueprints over to the Chinese and Russians 🙂

Dun blame on me since conveniently all just wanna blame on someone. All want to control other ppl. Some wanna be unreasonable and kill to make a statement of strength. So dun come blaming me cos the SG Govt Lee loong, Repub and Demo empires very fond of using me and my family as scapegoat for the behaviour they see parallel. Resolve your own issues else stop pretending to be against each others for your benefit of trying to purge a group of ppl!!!!!