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LHY: Public to judge why Shanmugam and Balakrishnan suing in Singapore and not UK

Last week, Singaporean ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan initiated a defamation suit in the Singapore High Court against Lee Hsien Yang, the son of Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew.

In response, LHY stated that he had invited the two PAP ministers to pursue legal action in the UK, where the statements that upset them were made.

He added, “Instead, they have chosen to commence legal action in Singapore. It is for the public to judge their reasons.”



SINGAPORE: Last week, Mr K Shanmugam, the Law and Home Affairs Minister, of Singapore, and Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, formally filed a defamation suit in the Singapore High Court against Lee Hsien Yang, the son of Singapore founding father Lee Kuan Yew.

The case is slated for an in-chamber hearing on Tuesday (5 Sept) at 9 am morning.

The two ministers are represented by three lawyers from Davinder Singh Chambers, including the prominent senior lawyer Davinder Singh, who previously represented Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in previous high-profile defamation cases.

In his latest Facebook post, Lee Hsien Yang, the younger brother of Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, said he invited the two PAP ministers to pursue legal action against him in the UK, where he “made the statement that upset them”.

“Instead, they have chosen to commence legal action in Singapore. It is for the public to judge their reasons.”

Lee Hsien Yang accuses Ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan of pressuring for false apology

On 27 July, Ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan announced plans to sue LHY over defamation allegations, unless an apology is issued and the statements are retracted.

LHY is accused of suggesting that the ministers acted corruptly, receiving preferential treatment by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) through unauthorized tree felling and state-funded renovations of 26 and 31 Ridout Road. Both ministers have categorically refuted these allegations.

In a Facebook post, Mr Shanmugam outlined their demands: Mr Lee is to retract his accusations, issue an apology, and pay damages, which would subsequently be donated to charity. Non-compliance would trigger a lawsuit.

In a later post, Lee Hsien Yang dismissed the claims made by the two Ministers.

He has further challenged the ministers to sue him in the UK, a response following their threats of legal action unless he retracted his statements and issued an apology.

In a Facebook post on 29 July, LHY addressed the controversy, stating, “My post did not assert that Shanmugam and V Balakrishnan acted corruptly or for personal gain by having the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) give them preferential treatment by illegally felling trees without approval and also having SLA pay for renovations for them. My post simply stated facts that were already widely published in the Singapore and international media.”

Lee Hsien Yang on 31 July further alleged that the two ministers were pressuring him to issue a public apology that he perceived to be falsified.

He claimed the ministers demanded he make a specific statement: “I recognise that the Post meant and was understood to mean that Mr K Shamugam/Dr Vivian Balakrishnan acted corruptly and for personal gain by having the Singapore Land Authority give him preferential treatment by felling trees without approval and illegally and having it pay for renovations to 31 Ridout Road.”

LHY staunchly defends his initial words: “Two ministers have leased state-owned mansions from the agency that one of them controls, felling trees and getting state-sponsored renovations.”

He believes his original statement does not equate to an allegation of corruption or personal gain, and criticizes the ministers for insisting on a “false apology” for words he claims he did not utter.

Claim amount in High Court civil litigation starts at S$ 250,000

With the two ministers officially filing the lawsuit, the next step, following the court procedure, would be to serve the summons on Lee Hsien Yang, who is also the younger brother of PM Lee.

If Lee Hsien Yang’s address is unknown, the plaintiffs can apply to the court to serve the summons through methods such as email, social media, newspaper advertisements, and more.

Subsequently, if Lee Hsien Yang fails to submit a defence within the stipulated timeframe, the plaintiffs can apply for a default judgment, securing a victory in the case and seeking compensation from Lee Hsien Yang.

Typically, the claim amount in High Court civil litigation starts at S$ 250,000.


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Do the maths and join the dotted lines. The system here is designed to protect the PAP and it’s affiliations. Should one meddle with it hoping for a favourable turnout, one would be very disappointed with the outcome.
Our exiled brother chose the perfect words to describe it.

while i agree with the bro of the dragon lee, i also think that TOC should invite gahmen to sue them for FICA/POFMA in taiwanese court. only fair right?

“seeking compensation from Lee Hsien Yang” .. yes both of them can claim compensation from his brother Pinky.
Then better claim 50 million !!!

Two words


86% singaporeans voted for pap endorsed candidates. What more to say? Dong waste time

Under a well tested system where “the rule ( by/of) law” can be applied under a perfectly controlled situation,the outcome is already written on the wall.This is obviously another one of the many sure win cases from Pappy’s seasoned playbooks.Fellow SG voters out there what do you think ???

If the Singapore Courts have jurisdictions to hear the defamation suits, there are no reasons to expect the two ministers to sue LHY in UK just because the latter challenged them to.

Result of public judgement:-
70+16% think you are guilty of defamation, in both Singapore and UK.
14% think the defamation suit cannot stand.

This RidOut pair would be ridiculed, mocked and parodied, … if this joke of a case ever took place on UK soil, … simple as !!!

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Countless Battles Are Fought, This Could Well Be The Best Crossing Of Swords, Yet.

To Understand The Movement, Hidden In Plain Sight, SUN ZHU’S THE ART OF WAR Must Be Understood To Enjoy The Strategies & Countermeasures.

May The Better Chess Player Wins.

Lhy, tell us what is your next course of action. We are all very interested to know and don’t keep us in suspense. Please fight back as you have been pushed to the wall. Have some iron in you and grow a spine, be like your papa. Lky son cannot be so coward till flee the country and becomes a fugitive.

Don’t challenge the authorities especially pap. Wait they really take you on and transfer the suit to uk. Just like the PE some saying that we have a kelong walkover president the last round and Halima is not elected. This time round they forced an election and won, with a big mandate some more. A lot of people are eating humble pie now. Never say Never and don’t push people to the limit. Save some grace for yourself.

These Are One Of More & More Disclosure About Things Deserving A Review On This Red Dot On TERRA. SOON, All Things “Unknown” Will Come To The LIGHT.


comment image

Let’s Vote Shanmugam Out:
Next GE Campaign.

UK courts would likely throw out the case as without merit. Politicians in other countries are open to public criticisms; only SG (specifically pap) politicians are Ownself declared Ownself Self-entitled and cannot lose face.

Since DS is well known to win almost all his cases in Singapore, he should take up LHY’s challenge to see if he can win in a UK court. It can be the Mother of all his wins and a legacy to his family.

Unique Singapore !!!

70% please enjoy your pineapples ..

When lawyer Ravi files a petition, they bo chap !!!

When will old man jump up from his grave?

Really useless statement, you oppo can you see this sort of coward? Still supporting him? What public to judge, yah maybe the 14% will back you, the rest wants your pants to drop. If you really have the balls, counter sue them in UK loh. Don’t just make silly comment thousands miles away.

So easy to file defamation suites?
No need to deliver summons if address unknown?
Its not a criminal case anyway..
No need to argue the case?
And just ask for judgement of $250,000
Giving to charity is just a smokescreen to create perception of ethics and morality.

Everyone should come to Singapore and file defamation suites.. easy money to be made.

Public to judge? Only losers like oppo would stir up such rubbish, as using the ‘public to judge’.
And at every General election the same public would also GIVE THE PAP the MANDATE!
BOH Song?
Go Geyland to Song loh!😆😆😆😆😆

In Singapore, any lawyer, even fresh from law school, can represent the 2 ministers, and they still win.

In the UK it is different. Davindar’s team may lose their balls!