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SCDF to sound islandwide signal on 15 Feb for Total Defence Day

SCDF will activate islandwide Public Warning System for Total Defence Day on 15 Feb, 6:20pm. Stay alert to “Important Message” on PWS & SGSecure app. Tune in to radio/TV for updates, and enable push notifications for app alerts.



SINGAPORE: In commemoration of Total Defence Day, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) will conduct its annual public alert exercise on 15 February, 2024, at 6:20pm.

Citizens across the island may hear loud sirens during this time, but there is no cause for alarm.

The SCDF will activate the Public Warning System (PWS), sounding the “Important Message” signal for one minute.

This system serves to alert the public to potential threats, including attacks and natural disasters.

This date holds historical significance as the day British forces surrendered Singapore to Imperial Japanese forces in 1942.

The annual exercise aims to familiarize the public with PWS signals and remind citizens of the importance of national resilience and vigilance.


In addition to the traditional sirens, the signal will also be transmitted via the SGSecure mobile app for 20 seconds, accompanied by a brief text message.

To receive these alerts, users must enable push notifications and alerts from the app.

Residents are also advised to tune in to local radio stations or Mediacorp TV channels following the signal for further instructions.

For those who miss the message, information about PWS signals can be found on the SCDF website.

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Anyone ELABORATE what”re Objects of Defence, what’s TOTAL Defence of SG’s all about – say, defend Foreign Trash steals jobs, Foreign Trash do NOT do NS by legislation, Foreign Trash treated alarmingly favourably, given out of the way perks, comparatively and relatively speaking? Why’s there such HUGE DEPENDENCY on Foreigners – like during 1st 2 days of CNY, so many foreign trash from FnB on leave (sheeps eat sub quality food prepared by reliefs). When 1 fine day should MAS cocks up (don’t they, will they) the S$ xchange values viz a viz RM, RMB, Baht plunges, how do Sheeps… Read more »

, …… and if SillyPore’s “enemies” targeted and take out first and foremost, all satellite, communication centres, systems and this archaic public alert system ……………..