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Malaysian teens’ respectful gesture: shaking and kissing PDRM officer’s hand after receiving summons

A viral video captures two teenagers receiving traffic summonses, presumably for not wearing helmets. Their respectful demeanor toward the police officer has earned praise from netizens.



MALAYSIA: An online video showcasing an encounter between motorcyclists and law enforcement has garnered significant attention.

This incident features two teenagers who were issued summonses, presumably for riding without helmets.

Shared by a TikTok user on Tuesday (19 Sept), the video exhibits the two young boys, presumably high school students, engaging in a polite and respectful conversation with a police traffic officer.

In the initial moments of the video, the two individuals are seen at an intersection conversing with the officer while their motorcycle is parked by the roadside.

The officer appears to be using a handheld device to issue traffic summonses to the teenagers.

One of the two boys proceeds to sign the handheld device, confirming the summons details.

Subsequently, the officer hands over the summonses to the teenager.

After receiving the summons, the teenager approaches the motorcycle, but before departing, he stops and shakes the officer’s hand.

Then, he displays a customary sign of respect toward the elder by kissing the officer’s hand.

Following this, the two teenagers mount their motorcycle and, before departing, return to the police officer once more.

They both shake his hand and offer another gesture of respect by kissing his hand before leaving.

The teenagers’ gesture of respect received praise from netizens

In recent times, there has been a notable increase in viral stories featuring motorcyclists and a range of law enforcement authorities, encompassing the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), Road Transport Department (JPJ), and municipal bodies.

Earlier, we reported on a food delivery rider whose motorcycle was impounded due to a seven-month road tax lapse and an incident involving a motorcyclist colliding with a JPJ officer during a roadblock.

In this latest incident, the composed and respectful behavior of the teenagers towards the PDRM officer has garnered admiration from netizens.

One netizen praised the teenagers for setting a positive example.

“They were fined for their own mistake but still showed respect to the enforcement officer.”

Another netizen complimented the teens’ parents for instilling strong values of respect.

“These young individuals have been raised with excellent manners.”

Yet another netizen commended the teens, saying, “At least they acknowledged their errors and still demonstrated respect towards the officer. It’s a commendable practice to show respect to elders.”

Meanwhile, some emphasized the officer’s approach.

A netizen pointed out that the officer must have addressed them politely, and the teenagers were aware of their wrongdoing.

Another comment mentioned that most traffic police officers have good manners and a commenter agreed with this sentiment.

Then, one netizen noted that if it had been a JPJ officer, the motorcycle would have been confiscated.

Additionally, a netizen remarked that the teenagers seemed carefree and unstressed about the summons because their fathers would be covering the payment.

You can watch the video here:

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