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Three S’pore-registered supercars collide in Johor; no injuries reported

In Johor, Malaysia, a convoy of Singapore-registered luxury cars met with an unexpected accident on Oct 29. Three McLaren M4 supercars collided, causing significant damage. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

The incident is under investigation, following Rule 10 of the 1959 Road Traffic Rules. This incident follows another accident involving Singaporean luxury cars in Kluang two weeks prior, where a couple was injured.



JOHOR, MALAYSIA – A luxury car convoy from Singapore took an unexpected turn on Oct 29 when three Singapore-registered supercars collided in Johor resulting in significant damage to at least one of the vehicles.

According to Deputy Chief of Police District Kluang, Deputy Superintendent Nik Mohd Azmi Husin, the incident occurred around 9 a.m. as the three supercars, McLaren M4s, were traveling from Batu 4 towards Taman Seri Lambak.

“When they arrived at the scene, the front car slowed down to make a right turn, and the middle car also braked.

“However, the rear car lost control and collided with the middle car before it rammed into the car in front of it,” he said.

He mentioned that the case is being investigated in accordance with Rule 10 of the 1959 Road Traffic Rules (LN 166/59).

Images and videos circulating online depict the three McLarens in various states of damage, with one of the supercars bearing a severely damaged bumper and debris scattered on the ground.

The rear of a red car also exhibited visible dents.

The three vehicles involved in the collision were part of a convoy comprising six cars.

Fortunately, none of the drivers sustain any injuries.

According to Sinar Harian, the persons involved have been identified as Mr. Basil Wong, Mr. Matthew McGrory, and Mr. Marcus Luah.

They are now under investigation for failing to control a motor vehicle and causing an accident.

This incident occurred just two weeks after another accident involving Singaporeans and luxury cars in Kluang.

On 15 October, a Singaporean couple sustained injuries when their Porsche, part of a separate convoy, collided with a lamp post while traveling from Batu Pahat to Mersing.

The driver suffered a broken left leg and injuries to his hands and feet, while his wife sustained injuries to her hands and legs, as reported by Malaysian media.

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That’s 3 less dumb drivers off our roads now, so if anything, they’re doing us a favour.

Seems like this is the 2-lane Federal highway that connects Kluang to Kota Tinggi.

Again, why are these “Supercar” drivers choosing to drive their luxury cars on rural Malaysian highways that are known to be hazardous even to locals.

Judging by the damage to the “Supercar,” it seems likely that they were speeding. Too much money and also too much free real estate between the ears.

At least Malaysian autoshops might be seeing some new customers.


Minus 3 cars off the roads..
These people can well afford new replacements.
In fact they probably are itching to buy latest models..

What..? COE at $150,000..?
What is $150,000..?
Its like $15 for them… if they dropped that cash, they would not bend down to pick it.

No sweat too…

On a monday… so much free time… for joy rides..