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Gaza ‘carnage simply must stop’: top UN aid official

The UN calls for an end to violence in Gaza, criticizing Israel’s approach and emphasizing it won’t bring peace. Philippe Lazzarini of UNRWA urges an immediate halt to the carnage.



The United Nations has called for an end to the carnage afflicting war-torn Gaza during Israel’s military campaign, according to a top UN aid official’s comments released on Friday.

“The present course chosen by the Israeli authorities will not bring the peace and stability that both Israelis and Palestinians want and deserve,” Philippe Lazzarini, head of the United Nations’ agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), wrote in a media opinion piece.

“Razing entire neighbourhoods to the ground is not an answer for the egregious crimes committed by Hamas.

“To the contrary, it is creating a new generation of aggrieved Palestinians who are likely to continue the cycle of violence. The carnage simply must stop.”

Israel launched its offensive in Gaza after Hamas fighters poured across the border on 7 October, killing 1,400 people across southern Israel, mostly civilians, and taking around 240 hostage.

More than 10,800 people, majority also civilians, have been killed in retaliatory Israeli strikes and fighting in the Gaza Strip, the health ministry in the Hamas-run Palestinian territory says.


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Look !!!

1) sending 4500 missiles to Israel on 7th October & killing innocent lives, tourists, children are totally not acceptable
2) sending 4500 missiles to Israel on 7 Oct 2023, Palestine Muslims claiming they are victimized is totally not acceptable
3) Holding civilians as hostages and threating to kill them is totally not acceptable
4) Sending 4,500 missiles to Israel and claiming Israel are terrorists are totally not acceptable

supporters of terrorists spread hatred and killings

Hamas has to go !!!

Won’t trust terrorists.

UN, please ask Hamas go back to Iran and at the same time free the hostages .thank you

Why UN did NOT disclaim Israel’s accusations Hamas operate their bases out of hospitals, schools, care centres?

Chopping humans and killing children are called terrorists, then called what? freedom fighters? please dont make me laugh.

Whoever supports terrorism, needs to be hanged !!

Why never talk about freeing the hostages?

terrorists killing innocents in the religion of peace are not acceptable.. we cannot call them freedom fighters.

we called them potatoes or donkeys

UN ! Why you did not arrest the terrorists?

UN ! Why you did not arrest Hamas who is still holding more than 200 hostages?

UN! Why you did not arrest Iran terrorists leaders who is funding the Hamas terrorists?

UN ! Why is Hamas still firing missile and why you never ask yourself how Israel can stop fighting?

UN ! Why you never ask yourself how you going to free the hostages?

UN ! Why you never ask Hamas to stop the war instead of asking Israel?

Those sick in the head supporting the Zionists can celebrate the carnage.