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Indonesian social media abuzz with “RIP Democracy”

Social media erupts with the “RIP Democracy” hashtag amid suspicions of election irregularities, challenging Indonesia’s 2024 electoral integrity and transparency.



INDONESIA – As Indonesia’s 2024 election results unfold, social media platforms, particularly X, have become a battleground of opinions and emotions, with the hashtag “RIP Democracy” gaining traction.

With over 50 thousand tweets and counting by midnight on 14 February, the hashtag reflects growing concerns and frustrations regarding the electoral process.

The surge in “RIP Democracy” posts is largely attributed to the quick count results favoring Prabowo and Gibran over Anies Baswedan and Cak Imin.

These early projections have sparked widespread skepticism, especially considering the substantial lead Prabowo and Gibran hold over their competitors, further exacerbating concerns among netizens.

Social media users on the X platform have voiced their disappointment and suspicions of electoral irregularities that allegedly occurred on Election Day, 14 February.

Many express dismay at the perceived lack of competency-based voting, instead noting a preference for candidates who engage in gimmicks rather than substantive discourse, as highlighted by @ibunyalalaa.

(Source: X Platform/@ibunyalalaa)


“It turns out that the Indonesian people still like leaders who have a dancing gimmick, who rarely come to public discussions, and when asked anything the answer is to eat. RIP Democracy,” she tweeted.

In addition to textual expressions of discontent, users have shared photos and memes conveying biting messages. @aoeliaRF, for instance, shared a vintage photo of former President Soeharto holding a cigar with the caption “Welcome Neo New Order” underneath, provoking over 354 comments disputing claims of democracy’s demise.

(Source: X Platform/@aoeliaRF)

The discourse extends beyond mere commentary, with references to the film “Dirty Votes,” a two-hour documentary that has stirred controversy regarding alleged electoral malpractice. @ayaslaper challenges skeptics to examine the film’s content thoroughly, countering accusations of it being a smear campaign against democracy.

Furthermore, videos alleging election fraud, such as the pre-marking of ballots for candidate pair 02, Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka, have surfaced on social media. @thed_dy shared footage purportedly depicting irregularities at a polling station in Tegal, Central Java, where ballots were pre-marked, raising serious questions about the integrity of the electoral process.

(Source: X Platform/@thed_dy)

The conversation surrounding “RIP Democracy” continues to evolve, with users expressing a spectrum of emotions and opinions. Despite the varied expressions, a common thread unites these digital discussions: widespread disappointment and disillusionment with the 2024 elections.

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