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Singapore Airshow faces criticism over recurring traffic and transportation issues

Singapore Airshow 2024 faces criticism as attendees endure significant traffic delays and high fares. Complaints about poorly organized traffic arrangements and challenges in securing transportation have sparked frustration.



SINGAPORE: The Singapore Airshow 2024, an international aerospace and defence exhibition held at Changi Exhibition Centre for six days, has faced criticism from attendees regarding the poorly organized traffic arrangements.

The online community has voiced discontent over recurring transportation issues, raising questions about whether the organizers have made any concerted efforts to learn from past experiences and implement improvements.

The event, aimed at fostering strategic alliances and shaping the future of the global aviation industry, began with four days dedicated to trade attendees from 20 to 23 February, followed by two days open to the public on Saturday and Sunday (24 and 25 Feb).

Among the dissatisfied attendees was Inga Duglas, a 38-year-old senior corporate executive, who expressed her frustration after waiting nearly three hours for a taxi ride from the showgrounds to her hotel on the evening of 20 February.

The unexpected $120 fare for the journey left her surprised and fatigued.

In an interview with The Straits Times (ST) on 21 February, Duglas shared her experience of hunger, thirst, and exhaustion during the ordeal.

Numerous complaints regarding heavy traffic in and out of the exhibition centre resonated online, particularly from a multitude of private hire drivers who expressed frustration over enduring crawling traffic for several kilometres.

A notable number of drivers even warned their peers to steer clear of the airshow due to the challenging traffic conditions.

In addition to traffic concerns, there were grievances about what seemed like unfair pricing for rides.

For example, a Grab driver shared a screenshot revealing that the price offered for a ride from Nee Soon Camp to the Singapore Airshow ranged from S$19 to S$28.

Recurring transportation issues

Furthermore, challenges in securing private-hire cars and taxi rides to and from Changi Exhibition Centre compounded transportation woes for attendees.

Complaints extended to exorbitant fares for rides and long queues for the airshow shuttle, which operates between Singapore Expo and the exhibition center.

Moreover, departing visitors from Changi Exhibition Centre until 25 February were reportedly required to pay a location surcharge of S$15, in addition to the regular metered fare, for taxi services, according to The ST.

Attendees are not only contending with high fare rates but also significant traffic delays, with some describing it as the “worst transportation experience” they have encountered.

Reports indicate that attendees were stuck in traffic for nearly half an hour to 45 minutes to reach their destinations.

Commenting on the ST’s Facebook post, some attendees expressed frustration highlighted that similar traffic issues occur during every edition of the Singapore Airshow and emphasized the urgent need for improved management.

Users commented on the recurrent transportation issues, questioning whether the organizers have made any efforts to learn from past experiences and implement improvements, noted that the traffic flow should be seamless.


One user commented that the organizers should have anticipated this problem, especially considering they hold this event annually.

The user emphasized that for international air shows or similar events, the organizers should arrange private buses to transport attendees to and from Changi for better logistical management.

airshow comment

Another netizen went further to assert that Singapore’s reputation as an Airshow exhibition centre, where significant deals are brokered, has been irreparably damaged.

The user noted the exhibition centre’s considerable distance from major hotels and emphasized that transport inadequacies should have been anticipated, with contingency plans in place.

The users demanded answers and accountability from the organizers to address the shortcomings and prevent future disruptions.

airshow comment

Singapore Airshow implements remedial measures to tackle transportation woes

While traffic conditions appeared to have slightly improved on 22 February, with vehicles entering the exhibition grounds moving faster than in previous days, challenges persisted.

The event, expecting 50,000 trade visitors in the initial four days and over 60,000 public visitors over the weekend, has elevated concerns about transportation logistics during this edition of the Singapore Airshow.

In a latest Facebook post, the official Singapore Airshow page announced significant measures to address these challenges, including the introduction of larger capacity buses running at higher frequency intervals.

Furthermore, a dedicated lane for Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs) and taxis has been established, along with the designation of an additional drop-off area.

The organizers emphasized their collaboration with authorities, stating that they have worked together to allow PHVs and taxis access from Changi Coast Road starting at 7:30 am on 24 and 25 February.

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Go n die , sg will be much better with out u

They don’t make Singapore airshows like they used to. Why? Because they don’t make pap mps and ministers like they used to, after LKY died. Something fatally crashed in the Singapore airshow 2024, and it ain’t an airplane nor a vehicle. Sad indeed!

Double whammy this PAP enforced in SG to tolerate their nonsenses – highest pay and sloppy work.

Clear example of how dumb, stupid dimwitted voters here are. The Airshow is organised for industry people.. people in aviation business, military, politicians, wealthy people to gather. Not for idiots who believe they can go and see a fighter aircraft doing stunts. The people who matter have invitations and also special transfers from VIP gates at Changi airport.. the side closer to Terminal 1,2,3,4… idiots will be directed to go from cargo side. F1, and many other events hosted by SIN ( aka PAP) are not for idiot voters… Idiot voters have Chingay, Geylang Bazzar, etc… still dont get it..???..… Read more »

After spending millions and despite past experience, a major transport screw up is still occurring? This is the mother of all screw ups!

And to be labelled “worst transport experience” is really an achievement! Is arrogance on the part of the organisers a factor? Did they think they need not bother about past complaints?

I wonder if any minister would dare give a statement.