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Jewish-Israeli artist and filmmaker renounces Israeli citizenship amidst escalating Gaza conflict

Jewish-Israeli artist Yula Benivolski renounces Israeli citizenship, citing a profound reevaluation of the country’s history triggered by recent actions in Gaza. Meanwhile, Israel resumes military operations in the Gaza Strip following the expiry of a temporary ceasefire, escalating tensions in the region.



CANADA: In a video statement, Jewish-Israeli artist and filmmaker Yula Benivolski announced her decision to renounce her Israeli citizenship, citing decades of reflection and a newfound awareness of Israel’s history.

The catalyst for this life-altering decision, she expressed, was the recent aggressive actions by Israel in Gaza, which she believes have unveiled the true history of the country.

Woman renounces Israeli citizenship

In the video, she began by displaying her Israeli passport, ID, and army exemption card, and then went on to explain why she decided to give up her Israeli citizenship.

Yula Benivolski, an Israeli citizen, is also an artist and filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada.

Having left Israel 23 years ago, she has been residing in Canada ever since and did not serve in the Israeli army.

“This wasn’t a decision I made lightly,” Benivolski emphasized, revealing that her journey toward renouncing citizenship was a prolonged process spanning two decades.

“From the moment I learned about the real history of the place where I grew up – a history that wasn’t taught to us in schools or even talked about while I was living there – until last week at the consulate. It’s been a really long process.”

The recent assault on Gaza served as the tipping point for Benivolski, who explained, “Yes, I did it in response to Israel’s horrific assault on Gaza.”

Providing clarification to those questioning the timing of her decision of – “why now?” instead of earlier – to renounce her citizenship, she clarified, “…Because the amount of casualties has reached catastrophic proportions. And even though we are in a temporary cease-fire, it seems like it’s not going to end anytime soon,” she said.

Expressing concern about the potential continuation of hostilities, Benivolski highlighted, “…even the Israeli officials are saying that after the pause, they intend to keep bombing for two months, at least.”

Israel resumes military operations as truce with Hamas expires

Israel’s military has resumed combat operations in the Gaza Strip, attributing the decision to the conclusion of a temporary ceasefire and accusing Hamas of violating the truce.

The ceasefire, which commenced on 24 November and was initially set for four days, saw two extensions through mediation by Qatar and Egypt.

Unfortunately, it ultimately expired at 7 a.m. (0500 GMT) on Friday.

During the week-long truce, a significant development unfolded with a prisoner exchange.

Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza released over 100 hostages, predominantly Israeli women and children, in exchange for 240 Palestinians liberated from Israeli prisons.

The situation also grew more intricate with the limited number of hostages remaining in Gaza, leading to anticipated higher demands from Hamas, particularly for the remaining captives, including Israeli soldiers.

Presently, approximately 140 hostages are believed to still be in Gaza.

Despite efforts by Qatar and Egypt to extend the ceasefire by an additional two days, no agreement was reached.

Rocket attack sirens were reported in southern Israel fifteen minutes before the truce expired, marking the first alerts since the ceasefire’s initiation.

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Did Palestinians told to move further south where the war is no affecting them? who says they got no place to move? They can ask their rich oil countries to help them. No?

She must have got a citizenship already else she will not give her citizenship.

Why no one accept Palestine? What happens to their supporters like Iran, Turkey? Lebanon, Qatar, etc? no one?

Palestinians rejected to move away from the fighting war zone area.

Later will they cry again and play victim cards? Will they say Israel are Zionist or terrorists? What do you think?

Good. She can join any of the countries like Ira, Turkey, Lebanon nearby . What do you think? She didnt know Hamas started it all? thank you

I would recommend those interested to go to YouTube and listen to Mosab Hassan Yousef, the SON of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef as he speaks out against his father’s terror organisation at the UN.

A real eye opener.

With reference to this lady who renounced her Israeli citizenship, her “protest” would have more weight if she had been living in Israel and not in Canada all these years.

Renouncing her citizenship, must make a video. Yet recall the many, many Israelis residing or working overseas rushing back when they got their mobilization papers – did they need to make videos? Regardless of whichever country in debate, which citizens do you think will be more reliable in a national crisis?

“Having left Israel 23 years ago.”

Ah yes, making a decision that will not impact her life in any significant manner (Perhaps in a decade or two to come when she realises that Canada is going to be a stable country in the long-run). The moral grandstanding seen by people trying to hide their own inaction.

Israel is rather strict when it comes to handing out their citizenship. Perhaps the ruling government should follow that example (It’s not unique to Israel too, it is also difficult for foreign nationals to get citizenship in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan).

Last edited 5 months ago by Blankslate

“… Having left Israel 23 years ago, she has been residing in Canada ever since and did not serve in the Israeli army…”


Very typical attitude of thwankers – never serve so doesn’t know any obligation to one’s country, and probably never will. We will see lots of such with our prized New Citizens, when SG hits a rough patch. But such are the FREE RIDERS that the pappies loves!

Very convenient and easy for someone with dual nationality to make such grand statement…

I dunno who she is or how much her work contributes to her home country..
Shes been living away most of her life..
Hundreds or thousands more arent so lucky…
Same goes for all people suffering at the hands of war mongering leaders..
Please listen to John Lennons song “The War Is Over”..

More peace loving Jews must speak up against the Zionists to stop the war.