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RDU shares residents’ diverse concerns from Taman Jurong outreach

In a recent community outreach in Taman Jurong, the Red Dot United team engaged with residents on a range of issues from dining options, public transportation challenges, and housing disparities to unaddressed feedback and job concerns, highlighting the community’s worries about rising costs and prompting the RDU team’s commitment to advocacy and practical solutions.



SINGAPORE – In a recent community walkabout, the Red Dot United (RDU) team visited Taman Jurong, engaging closely with the residents of 164A Yung Kuang Road. This outreach was marked by insightful conversations about pressing local issues.

During the visit, residents warmly welcomed the RDU team into their homes, even offering refreshing cans of 100 Plus, sharing their perspectives on various community challenges.

Residents seized the opportunity to voice their opinions on various aspects affecting their daily lives, providing constructive feedback on how their community could be enhanced.

The RDU team recounted their community visit experience on RDU’s Facebook page on Thursday (Nov 23).

Dining options and public transportation

One common concern raised was the closure of a nearby eatery due to an unreasonable rent increase.

A resident emphasized the inconvenience caused and expressed the need for more dining options and improved bus frequency and connectivity.

“This inconveniences us, the residents,” the resident said.

“We need more options for eating out and also better bus frequency and connectivity,” she added.

Other residents also highlight similar issue, such as the insufficiency of two bus services, namely, bus numbers 240 and 246, particularly during peak hours and periods of traffic congestion.

Given the rising costs of owning cars, residents stressed the importance of enhancing bus services to cater to the needs of those who rely on public transportation.

One resident said, “Since many of us now cannot afford cars because of the high COE prices, the bus services must be improved.”

Unaddressed feedback and housing disparities

Other than that, the RDU team also learned about challenges faced by residents in utilizing the OneService app for municipal issues.

Many residents expressed dissatisfaction, stating that their feedback often goes unacknowledged, and there is a perceived lack of action from municipal offices and the Jurong-Clementi Town Council.

National issues were not overlooked, as residents shared their experiences dealing with the complexities of the housing market.

One resident highlighted the significant price disparity, recounting how he narrowly avoided paying hundreds of thousands more for his HDB flat due to unique circumstances.

The resident said, “I bought my flat in 2019, but only fully moved-in in 2021 because I had to care for my in-laws who are old.

“In 2019, I bought my flat for $345,000. If I had bought it in 2021, I would have paid at least a hundred thousand dollars more.

“Today, the flats in this block are on the resale market for almost $600,000,” he told the RDU team “matter-of-factly.”

Job challenges due to “age discrimination” and economic worries

The team also encountered a mother of three facing the harsh reality of age discrimination in the job market.

She revealed that her husband, who is in his 50s, has faced challenges in finding a job for nearly a year, suspecting that employers might be unfairly discriminating against him due to his age.

In return, the RDU team provided guidance on leveraging government initiatives such as e2i and SkillsFuture, reassuring the family of ongoing support.

In the Facebook post, RDU team shared that residents’ concerns also extended to broader economic challenges, particularly inflation and its impact on the cost of living.

Many expressed worry about the escalating prices of essential goods, emphasizing the growing gap between their salaries and the rising expenses.

“Residents especially spoke to us about inflation, how everything has gone up but their salaries, and how the cost of living is affecting them.

“Many are especially worried about the steep increases in food prices,” RDU said.

In response to these concerns, the RDU team pledged to advocate for the residents, promising to address their grievances and work towards practical solutions.

As they embark on initiatives to improve the quality of life in Taman Jurong, the RDU remains committed to fostering a community where every voice is heard and every concern is taken seriously.

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My conjecture is the bulk of residents use Oppo Party house visits as a sounding board, to let go. When come to mark X, it’s a different beef, different proposition altghter, like day and night.

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