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Students anticipated serving of McDonald’s fried chicken, only to be disappointed

Participants in an education department program from an undisclosed state were left disillusioned when McDonald’s fried chicken labeled boxes contained water and buns instead. The incident, shared by a teacher on social media, highlights the mismatch between expectations and reality during state-organized events.




MALAYSIA: In an unexpected turn of events, students participating in a program organized by an undisclosed state’s education department were left disappointed when they opened boxes labeled “Ayam Goreng McD” (McDonald’s Fried Chicken), only to find water and buns inside.

The incident, brought to light by a teacher named Abdul Muiez, was shared on his Facebook page on 15 August.


It’s a McDonald box but the inside was not. (Photo: Facebook/Abdul Muiez)

According to Muiez, a concerned guardian contacted him regarding their child’s experience in a state-level program hosted by the unnamed state’s education department.

Upon receiving the boxes, the students initially appeared excited.

However, as they eagerly opened the containers, their expressions quickly shifted from joy to dismay.

Muiez recounted a conversation with the guardian, during which it was conveyed that the organizers should have been more attentive to the students’ expectations, as some had hoped for a genuine McDonald’s meal.

Post swiftly caught attention of social media users

The post quickly gained traction on social media, amassing over 5.4 thousand reactions and more than two thousand shares since its upload.

One commenter raised a question about the choice of packaging, wondering why the organizers had chosen to use a McDonald’s fried chicken box for buns and water instead of a more appropriate container.

She suggested that a regular plastic bag would have sufficed, citing a similar incident involving her own child’s school where students were provided with actual McDonald’s burgers after several days of minimal sustenance during an event.


netizen comment on Facebook.

Another individual empathized with the disappointment felt by the children upon discovering the mismatch between the enticing packaging and the lackluster contents.

He expressed the sentiment that such actions were inappropriate and ultimately led to a disheartening experience for the recipients.


netizen comment on Facebook

Notably, this incident occurred not just once, but twice—during breakfast and lunch sessions.


It didn’t only happen once, but twice, during breakfast and lunch.

Despite his efforts to address the issue by reaching out to the responsible party, Muiez reported that he did not receive a response, highlighting the need for clearer communication and accountability within such programs.

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