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Citizens’ concerns about Singapore Airshow 2024

Concerned Singaporean urges action against Airshow 2024’s display of weapons by firms involved in Gaza, citing their role in enabling devastation and violation of humanitarian law.



by Ngiang

I write to you as a Singaporean who is deeply concerned with the ongoing devastation in Gaza perpetrated by Israel.

I have written before to several organizations and members of parliament to express my discontent with the Singapore Airshow 2024 exhibition of several weapons manufacturers who are heavily involved in enabling the obliteration of life in Gaza.

Israel’s military campaign in Gaza has been decried by many to be potentially genocidal; they have committed documented war crimes such as targeting civilians, journalists, healthcare workers, and essential infrastructure; they have deliberately withheld humanitarian aid; they have violated and continue to violate international humanitarian law with impunity. With the latest airstrikes on Rafah, where some 1.4 million people are seeking shelter, and where Israel herded civilians to seek shelter, Israel continues to demonstrate a shocking disregard for Palestinian lives.

The Israeli companies I have named are Israel Aerospace Industries, Elbit Systems, Tomer, SIBAT, and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems – 4 of whom are state-owned. These companies have advertised their weapons as ‘battle-tested’, a grisly euphemism for the fact that their military systems and weapons are tested on Palestinians before being exported around the world for profit.

The other companies I have named are BAE Systems, Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman – all of whom have knowingly supplied Israel with the weapons and aircraft used to terrorize civilians in Gaza. In fact, General Dynamics’ chief financial officer and executive vice president, Jason Aiken, has tastelessly commented on the ‘incremental demand potential’ coming out of Gaza.

Even more disturbingly, Elbit Systems has advertised on its website that it will be presenting ‘Iron Sting’ at Singapore Airshow 2024, a precision-guided munition that it describes as having “a combat-proven capability, currently used in the October 7th war”. Sir, this is blatant lauding of a weapon that is currently being used to massacre men, women, and children in Gaza. I do not think I am alone in feeling physically nauseous when I think of armaments like this being showcased at our Singapore Airshow.

Several aerial and static displays at the Airshow will also be showcasing the drones and aircraft that the above companies manufacture – many of which are used to kill hundreds of civilians in Gaza daily. These include the F15 fighter aircraft, AH-64D Apache helicopter, CH-47F helicopter (Boeing); the F16 fighter aircraft (Lockheed Martin), and Hermes 450 drone (Elbit systems).

These will be showcased during Weekend@Airshow, which is open to the public, and advertised as a family event. By exhibiting and celebrating armaments used to decimate entire multigenerational families in clear violation of international humanitarian law – what is the message that we are sending to our society?

Singapore has previously backed UN resolutions that called for a ceasefire and humanitarian assistance. Our nation has also expressed its determination to maintain a balanced and neutral stance in this war.

I call upon you as readers of Gutzy Asia. Please work to cover the concerns many citizens have about the airshow, as shown above. Call upon the relevant authorities to disinvite the above ten companies and cease any showcase of armaments currently used to flatten Gaza and terrorize innocents, until Israel complies with international humanitarian law.

There is no place for anyone who stands for brutality, apartheid, and genocide, in our nation.

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It is not true that Israel ever deliberately target or kill civilians , or withhold humaritian aids from civilians in Gaza. Israel is and had been, hands down, the most humane and the most ethical armed forces in the world, struggling to survive in a hostile environment that constantly seeks the destruction of Jews since the 12th century till this day. Yes, it’s tragic that both Gaza Arabs and Israelis were accidentally killed in the process, but it’s never intended. Do you know Hamas’ charter opening statement? The eradication of all Jews is the aim of Hamas. Don’t take my… Read more »

I also thought humans gave up on God.

Writer Ngiang is deeply concerned that his like minded friends who are terrorists ,are being blasted off the surface of the surface by weapons shown by the Israeli at the Air Show.
I would advice Ngiang to change the kind of ppl he calls….’friends’!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Unfortunately the authorities are for their deep pockets. No?!? Not a single MP has spoken on this …

Ceasefire of course, Hamas to surrender and return all hostages. If not, then Hamas has to be defeated and eventually all Gazans can be re-humanised.

The writer is a fucking idiot oppie. Do you know how much money we can make from tourists? You chee by oppies are fucking stupid or what? Nothing better to do, go jump down from MBS please!

Thank You Ngiang for a well researched and informative article. I however feel that most Singaporeans have lost human compassion and empathy for all of God’s creation. By the shocking support of the genocide the separation of the human soul has been revealed. Our society has become sick under the PAP and sadly those who are supporting the Zionists cannot see or feel that they have been encompassed with deep hatred for the Palestinians. Where does this hatred or justification for killing of people come from? The Minister of Law should be very concerned. He should not only be checking… Read more »

Just a single point of which there are many and not to write longer here, for eg. or, and, in case readers get bored, or who have succumbed to their embedded existentialism ideals not likely to abandon their squarishness, usually engaging in fitting round pegs into square holes.

Will the writer carry his logic further wider, write and ‘demand’ to auto makers not to sell their vehicles to those harbouring evil, with lesser morals, whom uses them as car bombs to kill innocents, who crashed them at bz places to mow to inflict max damages to lives and properties?

Israel at your own time and target please carry on.
Nope to the leftist.
God not willing.
The Best of Singapore Airshow 2024.

Well written Mr Ngiang. Only people without morals and humanities will support the devils work for own benefits for the worldly gains in this temporary world. The truth will prevail and the evil deeds will perish.God willing.