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President Tharman Shanmugaratnam pledges independence and unity in inaugural address

Former People’s Action Party senior minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, after a 70.41% victory, took office as Singapore’s President. In his speech, he committed to being “scrupulous and independent” concerning Singapore’s reserves.

Emphasizing unity, Tharman stated, “Now, more than before, we must grow our sense of togetherness as fellow Singaporeans.” He concluded pledging diligent service “with all my heart.”



SINGAPORE: After securing a resounding victory in the Presidential Election with 70.41% of the vote, former People’s Action Party senior minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam was inaugurated as Singapore’s President at the Istana on Thursday evening.

In his impassioned speech, President Tharman directly affirmed, “I will be scrupulous and independent in making judgements that involve the use of the ‘second key’ on our reserves.”

He highlighted his intent to support initiatives that “deepen the respect we accord to our fellow citizens, of all backgrounds and in every walk of life.”

Drawing attention to his role in safeguarding Singapore’s reserves, he promised, “Should the need arise in future to use the reserves to tackle… crises and existential threats, we will weigh the matter carefully.”

Furthermore, he stated his commitment to “balance between meeting immediate needs and preserving the reserves so that every generation, now and in the future, enjoys their benefits.”

Speaking on national unity, the President mentioned, “Now, more than before, we must grow our sense of togetherness as fellow Singaporeans. It will make us a better society, and add to our ballast as we face a more turbulent world.”

He also expressed a desire to “promote greater interactions between our different communities,” and encouraged activities like “learning one another’s art forms” to enhance multicultural harmony.

Underlining the importance of civil society, he emphasized, “We can do more to nourish the soil for ground-up and purpose-driven initiatives to sprout and grow.”

On the subject of arts and sports, President Tharman recognized that “In both fields the best years are ahead of us,” and that nurturing talent in these areas “will inspire us.”

Acknowledging the geopolitical challenges, he remarked that the world has entered an era of “profound global uncertainty and growing fragility.”

Reiterating Singapore’s neutral stance, he added, “By remaining a voice of reason and striving for solutions that are of mutual benefit, we will remain a partner that others find worthwhile to engage with.”

Concluding his address, President Tharman expressed gratitude to Mdm Halimah Yacob, the eighth President of Singapore and former PAP colleague, and thanked Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for his support.

“I pledge to discharge my duties diligently, faithfully, and to the best of my abilities, for the betterment of Singapore and Singaporeans. I will serve with all my heart.”

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“Independence.”? Okay, make the state of Singapore’s reserves public knowledge immediately.

“Unity?” Okay, call out on the ruling government’s oppression on their political opponents such as the Prime Minister’s own younger brother.

Otherwise, resign.

This unifying BS isn’t going to put food on the table.
But the majority wanted it. So we’ll see how soon until more suicides and more crimes because the costs of living and the shortage of good jobs slowly take it’s toll. Toil it out for your masters dear sinkies as they lead a carefree life provided by you.

It would be interesting to see what actions TS would initiate to full fill his assurance to ensure that he shall work towards the “betterment” of SG and SG’s especially the elderly and destitute .Critical and independent thinking can play a good part to achieve what he intends to pursue in the immediate future.Let’s wait and see how TS can suggest solutions to the many problems facing the poor in SG .MAJULLA SINGAPURA 🇸🇬🇸🇬😍😍

TS surely know our Singapore society now is already segmented by the mass influx of foreigners and our Singapore core is eroded also by the mass influx of foreigners. That is why he campaigns to unify all Singaporeans. Just look far enough at the USA. Why so chaotic now over there? USA is well known globally to accept anyone like illegal immigrants and refugees and etc with open arms. The government there fails to realize the consequences that affect the true blue Americans years down the road and through every generation. In fact Singapore in the past few decades, is… Read more »

It seems very likely that Team B voted TM despite already knowing cork sure he will win at least 60 plus %.
They rather not use that chance to send a signal for change. I am not just giving up sg because of the unchangeable mindset of the majority, I also given up on Opposition. Its actually good for mental health to give up singapore.

Want to buy my citizenship?
Oh, I forgot, it has $0 resale value.

What’s the point? Can unifying bring food to the table?

Correct : Have a spine my pineapple friends.

What he said, weren’t those what halimud said just after she got appointed? Pap standards nowadays is Talk one thing, Doing (or lack of) is another, hor. Hopefully 70.4% will not find that they had been scammed.

Tharmud said he will work with all parties including the gov….; actually he meant he will work with gov, got time will include all parties.

I love Pineapple




Did he take an oath when he became Minister? Did he fulfill the oath? This should be answered by the over 70% who voted for him. Ask him for the explanation for the loss of $30b and the successful money laundering under his watch. 😡

Why the topic of unity? unifying? etc etc?

What and who causes these problems?

May I know who let the flood gated open with more than 1 million foreigners and CECAsians working here?

Suggest he take the MRT trains on week ends and see for himself whether I am telling the truth? Plenty of foreigners packing our trains especially on week ends. What do you think?

Some times I feel I am the odd one out.!! Scary