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Ten arrested alleged Fujian-origin foreigners charged in court in landmark S$1 billion money laundering case

On 15 August, Singapore Police Force (SPF) initiated a substantial anti-money laundering and forgery operation, leading to the confiscation of assets valued at approximately S$1 billion.

Ten individuals, with diverse nationalities but a common Fujian heritage, were arrested and charged for forgery, money laundering, and resisting arrest. Local Chinese media revealed their identities.

Prior to this, a post on X (formerly Twitter) indicated that substantial funds were channeled into Citibank accounts by numerous individuals from Fujian using underground banks.

The Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) had clandestinely formed a task force over three months earlier, chiefly concentrating on Chinese nationals from Fujian province.



SINGAPORE: On Wednesday (16 Aug), in a news release, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) announced a significant crackdown on money laundering and forgery activities, resulting in the seizure of assets amounting to roughly S$1 billion (US$736 million).

The crackdown began promptly at 7 am local time on 15 August, with over 400 officers from SPF conducting simultaneous raids across the island.

This substantial haul includes properties, vehicles, luxury items, gold bars, and more. the police disclosed that ten individuals, aged between 31 and 44, were taken into custody.

A significant development in this operation, highlighted by local Chinese media 8world, involved a series of transactions linked to Citibank.

Earlier, a X (formerly Twitter) post revealed that large sums of money were funneled into Citibank accounts by dozens of Fujianese individuals using underground banks.

It was said that the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) had established a covert task force more than three months prior, with a primary focus on the activities of Chinese nationals from Fujian province.

These funds, suspected of links to illicit activities like gambling and drug trafficking, attracted the attention of specific Singaporean government departments. This led CAD to establish the task force for an in-depth investigation.

The identity of the arrested ten individuals, who were charged in court on Wednesday night for their suspected involvement in offenses such as forgery, money laundering, and resisting arrest, was revealed by Singaporean Chinese media outlet Lianhe Zaobao.

Arrest at good class bungalow (GCB) 

Deputy Public Prosecutor David Koh applied at 5 pm on Wednesday for the 10 individuals to be charged that evening in an unusual night court proceeding involving these specific offenses.

1) Su Haijin- also charged with one count of resisting arrest

The first individual to appear before District Judge Terence Tay was Su Haijin (苏海进), 40, a Cypriot national, who was charged with one count of resisting arrest. This offense allegedly occurred at a house in Ewart Park near Holland Road.

The police statement indicated that during the arrest, officers outside Su’s bedroom identified themselves and instructed him to open the door. Su then allegedly leaped from the second-floor balcony of a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) and was later found by the police hiding in a drain.

The jump resulted in fractures to his hands and legs, and he was taken to the hospital while conscious.

Su, still receiving treatment, appeared in court via video link from the hospital.

Speaking through a Mandarin interpreter, Su claimed he believed the knocking came from someone who had threatened to kill him.

He mentioned having an intimate encounter with a woman in Dubai and claimed her boyfriend threatened his life upon discovering the affair.

After listening to Su present his case for 10 minutes, the judge interrupted him, stating that the court was not the appropriate platform to defend his charge.

Su also sought bail, but the prosecution argued that his remand was necessary to prevent collusion among suspects involved in similar offenses or tampering with other evidence.

The judge approved the prosecution’s request for Su to remain in custody and to be transferred to a secure ward at Changi General Hospital.

2) Chen Qingyuan – Charged with Money Laundering

Chen Qingyuan (陈清远), a 33-year-old Cambodian national, faced charges of money laundering following his arrest at his condominium on Leonie Hill Road in the River Valley area.

He was also allegedly found in possession of other foreign passports believed to be issued by China and the Dominican Republic.

The police seized various items, including nearly S$600,000 in cash and other foreign currencies, along with 23 pieces of jewelry and six luxury watches.

After the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) applied for his continued remand for further investigations, Chen argued, “After being remanded for 48 hours, I have the right to ask for bail. The authorities can still conduct their investigations then.”

Chen repeated this assertion several times, but the judge ultimately approved the DPP’s request for his remand to continue.

3&4) Zhang Ruijin and Lin Baoying – Charges of Forgery

Zhang Ruijin (张瑞进), aged 44, and Lin Baoying (林宝颖), aged 43, both Chinese nationals, have each been charged with one count of forgery. They were apprehended at a bungalow located in Pearl Island at Sentosa Cove.

Zhang purportedly possessed a foreign passport suspected to have been issued by Saint Kitts and Nevis, a Caribbean island nation.

Lin was allegedly discovered with foreign passports suspected to have been issued by the Dominican Republic and Turkey. Zhang mentioned in relation to Lin: “You can separate her crimes from me, we are just lovers… You can bail me out, but remand her.”

Police authorities revealed the confiscation of over S$7.6 million in cash, along with the issuance of orders prohibiting disposal concerning nine properties and five vehicles, with an estimated total worth exceeding S$106 million.

5) Wang Dehai – Accused of Money Laundering

Wang De Hai (Source: Lianhe Zaobao)

Wang Dehai (王德海), a 34-year-old male Cypriot national, was apprehended at his condominium situated in Paterson Hill, near Orchard Road.

Wang is charged with a single count of money laundering.

Reportedly, he possessed additional foreign passports suspected to be issued by China and Cambodia.

