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Individual named K Shanmugam files POHA applications against social media giants, Google and TikTok

Individual sharing Minister K Shanmugam’s name files legal actions against TikTok and Google under Singapore’s anti-harassment law; motivations remain unclear.



A recent entry in the Singapore court listings reveals that an individual named Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam, who shares the same name as the Minister for Law and Home Affairs, has initiated proceedings against tech giant TikTok under the Protection from Harassment Act 2014 (POHA). The case is set to be heard on the upcoming 2nd of November.

The exact motivation behind this application remains unclear. However, the case is scheduled for a management session on 2 November. An inquiry was forwarded to the minister’s office to ascertain his involvement in the case at the Singapore State Court, but there has been no response at the time of this post’s publication, making it impossible to confirm if they are indeed the same person.

In an intriguing development, the court listing indicated that the individual involved in the POHA case against TikTok has also filed a separate application against Google LLC. This case was initially slated for a hearing on the morning of Thursday, 19 October. However, the hearing has since been cancelled, according to the state court’s hearing list; it is unknown if the case was dismissed or adjourned.

Established in 2014, POHA is legislation that explicitly criminalizes various forms of harassment, including cyberbullying and online stalking, thereby providing legal recourse for individuals affected by such online misdemeanours.

In any case, Mr Shanmugam has been vocal about the necessity of fortifying these laws. He particularly emphasized, during last month’s Online Harms Symposium at Singapore Management University, the urgent need to expand the legislation.

The aim, according to the minister, is to empower individuals who fall prey to harmful online content, enabling them to seek adequate protection and legal justice.

Upon reviewing the hearing list, it was noted that legal representatives from Davinder Singh Chambers LLC attended a recent case management session for the defamation suits filed by Mr Shanmugam and Dr Vivian Balakrishnan against Mr. Lee Hsien Yang (LHY), son of Singapore’s late founding father, Lee Kuan Yew.

The ministers have accused LHY of making allegations in a Facebook post, suggesting they acted corruptly and received preferential treatment from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) through unauthorized tree felling and state-funded renovations of 26 and 31 Ridout Road.

Both ministers have categorically refuted these allegations, while LHY has alleged that the two ministers were pressuring him to issue a public apology that he perceived to be falsified.

As there was a notable absence of participation from LHY, prompting expectations that the ministers might seek a summary judgment.

In a bid for an amicable resolution, LHY has advocated for independent arbitration, suggesting that each party appoints a reputable, internationally recognized arbitrator to ensure a fair and unbiased process. He stressed the importance of publicizing the decision for transparency and conclusiveness.

This proposal follows his earlier recommendation for the legal proceedings to occur in London, for reasons not made entirely clear. However, the ministers opted for legal action in Singapore, serving LHY via Facebook Messenger, an unusual yet court-sanctioned method, due to the complications of reaching him in the UK, where he is believed to be residing.

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Maybe one is classified as Indian and the other as Malay. Pappies kelong game. LOL.

It revealed his greatest fear …

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Last edited 8 months ago by wee

Shanmugam not Snakemugam hor, Snake live in GCB Ridout.

Certain individuals take the joy of social media away. If they are ” touch me nots,” they shouldn’t be on social media. Has Google and Tik Tok closed this individual’s account?

Very possible it’s a common Indian name even with the surname. But I sure wish not. Hahaha

Can The Real KasiViswanathan Shanmugam Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up.

Terry—- got 1 new case taken up by SEC in The US.
Nanban Venture run by some 3 Indians to commit fraud against American Indians has come to light. Thanks to Nate Anderson.
Write a piece.

An aside, has anyone noticed that SG news articles (relating to gov policies) on Yahoo site are categorized as “Ad”, meaning they are PAID articles for Yahoo to carry. These articles are always ST articles and painting the pap gov in a positive light – maybe coincident, hor? Or new initiative to “buy” credibility, have face?

True and possible.
Pertinent issue here is which Tan, Smith or Abdullah so free after a meal to take on Google or TT?

when the representative is davinder or from his office, then we know who it is
die-die wanna save face.
i guess … he’s a psychopath?

The CPIB cited in its work, in corruption investigations, the difficulties posed by transnational issues (sovereignty?) cross border ‘walls’, of presumably cooperation, jurisdictions. Anything different posed here?
What about the manner of suing of LHY?

How in earth the word snake is used?
Perhaps it’s the most suitable, most descriptive.
Snake is also scripturally used as a denotation of Satan, the evil one, enemy of God.
Also snake is a trickster.