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Malaysian internet personality gifts RM100,000 wedding present to a friend in touching gesture of gratitude

Internet personality Aisar Khaled’s heartfelt RM100,000 wedding gift to lifelong friend Niklas Arif reflects deep appreciation. Their enduring friendship, pivotal in Aisar’s life and business’ success, garnered admiration online for its value beyond money.



KUALA LUMPUR: In an effort to convey his appreciation for his close friend, Aisar Khaled, an internet personality from Malaysia, generously presented him with a wedding gift amounting to RM100,000.

Aged 23, Aisar Khaled shared with mStar, a Malaysian news outlet, that the sum of RM100,000, roughly corresponding to US$21,500, pales in comparison to the value of a steadfast friend who stands by his side unconditionally through both favourable and unfavourable circumstances.

He expressed that the generous gesture was a token of his gratitude towards his 25-year-old friend, Niklas Arif, for the help and support he has provided throughout his life.

“I think he deserved it (the gift). He was there for me when I had nothing,” he said.

He also mentioned that his friend has been with him since he began his street vending business, selling Malay clothing and bubble tea.

This support has continued as his business has grown to employ 15 people.

“In a sense, my intention was to offer him something meaningful,” he remarked. “He’s an individual who has played a significant role in assisting me with my business for an extended period of time. Therefore, I believe he deserves this gift.”

The video was uploaded on his official Instagram account on Sunday. Aug (27).

He arrived in a yellow Lamborghini car with a group of men holding several ‘money’ bouquets for his friend’s wedding gift.

Aisar revealed that he and Niklas had maintained a friendship for a span of five years, and when he surprised him with the gift, Niklas was taken aback and deeply moved.

“We became acquainted during our college days; we were classmates. Subsequently, I proposed that we collaborate, and I provided him with comprehensive guidance.”

“As I presented him with the gift, his astonishment was evident, and he even shed tears,” Aisar said.

Curious about his friend’s intentions for the money, Aisar inquired. Niklas responded that he intended to allocate a portion to charitable causes, share some with his spouse, and simultaneously set aside a portion for savings.

“A good friend is hard to find”

The video garnered the interest of online users, with a majority of them commending Aiser for his benevolence towards his close friend.

“An amount of 100k is genuinely nothing to him; he and his friend have supported each other since his early days and continue to do so. Impressive, I trust that Aisar will continue to value his friend dearly,” expressed a user.

Another user wishes for an enduring companionship for them, stating, “May your friendship endure until Jannah (Heaven). Finding a genuine friend is undoubtedly a rare feat,” they said.

Meanwhile, a user playfully remarks, “If he’s willing to bestow such a sum upon a friend, one can only imagine what his future spouse might receive—perhaps exceeding a value of one million worth of money.”

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