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Customer’s anticipation for a “nice meal” crushed as she discovered an uncooked patty in her burger

A McDonald’s customer expressed shock after finding an uncooked patty in her burger, and shared the incident on social media. Despite the manager’s refund offer, she reported to the Singapore Food Agency.



SINGAPORE – A customer who visited a popular fast-food restaurant and expecting a nice meal, was taken aback when she discovered that the patty in her burger was “uncooked.”

The customer, identified as 陈芊利, took to the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Monday (4 Dec) to share her unsettling experience.

Accompanying her Facebook post was an image depicting the uncooked patty of a burger.

The image displayed the “raw meat,” and a missing chunk at the side of the burger suggested that the customer had unknowingly consumed some of the uncooked meat.

In the caption she wrote, “Went to Mac Donald’s for a nice meal, after taking a few bites I realised something is wrong, the meat is cold and mushy….i opened up the burger… my surprise the meat patty is not cooked how to eat like that….”

As per her account, the place she went to was a McDonald’s branch around Punggol Plaza.

She revealed that she promptly brought the matter to the attention of the restaurant’s manager.

The manager, in response to the complaint, offered a full refund and also assured her they would cover any potential medical bills resulting from food poisoning.

Despite the manager’s attempts to remedy the situation by offering a replacement burger, the customer declined, expressing her aversion to the incident.

The customer went on to report the incident to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and emphasized her reluctance to patronize the particular McDonald’s outlet in the future.

“I am too grossed out; don’t think I will patronise that outlet again,” she added in the comment section.

Community responses following disturbing incident of “uncooked meat” in McDonald’s burger

In the comments section of the customer’s post, numerous users expressed shared feelings of disgust over the incident.

They encouraged her to file a complaint with the SFA or NEA to ensure a thorough investigation.

Similar to her, nearly all commentators emphasized the gravity of the situation, underscoring the potential hazards posed by consuming uncooked meat.

One user stated that, compared to a steak, a patty needs to be 100% cooked because people can easily get food poisoning from it.

To which the woman replied that, “Yes, I know, now I am really worried I will get food poisoning as I ate a few bites of the raw meat,” she said.

Some users openly expressed disgust, saying, “Eww” or a simple “Disgusting.”

Another user feels that the situation is “too much” and encourages the woman to report the incident and consult a doctor for a check-up.

In response, the woman explained that she would need to wait for any signs of food poisoning to manifest before seeking medical attention, as she is currently not experiencing any discomfort and has nothing to report to the doctor at the moment.

Additionally, a user playfully suggested that the woman could enjoy “free meals for months” following the incident.

In response, the woman declined, stating that she was too traumatized to consider such an offer.

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post the IT’S RAW!!! meme next time.

Hello, this is FAST food. This one is apparently so fast it was only partially cooked!

Has it been Mac now quietly introduce a new menu item, type of food offering, adopt from steak meals, ‘rare’, ‘medium’, ‘medium rare’, or even something new, known inside their kitchen, as ‘Original’?

The courses required food handlers to attend, and passed, is likely a CRUEL COVER as another MONEY SPINNER for Politicians in Power. No? With money to the HUGE AMOUNTS of Billions$ lost by GAMBLERS MAS and TH, who is telling me I m talking cock 🐓.

A very very clear trend has been established.

With undeserved bonuses into their bank accounts, why should they be bothered to keep awake to do a good job of securing food safety when bonuses are freely given.

I still prefer my econ rice.

Singapore PAP government Ministers are not doing their duties well

She went for a nice meal … at Mac Donald’s?!!?!!

enough said ….

First and Foremost

You have to check on the kitchen staff

Is the kitchen staff the pioneer generation ?

Than excuse them for their productivity rate.