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Red Dot United urges action over rhetoric in response to Forward Singapore report

The Red Dot United emphasizes actionable reforms over rhetoric in response to the Forward Singapore report, advocating immediate economic relief and inclusive policies for a sustainable, compassionate Singaporean future.



SINGAPORE: Following the much-anticipated release of the Forward Singapore report, the Red Dot United (RDU) swiftly responded, commending the initiative while expressing concerns over the potential gap between the government’s pledges and tangible actions that significantly impact the lives of ordinary Singaporeans.

The Forward Singapore (Forward SG) report, spanning approximately 180 pages, was unveiled on Friday (Oct 27) by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong.

DPM Wong characterized the exercise as a guiding “roadmap” for Singapore’s future under the stewardship of the nation’s fourth-generation leaders.

Highlighting the nation’s trajectory towards a more people-centric policy approach, the report envisions a redefined “Singapore Dream” that fosters inclusivity and embraces diverse individual aspirations and achievements.

Reflecting on historical context, the RDU emphasized the striking similarities between the current administration’s promises and those from nearly two decades prior. The party underscored that the lofty commitments, particularly surrounding listening to the citizenry and harmonizing diverse views, have been a recurring theme.

Yet, the critical issue lies in the translation of these commitments into policies that materially improve citizens’ lives.

Balancing Immediate Relief with Sustainable Empowerment

A central theme of the RDU’s response was the essential balance between providing immediate assistance to those in need and establishing robust mechanisms for long-term self-sufficiency.

Dr David Foo, Chairman of the RDU, made a poignant remark, asserting, “No Singaporean left behind means ensuring every citizen can afford a life, not just bare survival.” This statement highlighted the importance of a holistic approach to welfare, recognizing the immediate alleviation of hardship while maintaining an individual’s dignity and facilitating their eventual economic independence.

The RDU’s commentary suggested that current societal indicators of success, driven by material acquisition, might not be wholly reflective of an evolving Singaporean dream.

The party argues for a redefinition of success, one that encompasses overall well-being, purposeful living, and economic security, rather than merely the accumulation of wealth or assets.

Navigating Economic Realities and Aspirational Barriers

The discussion extended to the stark economic realities confronting average Singaporeans today. RDU’s Secretary-General, Ravi Philemon, articulated the party’s concern over the increasing detachment of conventional success symbols – epitomized by cash, cars, and condos – from the grasp of many citizens.

He cited the spiraling costs of living, housing affordability crises, impending GST hikes, and employment instability as formidable obstacles clouding the national aspiration.

The RDU called for a more nuanced strategy in the Forward Singapore report, one that integrates immediate economic relief with structural reforms.

The party stressed the need for the government to move beyond listening and start institutionalizing the diverse voices of the populace into actionable policies that address these economic urgencies.

The Future of Work in the Technological Age

Another critical aspect of the RDU’s response was the profound implications of technological advancements on the future of work and, by extension, economic security.

The party brought attention to global trends, like Amazon’s experiments with humanoid robots, signifying shifts that could disrupt labor markets and income stability. Here, the dialogue turned to the concept of a universal basic income (UBI) as a potential safeguard.

The RDU posited UBI as a means of providing economic baseline security, decoupling survival from traditional employment, and accommodating the workforce’s evolution in the face of automation.

They pressed for this futuristic but increasingly relevant policy to be central in discussions of compassionate and progressive society building.

Envisioning a Truly Inclusive Singapore

Conclusively, the RDU’s reaction to the Forward Singapore report was an earnest call to action. While acknowledging the report’s aspirational value, the party emphasized that the true measure of success would be in its operationalization into life-changing policies.

These policies, as per RDU, should not only address immediate socio-economic disparities but also reimagine an inclusive social framework where prosperity is shared, success is redefined, and no citizen is marginalized.

In a rallying conclusion, the RDU reaffirmed its dedication to these ideals, advocating for a revitalized social compact in Singapore.

This compact would be predicated on fairness, collective well-being, and proactive adaptability to global economic and technological dynamics. It is a call for a future where Singapore is not just a place of material wealth, but a beacon of holistic prosperity, societal compassion, and genuine inclusivity.

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Huat arh, Taman Jurong Pineapple Tart Lovers:

1) Increase GST
2) Increase PUB utilities
3) Increase COE, ERP
4) Increase Food Prices
5) Increase Housing prices
6) Increase Cost of Living
7) Increase Transport fares
8) Increase Hospital and Medical costs
9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
10) etc etc etc

they will not change, as to they dun want to tick the boat, they have been using this tactic ever since they implemented days sin 25 years ago, it’s works but not for us , as long as it benefit them, rest they just practice taichi as the saying goes they dun want to change the whole soup, they only added more water to it to make it dilute, that is their wol

One hopes going forward does NOT include building yet MORE 40 plus storey HDB flats. That kind of development presupposes and assumes a world operating wayyy out under almost ideal conditions. Look around you. Is the world operating under ideal conditions? Climate wise? Political situation (wars) wise? Nope. A few more hard knocks and we could be experiencing a blockaded Gaza type situation where we run out of food and energy. Without energy, those 40plus storey HDB flats become death traps. I’m just waiting for China to reclaim Taiwan. That event might just be the one to push our Goldilocks… Read more »

Not happy? Just vote the pappies out !!!

I am okay with our govt but not the elites. Nothing but keep increasing costs. Sorry, not voting for you pappies.