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Israel resumes military operations in Gaza Strip as truce with Hamas expires

Israel’s military resumed operations in Gaza after a truce expired, citing Hamas’ violation of the ceasefire and the failure of extension efforts by Qatar and Egypt.



Israel’s military has recommenced combat operations in the Gaza Strip, citing the expiry of a temporary ceasefire and accusing Hamas of violating the truce.

The ceasefire, which began on November 24 and initially lasted four days, was extended twice with the mediation of Qatar and Egypt, but ultimately expired at 7 a.m. (0500 GMT) Friday.

During the week-long truce, a significant prisoner exchange took place. More than 100 hostages, mostly Israeli women and children, were released by Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza, in exchange for 240 Palestinians freed from Israeli prisons.

The complexity of the situation was heightened by the limited number of hostages remaining in Gaza and the expected higher demands from Hamas for the remaining captives, including Israeli soldiers.

Approximately 140 hostages are still believed to be in Gaza.

Despite efforts by Qatar and Egypt to extend the ceasefire by an additional two days, no agreement was reached. Tensions escalated with rocket attack sirens sounding in southern Israel fifteen minutes before the truce expired, the first alerts since the ceasefire’s commencement. Israel’s military reported intercepting a rocket from Gaza early Friday, while Hamas-affiliated media reported gunfire and explosions in northern Gaza. Artillery fire and airstrikes by Israeli forces were reported in Gaza City, with drones also heard over the southern part of the territory, marking the first such activities since the truce.

The Shehab news agency, linked to Hamas, reported similar disturbances in northern Gaza, and military and drone aircraft were reported over Gaza City by other Hamas-affiliated media outlets.

In the final moments of the truce on Thursday, eight hostages and 30 Palestinian prisoners were exchanged, accompanied by the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. U.S. top diplomat Antony Blinken, who met with Israeli and Palestinian officials, had advocated for an extension of the ceasefire, emphasizing the need to protect Palestinian civilians.

The conflict, which initially erupted on 7 October following a surprise attack by Hamas militants, has led to significant civilian casualties. Approximately 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were killed during the initial attack and subsequent Israeli military campaign.

Hamas claims that the Israeli response has resulted in over 15,000 casualties, predominantly civilians, many of whom are children.

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Expected. Those that don’t understand what is WAR is naive (or stupid) to think any temporary truce will lead to a halt to centuries-old hatred on both sides. Israelis quickly declared this episode a WAR is because Hamas used war-like tactics in the 7-Oct attacks – no mercy, no prior declaration of intent (to safeguard innocent civilians), all-out violence and absolute barbarism. Do I regret the current situation – yes, very much. Do I think the Israeli are over-reacting – no, because this is what WAR is about. Total destruction until one side submits. Frankly Hamas asked for it, the… Read more »

from the river to the sea, the middle east will finally be free from evil.

Western News media is saying, the equivalent of two nuclear bombs have been used by the Zionists in their attack against the civilian population in Gaza. If they don’t stop, the war will spread to Lebanon, if the feared Hezbollah enter the War. There is a possibility of a civil war in Israel itself as there are many who do not support the genocide against the Palestinians.