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Chan Chun Sing dismisses WP MP’s call for asset declaration for ministers

PAP Minister Chan Chun Sing rejects call from WP MP Louis Chua for Ministers to declare assets publicly as he refers to Singapore’s high Corruption Perceptions Index rank.



SINGAPORE: Chan Chun Sing, Minister-in-charge of the Public Service, has rejected the Workers’ Party Member of Parliament’s proposal for ministers to publicly declare their assets.

He boasted Singapore’s favourable standing in the 2023 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) and emphasized the nation’s intrinsic methods of upholding trust within its governmental framework, defending against the WP MP’s call for Ministers’ asset declaration to bridge the trust gap between Singaporeans and elected officials.

Call for public declarations to strengthen trust

During the Committee of Supply 2024 debate on Wednesday (28 February), Mr Louis Chua, WP MP for Sengkang GRC advocated for the implementation of public declarations, emphasizing their significant role in ensuring public accountability, fostering trust between Singaporeans and elected officials, and preventing the spread of misinformation.

He pointed out a notable contradiction in the context of Singapore’s fundamental commitment to incorruptibility. Despite this commitment, the public declaration of assets by Ministers is not a common practice in the country.

Presently, ministers disclose such information and their company directorships to the President through the Prime Minister, maintaining confidentiality in accordance with the code of conduct for ministers.

Mr Chua expressed his opinion that incorporating asset declaration into the code of conduct would serve as a proactive measure to counter potential allegations of corruption and unexplained wealth, further mitigating conflicts between private interests and public responsibilities.

“In countries like the UK, ministers are required to disclose their financial interests publicly, including investment properties. Perhaps we can consider adopting such a practice in Singapore as well.”

Furthermore, Mr Chua proposed a nuanced strategy to address privacy concerns, recommending the redaction of sensitive details like unit numbers for residential properties while making these declarations.

The issue of ministers declaring their property assets had been previously raised during a parliamentary session.

During a parliamentary session on the Ridout Road saga last year, Ms Poh Li San, PAP MP for Sembawang GRC suggested that it would be an interest of transparency for Minister Shanmugam and Minister Vivian Balakrishnan to declare all the property assets.

“However this was not the requirement under the code of contact at the time, it should be, ” said Mr Chua.

Minister Chan’s caution against blindly adopting foreign rules

In response, Mr Chua defended the importance of looking at the issue of transparency and accountability in the government system holistically.

He asserted that since different countries have varying rules for individuals and organizations,  “no one rule is a panacea to prevent corruption or lobbying.”

Minister Chan cautioned against the indiscriminate implementation of new rules, as they may not necessarily address existing problems and could potentially lead to unintended consequences.

He referenced Singapore’s consistent ranking in the Corruption Perceptions Index, suggesting that Singapore’s relatively low levels of corruption are not solely due to stringent rules on asset declaration.

“But those countries who supposedly have more elaborate rules are actually ranked much lower. For example, the UK was ranked between 11 and 20.”

Minister Chan then boasted three key aspects of Singapore’s approach to maintaining trust in its government system, including selecting individuals with the right values and integrity to uphold the law, cultivating a culture of teamwork and mutual accountability within the government to prevent misconduct, and implementing internal and external checks to detect and address issues of corruption or misconduct.

“This is how we have managed to keep our system relatively corruption-free and lobby-free all these years, ” he said while acknowledging that no system is perfect and must evolve to address emerging challenges.

Cautioning against blindly adopting rules from other countries, Minister Chan highlighted the importance of assessing their achievements and problem-solving capabilities compared to Singapore’s context.

He also raised concerns about the implications of extending asset declaration requirements beyond ministers to other senior officers in the Public Service.

“Why stop at the Ministers? Why not the Members of Parliament? Why stop at the Permanent Secretaries? Why not the Directors? ”

” I think for every rule that we put in, there are implications that we should consider carefully and ask ourselves whether the price that we pay is commensurate with the problem that we are trying to solve.”

Norway and Finland, among top 5 in 2023 CPI, mandate asset declarations for ministers

While Minister Chan argued that some countries with more elaborate rules rank lower, the statement could be misleading.

In fact, In the 2023 CPI, Denmark led with a score of 90, followed by Finland, New Zealand, and Norway.

Checking publicly available data reveals that Finland mandates ministers to declare real estate, movable assets, cash, shareholdings, and relevant duties.

In Norway, ministers and MPs must disclose real estate, cash sources, employers, and business interests exceeding one per cent of a company’s capital.

Denmark employs a voluntary mechanism for ministers and MPs, publishing declarations on the Prime Minister’s webpage.

While Singapore retained its score of 83 in the 2023 CPI, the corruption charges faced by former PAP minister S Iswaran have raised concerns about the integrity of the system.

The 2023 CPI report cautioned that countries with high CPI rankings are not immune to corruption issues, citing cross-border cases and failures to prosecute transnational perpetrators as indicators of an underlying impunity problem.

Ms Urantsetseg Ulziikhuu, Asian regional coordinator at Transparency International, emphasized that a high score does not automatically imply a nation is free from corruption.

“The CPI focuses on evaluating how effectively governments combat corruption and implement mechanisms to maintain integrity in the public sector, including the prosecution of corrupt officials.”

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Silly oppies want to intrude into people’s privacy. Why don’t opposition take the lead to declare first, and I would say they need to do most based on their not so good and clear pass history.

Real Gold not afraid of fire . why not declare? tsk tsk tsk

Malaysians declare assets? so why not Singaporeans? What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

We know they DARE NOT!


How do you say you want $3million when you have $50 to $100 million in your assets with Swiss bank accounts n Matterhorn bungalows!

