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Singaporean couple injured in Porsche crash during Johor luxury car convoy

A Singaporean couple suffered injuries to their hands and legs when their Porsche 911 collided with a lamp post in Johor, Malaysia on Sunday.

Kluang police reported that the Porsche skidded while making a turn, sustaining damage to its front and rear bumper. Fortunately, no other vehicles were affected.



SINGAPORE: A Singaporean couple suffered multiple injuries to their hands and legs after their Porsche 911 crashed into a lamp post in Johor on Sunday morning (Oct 15).

The incident occurred while they were part of a convoy of luxury cars travelling from Batu Pahat to Mersing when the accident took place in Kluang.

The driver of the Porsche, Ang Yew Tiong, broke his left leg and sustained injuries to his hands and feet, while his wife, Phay Ai Lien also suffered injuries to her hands and legs, according to Sinar Harian.

Kluang police chief Bahrin Nor stated that the Porsche skidded and hit a lamp post while making a turn around 9:45 a.m., resulting in significant damage to the car’s front and rear bumper.

He added that the case is being investigated in accordance with Section 43(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

Fortunately, no other cars in the convoy were reported to be damaged.

Photographs posted on the Facebook page, Wartawan Rakyat showed the white Porsche extensively damaged, with the right wheel visibly askew from the car.

A video posted by Careta on their Facebook page showed the rest of the convoy and the damaged Porsche.


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Looking at the extensive damage to the car, it looks like the materials for making a Porsche are rather flimsy.

I guess to get speed, you need lighter materials.

And again looking at the damage, the driver must have driven quite fast.

The road from Batu Pahat to Mersing cuts through some of Johor’s remaining rainforests left untouched by man. The stretch after Kahang to Mersing is known to be treacherous due to a combination of its winding path, poor maintenance and damage from flooding. Not exactly a road you would drive with luxury cars. Clearly who ever planned this convoy has too much empty real estate between the ears. It’s a good thing the accident happened close to a major town. If it had happened in the parts adjacent to the rainforest. They’d have to depend on the forest spirits for… Read more »

Play dumb games win dumb prizes.

Is this kind of activity even necessary? Have to live the rest of your lives with broken bones and injuries and it can’t be done in your Porsche.