Malaysian Foodpanda courier forced to walk as bike gets seized, rescued by influencer with a brand-new ride


Malaysian Foodpanda courier 's bike gets seized, influencer buys him a brand-new ride

MALAYSIA: In a viral TikTok spectacle, a Malaysian Foodpanda rider was spotted trekking along the roadside, rendered bikeless after an unfortunate confiscation incident.

The gripping TikTok clip, uploaded by the user “kikyycoco” on 12 September, depicts the rider trudging down an unidentified road, his trusty Foodpanda cooler bag in tow.


semoga abang dipermudahkan segala urusan 🀲🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 #fypγ‚· #xyzbca #jpjmalaysia #riderfoodpanda

♬ Royalty – Egzod & Maestro Chives & Neoni

Though the video’s exact location remains unspecified, speculations hint at Sepang in Selangor.

The video, viewed over six million times, showcases a roadblock manned by JPJ and police officers, presumably leading to the rider’s unfortunate bike confiscation.

Expired vehicle license uncovered

Following the video’s viral ascent, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) left a comment on the Facebook post sharing the video, revealing that the rider’s motor vehicle license (LKM) had expired.

(Photo: Facebook/Kau ningal jela)

JPJ expressed genuine concern that the rider might be exposed to accidents without insurance coverage, thus justifying the bike’s confiscation.

In a subsequent comment, JPJ disclosed that the license had expired on February 6th.

Influencer comes to the rescue

Touched by the viral video, Malaysian influencer Aisar Khaled took to his social media platforms and announced a heartwarming gesture: he was gifting the rider a brand-new motorcycle.

In a video posted on Wednesday (13 Sep), Aisar made a dramatic entrance at the rider’s residence.

Identified as Syahrul, the rider explained to Aisar that he had fallen behind on his road tax payments, leading to the JPJ seizing his bike.

Aisar then invited Syahrul to join him in his car, driving them both to a motorbike dealership.

It was there that Aisar unveiled the incredible surpriseβ€”a shiny new bike for Syahrul.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Syahrul embraced Aisar tightly, his emotions laid bare for all to see.

As a final act of generosity, Aisar handed Syahrul a stack of RM50 (US$10.7) notes.

Clearly moved by the unexpected turn of events, Syahrul struggled to contain his emotions.

“Hopefully, this donation can serve as encouragement for Abang Syahrul to keep battling for his family,” Aisar captioned the video.

Scores of netizens flooded Syahrul with well-wishes and praised Aisar for his swift and compassionate response.


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