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RDU to propose Shadow Budget on 24 Feb, advocating balanced approach

RDU is set to unveil its Shadow Budget on 24 February in response to DPM Wong’s recent Budget 2024 announcements. RDU advocates for a balanced approach, prioritising sustainable prosperity and equitable living standards for all Singaporeans.



SINGAPORE: Red Dot United (RDU), Singapore’s alternative party, is set to unveil its Shadow Budget this Saturday (24 February) in response to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong’s recent Budget announcements.

RDU in a Facebook post on Monday said their Shadow Budget aims to identify priority areas for Singapore’s public funds. It will present a comprehensive perspective on where the nation’s financial resources should be allocated.

In contrast to the budget proposed by the People’s Action Party (PAP) government, RDU asserts that their proposal will address revenue generation through reducing government wastage and implementing a “Fair Share” tax reform.

RDU mentioned that DPM Wong in his Budget Speech said he makes “no apology for pursuing growth,” and “for Growth is the prerequisite to create better jobs and raise the living standards for all Singaporeans.”

However, RDU challenged the assumption that growth alone guarantees improved living standards for all, labelling it a “fallacy.”

RDU argued that growth may result in low-paying jobs for a specific demographic and does not inherently elevate living standards.

RDU said growth might only create low-paying jobs for a select group of people.

“Growth, in and of itself, also does not raise standards of living. Spending (public or private) does.”

RDU advocated for a balanced approach- one that prioritises sustainable prosperity and equitable living standards for all Singaporeans.

RDU contends that a new economic framework is imperative, extending beyond GDP growth to encompass metrics such as well-being, human development, inequality, living standards, and environmental sustainability.

RDU emphasizes that only by giving these metrics equal weightage alongside GDP can a Wellbeing Economy be created, fostering a socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable society that accounts for the well-being of every Singaporean.

“At the core of RDU’s Shadow Budget is the principle of balance, ” said RDU.

“Through this Shadow Budget, we hope to case a vision for a Singapore where prosperity is not confined to a privileged few but shared by all.”

The presentation of RDU’s Shadow Budget is scheduled for 6-9 pm on 24 February at 10 Ubi Cres, Lobby E, #07-96, Singapore 408564.

Admission is free, and no reservations are required. RDU extends an invitation to all Singaporeans to attend the presentation and participate in the Q&A discussion.

DPM Wong hands out goodies in Budget 2024 amidst early GE speculation

Last Friday (16 February),  DPM Wong announced the Singapore’s 2024 Budget in Parliament.

He emphasized that this year’s budget addresses immediate concerns related to the cost of living for both households and businesses.

Simultaneously, the budget outlines strategies to enhance economic competitiveness, offer support to young families, and ensure the relevance of the workforce.

While reassuring the government’s dedication to providing increased support to households, it is challenging for Singaporeans not to view this year’s Budget announcement through the lens of an “Election Budget.”

Speculation about an early poll in 2024 adds a layer of significance to the budgetary decisions made.

On 20 August 2023, PM Lee revealed intentions to step down in favour of Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, potentially around the PAP’s 70th anniversary on 21 November 2024, although an exact timeline was not disclosed.

Previously expressing his wish “to step down before his 70th birthday in February 2022,” the unexpected challenges of the pandemic disrupted Lee’s plans.

Despite the absence of a clear timeline, PM Lee’s announcement suggests a likelihood of the General Election occurring next year, possibly before the party’s anniversary in November.

Alternative parties amplify grassroots outreach

In response to the PAP’s dominant 2/3 majority in Parliament, Singapore’s political landscape has witnessed increased manoeuvring,  intensifying grassroots outreach efforts, and witnessing alternative parties forming political alliances — both formal and informal — to contest in the upcoming GE.

In October 2023, RDU initiated a non-formal partnership named “The Coalition” with three other alternative parties: the National Solidarity Party (NSP), Singapore People’s Party (SPP), and Singapore United Party (SUP).

Since then, these parties have intensified grassroots outreach. For example, RDU recently supported its coalition partner NSP during their Chinese New Year outreach at Tampines GRC, signaling the Coalition’s commitment to strengthening its position in the GRC.

Similarly, the Workers’ Party has been actively working to intensify outreach in Tampines GRC, dedicating significant efforts to engage diverse communities within Tampines over the past few years.

During the 2020 General Election, Tampines GRC saw a contest between the PAP and the NSP, which has been contesting in the ward since 2011.

Under the leadership of Minister for Social and Family Development Masagos Zulkifli, the five-member PAP team retained the ward for the party with a convincing 66.41% victory, a drop of 5.65% from the previous election.

Masagos Zulkifli’s team consisted of Senior Minister of State Koh Poh Koon, Senior Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng, Mayor Desmond Choo, and then-PAP MP Cheng Li Hui.

Having secured 66.41 per cent of the votes, the PAP team achieved the status of the fifth-best performing GRC, following the successes of PM Lee and SM Tharman’s respective GRCs.

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Sounds policy proposal. Align with my thoughts, Singapore focus too much in accelerating urbanisation, pouring concrete here and there, and a lot of organic and environmental have been compromised.

Oppo should United, like what you called yourself. Moreover you are the spin off of psp, your parent party.

RDU would propose the Budget also give money for those who prefer the ‘back side’ entry life style too!😆😆😆😆