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Malaysian motorcyclist collides with JPJ officer at roadblock, flees checkpoint

In a shocking incident, a motorcyclist collided with a JPJ officer at a roadblock in Port Dickson, making a daring escape. The suspect, with an expired license and a history of crimes, now faces legal consequences.




MALAYSIA: When encountering a group of officers stationed beside the road with a barricade, it’s common knowledge to reduce speed for the impending roadblock.

However, one motorcyclist had a different plan in mind.

In a brief series of video shared on X by user mynewshub (17 Sep), the distinct sound of a motorcycle’s engine revving was followed by the motorcycle darting forward without halting at the roadblock.

The Yamaha Y125ZR motorcycle rider appeared to be attempting to evade a roadblock in Port Dickson at the time of the incident.

A Road Transport Department (JPJ) officer, unable to avoid the collision, was sent airborne upon impact with the motorcycle, eventually landing on his back.

The motorcyclist himself was briefly airborne before returning to the motorcycle.

In a subsequent clip, the injured JPJ officer was seen lying on cardboard, with a couple of his colleagues promptly lifting him into what appeared to be a patrol car, presumably to ensure he received necessary medical attention.

Suspect’s motor license expired since 2012, with eight records involving drugs and crime

Adding to the astonishment, a statement issued by the JPJ revealed that the rider’s motor vehicle license (LKM) had expired as far back as 2012.

Furthermore, he had no insurance coverage and lacked a competent driving license (CDL).

Moreover, the investigation uncovered that the involved rider had two (2) active blacklists, and legal action was initiated under the APJ Road Transport Act 1987.

press press

The rider has been handed over to the Traffic Enforcement Investigation Department (JSPT) of IPD Port Dickson for further inquiry into obstructing public servants from performing their duties.

Expanding on the matter, according to a statement from the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), the 25-year-old suspect, who also possesses a criminal record involving drugs and various crimes, was presented at Port Dickson Court on September 18 for remand proceedings until September 21, 2023.

The remand order was issued by Port Dickson Court Magistrate Uthman Abd Ghani.

This case is being investigated under Section 353 of the Penal Code for the use of criminal force to intimidate public servants.


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