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Under the Golden Arches: Singaporean Couple’s unique wedding celebration at McDonald’s

Singaporean couple Elson Tong and Yong Yong Qing celebrated their unique wedding at a local McDonald’s outlet, exchanging vows under the iconic golden arches. Their novel approach to a relaxed, fun ceremony, costing them just SG$700, stands in stark contrast to the typical S$1,000 – S$5,000 expense reported for traditional venues.



SINGAPORE: McDonald’s enthusiasts Elson Tong and Yong Yong Qing celebrated their union at the fast-food chain’s West Coast Park outlet on 19 July.

Accompanied by 55 of their friends and family, the pair, both 26, exchanged vows in the restaurant’s pavilion, with the iconic golden arches serving as a striking backdrop. Having met in junior college in 2015, the couple has been together for approximately seven years.

During a McDonald’s visit in April 2021, Tong, an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, playfully suggested marrying his favourite menu item, a buttermilk crispy chicken burger.

Responding with similar humour, Yong, a senior associate at Changi Airport Group, proposed, “Why don’t we get married at McDonald’s?” Initially taken as a joke, the idea gradually appealed to the couple, who were looking for a relaxed and fun solemnisation ceremony.

Yong explained to The Straits Times, “It reflects our personalities as a couple; we like to keep things simple and fuss-free. We also wanted our guests to be able to dress comfortably.”

Their unique wedding plan initially surprised their families and friends.

“My parents thought it was a joke at first, but they quickly warmed up to the idea and were supportive. They liked the intimate setting of the ceremony,” Tong shared.

In May, Yong reached out to the manager of the McDonald’s West Coast Park outlet and secured approval to book the pavilion on a weekday, when the restaurant is less crowded.

They then sent out invitations styled like McDonald’s coupons to their guests and collated their meal orders.

The fast-food-themed wedding cost the couple approximately SG$700 in total, covering the food and venue. In contrast, Value Champion reports that one can hire a simple venue or even hold a wedding at the registry for a minimal fee of about S$1,000 with catering, or opt for a grander venue with floral arches and lavish lunches at about S$5,000.

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