During the police operation, items confiscated included cash amounting to over S$2.2 million, along with 35 luxury watches and bags, as well as 51 pieces of jewelry.

6) Su Baolin – Charged with Using a Forged Document

Su Baolin (苏宝林), a 41-year-old Cambodian national, faces charges related to the use of a forged document.

Su Baolin (source: internet)

His arrest occurred at a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) located in Nassim Road, during which he was purportedly discovered with a foreign passport suspected to have been issued by China.

Items confiscated during the operation encompassed cash exceeding S$777,000, along with 33 luxury bags and watches, as well as 75 pieces of jewelry.

Police authorities have subsequently frozen three associated bank accounts, with a collective balance surpassing S$2.4 million.

7) Su Wenqiang – Charged with Money Laundering

Su Wenqiang (Source: Lianhe Zaobao)

Su Wenqiang (苏文强), a 31-year-old Cambodian national, was charged with a single count of money laundering on Wednesday following his arrest at a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) situated in Lewis Road within Bukit Timah.

Reportedly, he possessed a foreign passport suspected to be issued by China.

During the operation, the police confiscated items including cash exceeding S$600,000, as well as 11 pieces of jewelry.

The police also froze eight associated bank accounts, which collectively held a balance exceeding $10 million.

8) Wang Baosen – Accused of Money Laundering

Wang Baosen (王宝森), a 31-year-old Chinese national, was charged with money laundering subsequent to his arrest at a condominium located on Tomlinson Road in the Orchard area.

The police seized cash amounting to nearly S$112,000.

9) Su Jianfeng – Accused of Money Laundering

Su Jianfeng (Source: Lianhe Zaobao)

Su Jianfeng (苏剑锋), a 35-year-old national of Vanuatu, faced a charge of money laundering.

His arrest took place within a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) situated in Third Avenue in Bukit Timah.

It was reported that he possessed a foreign passport, which was suspected to be issued by China.

Law enforcement officers seized various items during the operation, including cash exceeding S$1.4 million, along with 95 pieces of jewelry and 69 luxury bags and watches.

10) Vang Shuiming – Charged with Using Forged Document

Vang Shuiming (万水明), a 42-year-old Turkish national, faced a charge related to the use of a forged document.

His apprehension took place within a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) located in Bishopsgate near Orchard Road.

It was alleged that he possessed foreign passports, suspected to be issued by China and Vanuatu.

The police operation resulted in the seizure of nearly S$720,000 in cash, along with 36 luxury watches and bags.

The police also issued prohibition of disposal orders for four properties and three vehicles with an estimated value of more than S$29 million, as well as multiple bottles of liquor and wine.

The offense of money laundering for individuals in Singapore

The cases involving all 10 people have been adjourned to next week.

The offense of money laundering for individuals is punishable with jail for up to 10 years, a fine of up to S$500,000, or both.

Those who commit forgery for the purpose of cheating may be jailed for up to 10 years and fined.

The offense of using a forged document is punishable with imprisonment of up to four years, or fine, or both.

Those who resist lawful apprehension may be jailed for up to a year, fined, or both.

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『有得震,無得睏』 “Yau tak chun🥶 mou tak fun😵‍💫” Chua TP of Jinjiang, FJ descent and his associates at the sCCCI – most notably his very closest, one who goes by the nicknames『矮佬黄』、『短舌成』、『短根成』、”Shorty Short-tongued👅Wong (KS)” of that MAS (not central bank lah, please, alamak🤦🏻) fiasco before he was ‘de-cabinated’ – as well as also not a few from the Hokkien Huay Kuan must right now be shaking & trembling with alarming fright and having sleepless nights in the last few days or so🤭😄 not knowing when they will be called up to be invited to Cee-Ae-Dee for their very heartwarmingly irresist(arrest)ible Supermix™️®️☕️kopi-⚫️-My🌭doG👻👻👻… Read more »

I shared my concern in an open letter on 18 May 2023 that my company bank account with OCBC was taken over by someone without my authority and knowledge. Until today, I still have not heard from OCBC how this could have happened.
In light of the seriousness of the billion-dollar money laundering case recently, I beg and urge OCBC to let me know what had happened to the stolen bank account.

many such uncovered cases. but pappies too busy “fixing oppo” and shooting people with POFMA and FICA.

If someone didn’t blow the whistle, the SG bodoh gahmen still sleeping. How come they have EP, DP, LTVP..who the fark approved all this things without background checks?

Foreigners add to our social vibrancy; they may even be considered the SG Core – another legacy of the Kayu Son’s policy to allow SG population to grow to 40+% foreigners.

Funny how the media/authorities never mentioned how these 10 individuals can enter and allowed to remain in SG – on social pass, meh? Or on Work Permit, S-Pass, Millionaire-club Pass, etc?

Is the US or the UN on your backs again? How did these criminals enter Singapore with so much cash, jewellery and passports? Our customs looked the other way? How about their visas? Who approved them? They must have employment permits, LTVP or PRs to be able to sign long term tenancies. The Maharajah sleeping on the job? An easy way to identify money laundering is when property prices go against the fundamental rules of investment and there is a sudden surge in property prices but there is still buying. New Citizens paying millions of dollars for GCB is another… Read more »