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Transport Minister S Iswaran to be charged in State Court

Transport Minister S Iswaran is at the State Courts this morning following completion of CPIB investigation. Iswaran was earlier arrested in July last year, released on bail, and barred from leaving Singapore.



SINGAPORE: Transport Minister S Iswaran is at the State Courts at about 8am on Thursday (18 Jan).

The 61-year-old can be seen accompanied by his lawyers,  Senior Counsel Davinder Singh and Mr Navin Thevar from Davinder Singh Chambers.

This development follows an extensive investigation by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB), which began in July last year.

Following the conclusion of the investigation into Minister Iswaran by CPIB, the case was referred to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) for further action.

This update was first disclosed by Education Minister Chan Chun Sing last week, responding to a parliamentary question from Progress Singapore Party’s Non-Constituency MP Hazel Poa.

Minister Chan, representing Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, assured the public of the due legal process in handling the case. He emphasized the “robust and thorough” nature of the CPIB’s investigation, highlighting the government’s commitment to integrity and transparency.

The arrest of Iswaran, which took place on 11 July 2023, also involved billionaire businessman Ong Beng Seng, connected to the same corruption probe.

Following their arrest, both individuals were released on bail. Iswaran was instructed to take a leave of absence and had his passport confiscated.

The CPIB’s discovery of incriminating information against Iswaran was first indicated to Prime Minister Lee on 29 May 2023. A formal interview with Iswaran was deemed necessary by CPIB’s Director and was approved by the Prime Minister on 6 July 2023, leading to Iswaran’s subsequent arrest five days later.

As the investigation continues, Minister Iswaran has been restricted from leaving Singapore and accessing official government resources and buildings. His ministerial salary has been reduced to S$8,500, although he continues to receive his annual Member of Parliament allowance of S$192,500.

Specific details regarding the nature of the charge have not been provided by the CPIB.

Reports by the online media outlet Asia Sentinel suggest that the origins of this affair could be linked to the London trial for fraud involving Bernie Ecclestone, former Formula One CEO and the F1 Formula race held in Singapore.

This case marks a historical first in Singapore, being the first instance of a minister being charged with a criminal offence while in office.

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There are 2 things politicians cannot touch for extra. That is money and women.

Iguana cases are all only about money. Quite strange no woman is implicated, especially when a case of a man with status and money.

Is SimplyGo also linked to his downfall?

Oscar winners – for – best actors, best script, best producer, best director, best supporting actors.

Finally, best cinematography. AND EXCELLENT choreography in a SCRUPULOUSLY WHITE Settings.

He is being used to demonstrate how clean & white PAP is.
This is preparing the image for General Elections.. might as well
use him as a show & tell.

But it is a double edged sword.
It can also erode more into PAP’s hold.

Voters should ignore this show and vote against PAP.
This case is just the tip… and PAP wants to close it quickly and neatly.

The whole apple is bad…to the core…
dont just be happy that a bruised segment removed and the rest
of the apple will taste fine. Worm infestation.

Hello, don’t anyhow shoot. Innocent until proven guilty!

He got go Temple to pray again or not? He’s contesting all the 27 charges? Good luck to him and see if he land in Changi Resort in the coming years

Having a lawyer who is a defacto legal counsel acting for the incumbent ‘s dear leaders in past defamation cases reads aloud into the final outcome of this case
. The accused ‘s lucky star is indeed allowed to shine through his dark nights.Soon he may be a free man my friend.Interesting to see how the “rule by law” plays out in our once Sunny Singapore 😞😞🙄

Typically, sickeningly and singaporelarly, where this regime’s concerned, in relation to their “company representatives”, … a total embargo on news, details and updates is the dictated and controlled norm !!!

Then again, I’m stating the obvious here, and, … most, especially the majority are perfectly ok with this kinda shit show and sham !!!

Anyways, … …… … …… …

The Davinder is his lawyer..
Lets see if our earlier guesses are correct i.e. he’ll only get a “slap on the wrist and a stern warning”…
The 3 diff sets of the law invented to target diff segments of SG society..

What’s the charge?

Watered-down to having coffee with CEO of F1?

A stern warning?

To be charge… Means what ah?!? Guilty?!? Does it means his pay of $8500 will be claw back?? Like what civil servants experience from the ministry when taking extra leave etc …

What is the actual offence? Taking a bribe…?
Details please..still protecting them and theirs????