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SingPost releases commemorative stamps marking 165 years of postal services in Singapore

Singapore Post (SingPost) commemorates 165 years of postal services with a collection of five stamps. Ranging from 60 cents to $1.50, these stamps trace the evolution from colonial origins to a global city.

The stamps, unveiled on October 7, depict key milestones in Singapore’s postal history and showcase a commitment to a smarter, more sustainable future. Special date stamps with gold-colored ink are available until October 31.



SINGAPORE: Singapore Post (SingPost) has introduced a collection of five commemorative stamps to honor 165 years of postal services in Singapore.

These stamps, available at prices ranging from 60 cents to S$1.50, highlight the remarkable evolution of postal services in Singapore from its colonial origins to its current status as a globally connected city.

SingPost revealed that the stamps “features key developments of the postal service over the years.”

SingPost’s Singapore Chief Executive, Neo Su Yin, commented on this occasion, stating, “From humble beginnings, postal services have evolved into a global network that connects Singapore to people and businesses across the globe.

Today, SingPost is embracing change and innovating for the future to continue playing a vital role in our society, delivering relevant essential services for the nation,” she added.

The official announcement of these stamps was made on SingPost’s Facebook page on Saturday, Oct 7, inviting individuals to “Dive into a world of postal wonders with our latest stamp collection this World Post Day (9 Oct).”

The stamps, illustrated by designer Wong Wui Kong, represent significant themes in Singapore’s postal history:

  1. The Colonial Heritage: Marking the establishment of an independent postal department in 1858.
  2. The First Airmail Arrives: Commemorating the landing of the first airmail in Singapore in 1919.
  3. Making Every Delivery Count: Celebrating the introduction of the first postal codes in 1950.
  4. Integrating New Technologies: Highlighting the launch of the self-help smart locker station, known as POPStation, in 2013.
  5. A Smarter and A More Sustainable Future: Expressing SingPost’s commitment to embracing technology and sustainability through innovation.

For collectors, special date stamps with gold-colored ink are available at Philatelic Store@GPO and Philatelic@Fullerton from October 9 to 31.

Additionally, pre-cancelled first day covers with stamps, priced at $6.60, and presentation packs, priced at $7.70, can be obtained at all post offices, philatelic stores, and online at while stocks last.

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