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Minister Chan Chun Sing sidesteps specifics on Leong Mun Wai’s question about senior civil servants’ earning above S$200,000 annually

In response to a parliamentary question about senior civil servants earning above S$200,000, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing did not provide specific statistics on their racial and gender breakdown, focusing instead on the overall diversity in the Civil Service.



During a recent parliamentary session, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing, who was responding on behalf of the Prime Minister, addressed a question from Mr Leong Mun Wai, a non-constituency member of parliament and Secretary General of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP).

On Wednesday (22 Nov), Mr Leong inquired about the current racial and gender breakdown of senior civil servants in superscale grades MX9 and above. The compensation of Singapore’s senior civil servants in the MX9 superscale grades have ranged between S$200,000 and S$260,000 annually over the past five years. The MX9 grade is considered the starting level for senior civil servants in superscale grades, generally corresponding to director-level positions in government ministries.

Minister Chan’s written response, while comprehensive, did not provide the specific statistics requested by Mr Leong.

In his statement, Minister Chan highlighted, “The racial and gender proportions of the Civil Service as a whole are broadly aligned to that of the national population. Racial and gender diversity are but two of the many dimensions of diversity we look for. Other equally if not more important dimensions include the wide range of experiences and capabilities needed to deliver our national outcomes. Given the diversity of roles in the Civil Service, we do not and should not expect every sub-sector or grade to mirror the national profile.”

He elaborated, “What is also important is for the Civil Service to establish engagement structures and processes to ensure that the necessary breadth and depth of perspectives and interests are taken into consideration. Ultimately, what matters most to our public service work are not necessarily the input indicators of race or gender, but the outcome indicators of efficiency, effectiveness, and resilience.”

Furthermore, Minister Chan referred Mr Leong to a previous parliamentary response from 5 April 2022, addressing similar concerns about diversity in higher levels of the Civil Service.

In response to Ms He Ting Ru, Workers’ Party Member of Parliament for Seng Kang GRC, Minister Chan, who also serves as the Minister-In-Charge of Public Service, emphasized the multidimensional nature of diversity in public service leadership. However, this response did not contain details about Mr Leong’s question.

In a November 2018 parliamentary response, Minister Chan noted that superscale officers constitute about 1.9 per cent of the civil service, with monthly salaries starting from approximately S$11,000.

The absence of specific data in response to Mr Leong’s question, or what appears to be plain sidestepping and avoidance, is not uncommon in the Singapore Parliament.

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people asked about overpaid PMs, he go and talk about “racial and gender proportions”!!!

why? who the flying fuck asked?!?! and i thought we were MERITOCRACY!!! why you suddenly talk race and gender? want ISD to invite him to drink kopi issit? crazy racist pappies, overpaid to talk like a racist.

Any private sector interested in recruiting paper generals? they are from Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford Universities.?

It’s a known fact that CCP China has been filling many UN agencies with their “warriors”. Just hope that Pappy’s amendments to our”Constitution” to allow for The independent thinking President and our Group thinking Ministers to assume responsible positions in world bodies including WHO,UN,UNSC,WEF,ect is not an act to collaborate with the powers to be to help influence world public opinions.This may not be always be good for Singapore 🇸🇬 whichever ways one views the issues.So sad to witness such uncalled for act being unfolded in our once Sunny Singapore.Let’s see how many more GRCs the incumbent will loose comes… Read more »

All responses to questions in parliament are written by the permanent secretary of the ministry concerned for its minister to read as a reply.
Imagine that a new minister does not know everything and anything about his ministry he is in charge and therefore is dependent on his senior civil servants to help craft his reply.

This sia Suay PAP government Minister only know how to scold Singaporeans idiot.

Shit stirrer LMW is again at it….stirring shit and this time along racial lines…soon he will be at this again ….asking HOW MANY FIGHTER PILOTS ARE OF A CERTAIN RACE AND HOW MANY OF SUCH RACE HAVE RANK OF COL AND ABOVE!
Then he will again stir more shit asking HOW MANY SPF
superintendent and above are of this certain race!
Never ending shit stirring, official WP shit stirrer to let whip lady take the bait or else Ah Chan would be the boozo this time round!

“We have the data, But what is the point.”, May be somewhere in the written reply these lines would have been included, Better take a closer look.😃😎

CCS simply living up to his Sia Suay title. So frightening to think that he can likely be our next DPM, hor.

Leong Mun Wai should have adopted Shanmugam’s “method” of grilling Thum Pin Jin in pressing CCS for the figures. When a PAP minister doesn’t give a relevant SPECIFIC answer, he is either lazy (didn’t ask the highly paid civil servant ka-kias to find out) or is lying or is sidestepping ie: twist and turn to avoid answering or maybe ALL three 🙂

Looks exactly like the SG Public Services is bribed (and manipulated) by PAP Administration to serve them to leverage political gains.

SG is long dead – when asleep they don’t even know they are dead – no difference between sleeping and lay dead.

It appears quite apparent the PAP Administration is holding hostage Govt services to serve the public, and tying them to be beholden to the PAP Administration.

Is this glaring enough to the sheeps to know and understand why they voted such a Political Administration holding them Hostage and then paying themselves OBSCENE SALARIES while scrimping on Min Wages and handouts which they slammed regularly opposition as welfarists.

Besdies, PAP blasted ‘ they are pro SG, pro workers, true?

Why must Politicians jump to the defence of public services supposed to b apolitical whether if it’s WP, SDP, PSP in Administration of the day?

Is the PAP ABUSE and MANIPULATION of Public services to Sheegaporeans ALLOWED in our Constitution?

Ain’t there is separation of powers, of Administration of services to each and every Singaporean DISTINCT and UNTOUCHABLE by PAP?

Legacy of the Ah Loong-era:

Can Kelong, must kelong.
Can Wayang, must wayang.
Can throw smoke, must throw smoke.
Cannot get strong mandate, must call voters Free Riders.

He doesn’t know or he doesn’t want the Public to know but under him, the civil servants are no more Public Servants but PAP servants. So he will reward them all handsomely using our monies.

That’s Right

The absence of specific data in response to Mr Leong’s question, or what appears to be plain sidestepping and avoidance, is not uncommon in the Shitgapore Rubber Stamp Parleement .


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