Rohingya refugees stranded on Indonesia beach to be moved after local rejection

Over 200 Rohingya refugees, part of a 1,000-strong group, landed in Aceh, Indonesia, facing initial rejection by locals. The UNHCR called for urgent action, emphasizing the humanitarian crisis.

Indonesia, not a UN Refugee Convention signatory, granted temporary shelter to another group earlier. The Rohingya, fleeing persecution, often embark on perilous sea journeys.

Myanmar anti-junta fighters battle military in state capital

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), and Arakan Army (AA) are mentioned in the context of launching attacks against the military, but they are not explicitly labeled as terrorist organizations in the provided excerpt.

UN chief ‘deeply concerned’ by widening Myanmar conflict

UN Secretary-General Guterres voiced deep concern about the widening conflict in Myanmar, sparked by ethnic minority armed groups. The offensive, starting on 27 October, has displaced 200,000 people. The UN reports casualties, with at least 75 civilians, including children, killed.

UN flags at half-mast for staff killed in Gaza

Flags flew at half-mast at United Nations compounds across Asia on Monday, as staff observed a minute’s silence in memory of colleagues killed in Gaza during the Israel-Hamas conflict.