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Singapore Post required to meet the Quality of Service standards amid strategic review: Josephine Teo

Despite its strategic review, SingPost must fulfill obligations like delivering to every Singapore address and maintaining post offices and boxes, as IMDA mandates, said Minister Josephine Teo.



“As the Public Postal Licensee, SingPost is required to deliver letters to every addressable place in Singapore, provide and maintain a network of posting boxes and post offices to serve postal needs, and meet the Quality of Service (or QoS) standards for letter delivery,” stated Minister for Communications and Information, Mrs. Josephine Teo.

Her remarks came in response to inquiries from Mr Chua Kheng Wee Louis, Workers’ Party Member of Parliament for Seng Kang GRC, on Tuesday (2 Apr) concerning the specific Universal Service Obligations and Quality of Service standards set by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) for SingPost, including the provision and maintenance of posting boxes and post offices throughout the nation.

The Minister’s comments highlighted the comprehensive service expectations placed upon SingPost, emphasizing that these standards remain unchanged even in light of SingPost’s recent strategic review.

Mrs Teo elaborated, stating, “These obligations and standards have not changed as a result of SingPost’s strategic review of its business. SingPost must continue to provide sufficient postal services through its network of postal touchpoints and postal agents.”

Addressing future adjustments, Mrs Teo acknowledged ongoing transformations within the postal service landscape.

“However, as I explained in previous PQ responses, IMDA is working with SingPost to review the existing requirements for post offices and posting boxes as it transforms,” she said.

SingPost announced on 19 March that it had completed a strategic review, resulting in the organization being divided into three business units focusing on Singapore, Australia, and the International market. This restructure aims for each unit to better address the specific needs of its market.

Following a strategic approach initiated in 2020, SingPost has been actively expanding its operations in Australia, leading to overseas activities now contributing more than 85% to both the group’s total revenue and operating profit.

The company has also responded to the worldwide decline in letter mail, which has affected the postal industry’s profitability, by adjusting postal rates in October of the previous year.

It increased postal rates in October last year, which contributed to the postal segment returning to profitability in the third quarter of the financial year.

Postage rates for standard regular mail rose from 31 cents to 51 cents – an almost 65 per cent increase – in October last year.

According to SingPost’s website, its QoS standards dictate specific performance targets for postal deliveries.

For local basic letters, the standards require that 98% must be delivered by the next working day (D+1), and 100% by the second working day (D+2).

Local registered letters must achieve a 100% delivery rate by the second working day (D+2). Additionally, incoming basic letters received at the Singapore Post Centre before 3pm are expected to be delivered by the next working day (D+1) 98% of the time.

For outgoing basic letters, the standard mandates that 100% should be processed and connected to departing flights by the next working day, ensuring that international dispatches meet these stringent timelines.

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Are they required to work in small spaces too JT?

Now times are bad.
Good Times, they all sing the same song.
Bad Times they still trying to cover & sing song.
SingPost shares look despicable.
Maybe she will pump $900M for that also.
All lobang give business to kakis, crony capitalism until chialat.
The only party, PAP after 60years of success (well with repression & disinformation) makes a lot of money & Then Implodes.

At least she is CONSISTENT – everywhere she had been assigned to, that ministry/agency ended up failing to deliver on its KPIs. Or at best, doesn’t progress much from when she first joined the ministry/agency.

Good talking PAP Administration Millionaire Politicians is just that, TALKING.

So many of them – in other countries, they are called respectfully,

Law Makers.

Here? Law Manipulators.

Previous reports, Singpost was asked where was the $2 billions profit?

Her continued presence in a ministerial role, is a tribute to this regime’s reward for failure system, made possible, … by the idiots, imbeciles and ignoramuses, specifically of Kreta Ayer~Kim Seng, Kolam Ayer, Whampoa and Kampung Glam !!!

Close it down. Now we have electronic letters n mails. Also got what’s app. Close down all post office branches and land can sell for condo. Sg will be very rich as this will swell the reserves for the unborn!

So, agencies under her Command and Control are not performing, and she comes out mitigating for them. Seems like she is just defending herself, hor. Like she said FW dorms were under her radar during the covid pandemic, yet these dorms were the main sources of covid, with the HIGHEST daily infections. Or when SMT couldn’t meet its KPIs despite a carrot of 900m taxpayers monies for them.

She would not offend the cronies, NEVER!
Just do NATO: No Action, Talk Only
And the cronies knows: Her public statement must not be taken seriously.

Last edited 19 days ago by wee

Work quality? Service standard? Does this woman herself have such service standard as a civil servant and work quality, when she was MOM minister herself then. Massive Covid dorm infection costing hundreds of million of state funds to resolve Massive KTV infection with free lancers hookers flirting from KTV to KTV. Massive fishery port infection resulting in massive lost to the fishing business and no fish was availiable to the public for months! No solution to jobs lost to locals, instead more FTs in millions were flooded in. She must be sighing with relief when the MOM ministry sai was… Read more »

Recently I was told by a listed company that they were told by Singpost (also another listed company) that the service standard was 5 days to receive the mail upon posting. In this instant, someone lied. This is the quality of our listed company nowadays under the watchful eyes of Pappy. Maybe will have to resort to grants by taxpayers to maintain standard as an EXCLUSIVE deal.


Quality standards – lies. What remedies when mail workers throw away mails? How? Recently postage stamps for local surface mail increased, why.

Parliament frauds protected.

Cock talk song song this woman, the whole lot of cronies take millions in salaries in SingPost for yrs doing absolutely cock up jobs!
Like this woman talking here.
Wonder why on earth can she still be inside there also getting millions in pay?
Any crony?😆😆😆😆

Cocks talking. Seems they don’t get tired from constant talking down sheeps.