Ah Beng, If nothing to hide, why reject? I thought you all preach this whole transparency bollocks coming out of all your orifices? So why reject?

I am most certain. If leader’s assets and their sources of revenues and wealth disclosed, rotten eggs will fly. They can’t come clean and shall fight with wits, and all powers endowed, to keep pandora’s box closed.

If there is nothing to hide, why resist? I thought Lawless Wong says he wants to define his leadership with Transparency? Or what he meant was he take Singaporean as transparent (Transparent See).

This CCS (Cotton Comes from Sheep) is the successful example of Pappy brainwashing under their CCE (Character & Citizenship Education) program which he wants to use it to brainwash current generation of children.


Long Live Singapore. Loong Leave Singapore (after he pays for all his wrong doings).

A very simple test – Q/A (2 is enough) to resolve these PAP non senses trying to hide behind their Parliamentary Domination to FLEECE sheeps, ENRICH themselves, waste of time. 1. Are these PAP Ministers PUBLIC SERVANTS or PRIVATE POLITICIANS?? One must NEVER forget Loong Said LOUD, CLEAR – PAP Administration Monsters ARE SERVANTS. 2. Where DO SALARIES of PAP Administration Ministers Come From? From their selling of OWN backsides? Least ONE forgot A RELEVANT issue – Iswaran was investigated for taking, tickets, hotel roomage fees, and so on. QUESTION IS: Why are these RESTRICTIONS imposed – what’s the mother… Read more »

The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) only looks at publicly available data. Meaning, whatever is hidden in the closets and underneath the carpets of the ruling government are not available for scrutiny by such organisations.

As such, a high CPI rating is also indicative of how good a government is at hiding corruption.

In Singapore, any corruption done by the ruling government is not corruption because it has been “LEEgalised.”

The CPIB has Admitted Enormous DIFFICULTIES in investigating a FEW CROOKS inside Keppel Corpn – it MUST BE then MONUMENTAL, SUICIDAL of the CPIB to check, each detail, each declaration, EVEN if PAP Ministers do DECLARE their AMASSED assets.

So shall Sheeps saved their breaths, enhance own effective productivity of living – use paper pen – to CANCEL these RAIDERS of SG Reserves to Pulau Semakau.

Dun need to Vote! Let their self created system all fall. Reset!!!!

Ah Chan perpetuating PAP’s selective and targeted “bragging and boasting”, … as an explanation cum excuse cum right to adopt a specific stance !!!

Pushing back so very firmly and so very deliberately on oh so many occasions, … is a dead giveaway that they aren’t keen to share their “worth” with the people whom they serve !!!

I say I won’t be Democrats even if they are in-charge of all the Women Entities. So you arse politicians wanna go snatch your top Elites women and men … Go! Full of crappy shit. I am oso not into Taiwan the other empires in-charge of women. Then no difference from the Men empire forcing ppl to join or else. Same Overlording principle… Then render ppl with no resources. Or give resources only for you USELESS competition among Empire Groups! What does it achieve?!? Just to make the overlords Gods manipulating other ppl lives!!!!

So you want to start war. Start! I do not want to be democrats, Repub Loong Xi Russia Ukraine slaves … Dun need to harass me. You want just shoot dead cos I won’t self immolate. I did once and will not do it again. You arse rich politicians wanna purge ppl then do it!!!

Otherwise apologize for what you create in school!!!

If he is honest why would he object? If you want to hold Public Office , you have to declare yearly . Why use an index as an excuse not to do the right? All First World Countries, Ministers declare yearly and civil servants’ salaries and remuneration are published. There is no reason not to do it unless they are taking more than they should. 70% of the population should be shot to clean up the system. They are causing the continued “corruption,” of our systems and decay of the State. Reserves hidden, salaries cannot declare, what is this, CCS… Read more »

Women they want are already in the Empire pretending to be glamorous. The rest just for their Political Game!!!!

Then whole day 33. You women listen up. One entity for Democrats One for Mrs Loong Taiwan and the other is the scapegoats. So you want to 333 so much. They neither protect nor even support you. Whole day playing cult game and harrass you. All these Empire Vampires!!!!!

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I dun want to join any GROUP!!!!
Not even Democrats!!!

Can we even trust the corruption rating? Bottom line is if you can’t come into the light, you(leaders) must be walking in “darkness” or won’t be able to dispel the perception of fat cats. 

we understand your….encumbrances.

Did you all know that it’s not just the millions $ Ministers are eyeing for every 5 year term. Why so many other countries with low Minister salaries yet so many fight to rule? It’s actually they are controlling the billions in and out and how much of these billions go to their supporters we won’t know. From USA to Philippines, to Malaysia to Thailand, etc. Then there’s the many plum and fat salary jobs in the civil services and all those GLC that pay tens of thousands a month. No need to worry job security every month sure pocket… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

The Obama, Hilary and Loong Xi here wanna create the NEXT war. Four wars Not enough. They wanna start the next war as they predict 2024 Taiwan China war. So Sundar Pichai stop sending me messages about location!!!!!

Dismiss….dismiss….ah Chan would ask in return….”I can give you the number of each and every asset ,every PAP MP, senior civil servants own but WHAT’S THE POINT OF YOUR QUESTION?”😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

There u have it – policeman afraid of policemen. UNIQUELY Sheepgapore!


Policeman commit crimes, kill druggers, hiding ill gotten assets, and therefore afraid of other policemen – must be what.

Last edited 1 month ago by John Doe

You arse Empire all have nuclear. Now the ministers any how anyhow dun want accountability… Why you not using?!? So want so much nuclear code for WHAT?!? Self serving Rights to purge Opponents. No?!?

Now the ministers dun even want to declare assets. Fantastic! Becos steal too much money. Buying assets to park their money!!!