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Dr Chee Soon Juan criticizes Forward Singapore report, demands concrete change beyond rhetoric

Dr Chee Soon Juan critiques the Forward Singapore report, questioning the PAP’s sincerity and highlighting disparities in living conditions and freedom restrictions, urging authentic policy changes.

“For Singaporeans to truly live fulfilled lives, we need to be empowered in our own country and to be able to exercise the full franchise of our citizenship,” he asserted.



SINGAPORE: Following the release of the highly anticipated Forward Singapore report by the government, Dr Chee Soon Juan, the Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), voiced sharp criticism, suggesting the People’s Action Party (PAP) is attempting to distract from its shortcomings by redefining the Singaporean Dream.

The report, presented by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong on Friday, outlines a vision for a more inclusive society, moving beyond materialistic benchmarks like the once-aspired Five ‘C’s — condo, car, cash, credit card, country club. Instead, it emphasizes collective achievements, diverse aspirations, and a sense of unity in success.

However, Dr Chee Soon Juan expressed skepticism about the sincerity behind this shift in a candid Facebook post on Saturday.

“Let’s be clear, there’s no 5Cs – it died a long time ago,” he wrote. Dr Chee accused the ruling party of failing to deliver its promises and now engaging in “the art of distraction” as various economic challenges, including growing unemployment and the increasing cost of living, weigh heavily on citizens’ minds.

The SDP leader questioned the PAP’s commitment to its new, people-centric rhetoric, pointing to the stark contrast between the wealthy lifestyles of certain high-ranking officials and the living conditions of average Singaporeans.

“Before we switch pronouns, he should first explain why he and his cabinet colleagues say “I, me mine” when it comes to their million-dollar salaries and “us, we and ours” when it comes to the people having to live with biting inflation.” wrote Dr Chee.

He specifically challenged the forthcoming GST hike to 9% and questioned the housing disparities, addressing specifically to Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan, who rent gigantic government bungalows when ordinary citizens are made to live in tiny HDB flats.

Dr Chee was particularly critical of DPM Wong’s assertion that the Forward Singapore initiative is not a “top-down government agenda.”

He highlighted restrictions on freedom of speech, the use of defamation suits, and the POFMA directives against critics, as well as election laws that he believes undermine the opposition. “So, what does he call his party dictating to Singaporeans what, where, and when we can speak?” Dr Chee asked rhetorically.

Referencing the government’s stance on public discourse, he also mentioned an incident where an individual was investigated for displaying a peaceful political message. He argued that such actions diminish the sense of meaningful citizenship.

“For Singaporeans to truly live fulfilled lives, we need to be empowered in our own country and to be able to exercise the full franchise of our citizenship,” he asserted.

Dr Chee emphasized that beyond just words, there must be a genuine shift towards recognizing Singapore as a home, not a transient hotel, for its citizens. He also noted that for citizens to experience a meaningful existence in this country, they should not have to whisper when they criticise their rulers.

However, as Dr Chee’s comments demonstrate, there appears to be significant public demand for these policies to be grounded in the real experiences and challenges of everyday Singaporeans, ensuring that the future roadmap considers the well-being and empowerment of all citizens, not just material benchmarks or high-level rhetoric.


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Yes ,our costs all moving forwards, country going forward without 5C’s,? country going forward with more good year? tsk tsk tsk .

What Lawless Wong cock story shd be classified as Bull Shit, Junk, Hollow Talk and a BIG FRAUD to con Singaporeans.

Has he got figures to show more Singaporeans attending churches, become prayerful, attend temples making more prayers? And more and more Singaporeans seeming fulfillment to care for their sick citizens?

Has he got the figures to proof Church ⛪ attendances, Mosque 🕌 for eg ARE EXPLODING recently?

They are working to remain in power. Nothing more or less. All of us are dispensable. If we want change, don’t elect them.

Is Lawless Wong attempting to MISREPRESENT society NORMS of Singaporeans aspirations AND REALITY living?
2. Above is TRUE because more and more HDB FLAT resellers ARE Becoming Millionaires.

Is Lawless Wong CONTRADICTORY when he said SGpns becoming PRAGMATIC?

We need solutions not price increase!!!! What do you think?

70% Pineapple Lovers:
1) Increase GST
2) Increase PUB utilities
3) Increase COE, ERP
4) Increase Food Prices
5) Increase Housing prices
6) Increase Cost of Living
7) Increase Transport fares
8) Increase Hospital and Medical costs
9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
10) Increase Prices on Chicken, Eat Fish
11) Increase in Ageing population, collect carton boxes, a good form of exercise  

Tharman and the PAP openly lie that only 30% of the workers are foreigners!
Crazy and evil PAP basturd LHL has been telling the same lies for decades. Remember he even said “Sorry” in 2011 elections for bringing in too many foreigners. But that was a BIG LIE and NOTHING CHANGED. He brought in even more millions of CECA Foreign Trash from India since then. Then he said that CECA Foreign Trash from India create jobs for Singaporeans!!! BIGGEST LIE EVER!!!

