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Singapore’s 1st islandwide Total Defence Exercise set for February

In February, Singapore will conducts its 1st islandwide Total Defence exercise, SG Ready, enhancing citizens’ crisis readiness. From 15 to 29 Feb, it simulates cyber attacks, disinformation, and drones, preparing the nation for potential threats.



BG Fan (middle), Ms Samantha Tan, General Manager, South Beach Consortium Pte Ltd (left) and Mr Jack Lim, Managing Director Community Chest, Group Director Philanthropy and Engagement Group (right) sharing the TD40 campaign details.

SINGAPORE: In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Total Defence in 2024, Singapore will conduct its first islandwide Total Defence exercise in February, to enhance its citizens’ readiness to handle crises and disruptions.

Scheduled from 15 to 29 February, Exercise SG Ready will simulate an attack on Singapore, featuring hybrid security threats such as cyber-attacks, disinformation campaigns, and drone deployments by an anonymous aggressor.

The exercise will involve various targets and cause simulated disruptions to power, water, or food supply in some schools on 15 and 16 February, with emergency food supplies and water provided during this period.

Over the course of two weeks, community facilities, commercial establishments, and government buildings will take turns experiencing simulated disruptions.

Examples include the temporary stoppage of escalators and air-conditioners on different days.

Additionally, 20 public buildings, including the Treasury, Supreme Court, National Heritage Board museums, Esplanade Theatres, and Suntec Convention Centre, will switch off their facade lighting to simulate a blackout resulting from a cyber attack on the power grid.

500 educational, community, commercial, and government buildings will be actively participating in the exercise.

The decision to conduct this exercise was driven by feedback from various government agencies and partners, emphasizing the need to educate Singaporeans on appropriate crisis response measures.

Brigadier-General Kelvin Fan, Deputy Secretary (Policy) at the Ministry of Defence, highlighted this need during the launch of the Total Defence 40th-anniversary (TD40) events on 22 January.

BG Fan emphasized that the upcoming Total Defence exercise aims to enhance the readiness, resilience, and unity of Singaporeans in the face of crises.

He highlighted the current global challenges, including increased volatility, uncertainty, and turbulence, and identified climate change, cyber attacks, and supply chain disruptions as some of the major issues confronting the world.

The government agency Nexus, responsible for Total Defence and National Education, has released an exercise scenario video providing context for the simulated disruptions planned during the two-week Exercise SG Ready.

For information on the locations and dates of these disruptions, the public can visit the SGReadygowhere website.

Additional anniversary events include a Total Defence convention scheduled for April and a roving Total Defence exhibition showcasing Singaporeans’ contributions to Total Defence over the past 40 years.

The exhibition will be held throughout Singapore over the year, with details to be announced later, according to BG Fan.

Furthermore, a Total Defence dynamic display will be featured at the National Day Parade 2024, taking place at the Padang.

The concept of Total Defence was launched on January 22, 1984, as a national defense framework to unite Singaporeans in response to pot Digital Defence ential military threats and foster the determination to protect Singapore.

Initially comprising five pillars—Military Defence, Civil Defence, Economic Defence, Social Defence, and Psychological Defence—Digital Defence was added in 2019.

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Total snitching campaign where thousands participate in harrassment and street theater on innocent citizens slandered as a threat from a watchlist that is certified bogus without evidence.

What BS is Total Defense today? At least 40% of the population is here only to earn money and as a safe haven for their laundered money; in any crisis, they will run first. SAF/Mindeaf can’t even transport our Terrex through international waters without being correctly being impounded by HK/China on suspicion of falsely declared cargo.

Singapore PAP government Ministers anyhow interfering other countries like China and United States internal affairs mocking US democracy then say threat from other countries to create fear among Singaporeans so that Singaporeans will depend on Singapore PAP government and let Singapore PAP government Ministers treat them as dogs in order to let Singapore PAP government forever rule Singapore and treat Singaporeans as dogs

Foreign talents, especially the higher levels ( Employment Pass holders ) are good indicators
of real threats to SIN.

They have the resources to gather news that is unfiltered by SPH.
They have the means to travel at short notice.
They have no emotional ties with PAP, or Singapore.
They have no emotional ties to kaya toast and bread talk.

Observe them and use them as indicators….