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Property agent allegedly tied to firms of suspect in S$3Bn money laundering case

A Singaporean real estate agent is reportedly linked to two firms associated with Su Yongcan in S$3 billion money laundering case. In 2019, she involved in a deals where Chinese buyers spent over S$13.5 million on four South Beach Residences units.



Photo: Rochelle Chow's LinkedIn profile (left); Su Yongcan (right)

SINGAPORE: A Singaporean real estate agent has reportedly been listed as a director in two now-struck-off companies associated with a suspect in S$3 billion money laundering case, for whom Singapore authorities have issued arrest warrants.

After facilitating a high-priced sale of a luxury apartment penthouse unit, she assumed the role of a director in the company and subsequently acquired a terrace house valued at over S$3 million.

Last Friday (19 January), the Singapore Police Force issued a statement revealing arrest warrants for two Cambodian nationals, Su Yongcan (33 years old) and Wang Huoqiang (29 years old).

The arrest warrants and Interpol Red Notices were issued after the duo left the country prior to the police raid on 15 August last year, which led to the arrest of 10 individuals of various nationalities, all hailing from Fujian, China.

The case, initially uncovered in August last year, has now seen the total value of assets seized or frozen surpass a staggering S$3 billion (US$2.2 billion).

According to Singapore Chinese media 8World News, Rochelle Chow Shuting, identified as a real estate agent, is reportedly mentioned in the records of two now-deregistered companies associated with Su Yongcan.

Records from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) indicate that Su Yongcan registered three companies locally starting in 2017: Craft Digital, Argentavis Capital, and Argentavis Global.

Craft Digital is a company based in Singapore’s Millenia Tower.

While Craft Digital remains an active company established in 2017, the other two companies were deregistered on 7 December 2020.

However, both of the deregistered companies had a 35-year-old woman named Rochelle Chow Shuting listed in their records as a director and shareholder, alongside Su Yongcan.

S$13.5 million deal at South Beach Residences in 2019

A check on Ms Chow’s LinkedIn, Ms Chow introduced herself as an “experienced Business Consultant and Property Agent Based in Singapore with a demonstrated history working in the sales and marketing industry. ”

Her LinkedIn account identifies her as a property agent affiliated with Singapore Realtor Inc (SRI).

In February 2019, the company’s Facebook account shared a news report from EdgeProp, highlighting Rochelle Chow’s involvement in deals where two Chinese buyers purchased four units at luxurious South Beach Residences.

The buyers, believed to be friends from the same province in China, acquired two adjacent three-bedroom units each on the 42nd and 43rd levels, spending over S$13.5 million without requiring financing.

8World News reported that a source familiar with Rochelle Chow mentioned that she resided in a Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat in the northern part of Sengkang in 2019.

The source heard her boast about knowing a “super wealthy Chinese tycoon” and claimed she assisted him in acquiring real estate locally and overseas, even travelling on his private plane.

Subsequently, the source learned she acquired a Ferrari and made extravagant purchases of luxury homes.

Whether the Chinese tycoon she referred to is Su Yongcan remains unknown.

ACRA records indicate that Rochelle Chow Shuting’s current registered address is a new terrace house in Sengkang Gardens.

Situated on Burghley Drive, this terraced house is one of five newly built units, covering 1,735 square feet across two floors and an attic. Priced at S$3.48 million during the 2020 sale, they obtained a temporary occupation permit at the end of the previous year.

In November of last year, Rochelle Chow was sentenced to 16 weeks’ jail and a S$1,500 fine, over six years after a drunken incident following a wedding, during which she behaved disorderly and injured a police officer trying to fulfil his duty. At the time, she expressed her intention to appeal against her conviction and sentence.

Su Yongcan wanted by China authorities for gambling syndicate ties since 2015

According to information reported by the Straits Times, what adds intrigue to this situation is that Su Yongcan’s registered address was South Beach Residences, which happens to be in the same condominium complex as Wu Shuiying, another individual associated with the 10 accused in the case.

Further connections emerge as it’s revealed that Su Yongcan is a member of the Sentosa Golf Club.

Interestingly, several others within the alleged network, including Su Haijin and Su Baolin, are also members of this club. Su Haijin and Su Baolin were arrested on 15 August 2023 raid as part of the investigation.

Chinese authorities have been seeking Su Yongcan due to his involvement in a gambling syndicate uncovered back in 2015.

It’s worth noting that, according to information from the Singapore Eye, his hometown is also Anxi County, Fujian, and he retains a distinct Fujian accent.

Intriguingly, there’s a pattern emerging where some of those arrested and currently under investigation by Singaporean police, such as Chen Qingyuan (陈清远), also hails from Anxi, further deepening the connections within this complex web of individuals.

Su Yongcan was identified as the brother-in-law of another accused in the case, Wang Dehai (王德海). Wang sought refuge in Singapore after discovering that he was wanted by Chinese authorities in October 2016.

Acting on advice from Su Yongcan, Wang relocated to Singapore, deeming it a “safer” haven from potential legal repercussions in China.

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how many ugly commie cocks did she suck to becum “director” of a fake company?

As someone here said, do they look like billionaires or looked more like hardened criminals?

But hey, this is SG, big money bring big red carpet reception to a life of luxuries

Just put them in the slammer. Do they actually look like they are billionaires that pinky fond for?

And these obviously money laundering should have triggered credit alert long ago by various government and real estate agencies and financial institutions but the music just continued and continued until someone powerful from China descended in Singapore last year then the dirty cases spilled about like sewage waste waters

MAS, law enforcement and other regulators need a tune up. We are not only the highest scammed state in the world, we are also nurturing scammers in our midst. Private Trust companies should be raided by CPIB. It will surprise CPIB as to the legal theft that is being practiced by these companies.It is a scam to steal dead men’s assets. MAS should not allow private Trust companies to operate in Singapore. Only the banks should be licensed to do it or the govt. should allow the use of Public Trustee for assets under $5million.

If you cast the net far and wide enough, … you’ll rein in even more “enablers” to the FuJian gang !!!

Just think of “their” (FuJian gang) requirements and the sector it’s in, … probe, pry and pursue, and you’ll have more than just one estate agent and two who were directors of a “million” of their companies, … so far !!!

Then again, given the “complexities” of this case, it’ll probably take this fishing village’s authorities, … a few more years, perhaps, just to locate their “nets” !!!