Singapore PAP government Ministers won’t listen to what they consider Chee Soon Juan as Gangster Chee of Singapore Democratic party have said but instead the Singapore PAP government under Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will send out police from Tanglin Police Division to beat what they consider Chee Soon Juan as Gangster Chee to death to prevent him from getting into Parliament and mess up all the policies and strategies of Singapore PAP government for incurring more wealth into their pockets

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Is the PAP sure, entirely firm, to BELIEVE Sheegaporeans tell them in their surveys WE ARE Pragmatic OR this PAP is VERY PROBLEMATIC now?


either the PAST ELECTIONS WERE RIGGED, and the PAP would HAVE BEEN DUMPED years on.

Or the Survey Results compiled is ANOTHER CHAPTER of Millionaire LIES.

With the ruling party performing so badly, don’t the recent presidential election result of 70% seems suspicious?

I am a fair person. That is why I have said earlier, I give this SGov 5 years to prove this Forward Singapore.
I am a person who only see performances and results, but not sweet talkings by many of the politicians. Salesman tactics is of no use on me.
In every election, I will vote for the ruling party only if it has done well and good to at least 80% of our Singaporeans without Singaporeans suffering bread and butter issue.
I can also vote for any opposition party if they can give better idea to bring Singapore forward.

Just wondering, if this Forward Singapore exercise is all-encompassing, then why it didn’t cited the reason(s) for the DECLINING vote for pap over the last 3-4 elections? Can’t be because the people’s aspirations have change to a Us/We/Ours mentality, right? Are all the participants from the 61% ‘aye’ sayers? Very convenient, hor.

Somehow, this FSG seems like another kelong plot by the monkeys.

Dr Chee Soon Juan, the politician that Singapore needs but may never deserve to have. Hopefully the people of Bukit Batok SMC will make the right choice next time. But I won’t bet on it.

The people of Bukit Batok SMC would rather vote in a part-timer with a supposedly “druggie” son than a true champion of the people.

That is just how the “daft” operate.

Will the one that promised us a Swiss Standard of Living come out and apologise?
My bet: he has no gut for that.

comment image

Last edited 7 months ago by wee

Criticising is easy. What can he do?
If someone criticise his Orange and Teal is too pricey will he LOWER the price or better still, anyone criticising his Orange and Teal food ,he will give the patron FREE for it
At the end of the day, it is whether anyone believe in him enough to VOTE FOR HIM.
And till now the majority would not, no matter where he stands for election!

Not only the PAP smartly on different occasions split usage of Us We and Ours viz Me Mine and I the last of 3 when it comes to CLAIM ENORMOUS credit to support Ownself Pay Ownself Mega Salaries. When PRC detained our SAF Armour vehicles there WAS UTTER zero Mobilisation of citizens rage against PRC or perhaps WAS EXTREMELY shy NOT to it’s bcz of their VERY OWN STUPIDITY. The very often PAP word Sheegapore is always MONO or DUAL syllable Our society or Resilient society – NO WHERE in the PAP Dictionary is the word Nationiam. This is EASILY… Read more »

What the Forward Singapore report says depends on very much what and how the questions posed to those who took part in the survey. It’s like asking whether owning guns is good or bad? It really depends on how the question is asked. For example if you are faced with a gun throttling robber, when asked if guns are good or bad, your response would perhaps be “bad”. If you are in grave danger facing a charging wild boar, when asked if having a gun is good or bad, you may likely respond is good. Is the elite 4G leadership… Read more »

This OBSCENE MILLIONAIRE PAP Administration’s devilishly create the IMPRESSION as though Sheegaporean are ‘Smart Enough’ to change course in face of HUGE OBSTRUCTIONs in achieving their Lufe Goals in Singapore.

When it is YEARS and YEARS of their PAP ABUSE and PAP Mismanagement of HR/Manpower employment policies, Structural Foundations, Fiscal Imprudence (MASSIVE LOSSES by MAS, TH, ‘CPF Funds’ ) growing Large Wage gap, Rich Poor Gap, Opposition and Dissident FOCUS that ha sapped AND DRAINED citizens motivation to work hard SPRINKLED and ADDED with PAP ULTRA DISOWNERSHIP of Mistakes – A VERY TOXIC CONCOCTION the PAP poisoned SG.

Before we switch pronouns, he should first explain why he and his cabinet colleagues say “I, me mine” when it comes to their million-dollar salaries and “us, we and ours” when it comes to the people having to live with biting inflation.” wrote Dr Chee.

That why Empires invented their Singularity.
Lord over a whole line of ppl, rank them and the second half always their scapegoats. Like Lee singularity and so on … Overlord … Agree to overlord or else …