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Changes in professional record of Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s son

A member of the public tipped Gutzy about a shift in Akilan Shanmugaratnam’s role on Previously with MOF’s Reserves Department, he has now been redeployed to the education department.



SINGAPORE: In a recent update, a member of the public informed Gutzy about a notable change in the professional record of Akilan Shanmugaratnam, the son of presidential candidate Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Akilan’s record on was altered, transferring him from the Department of Reserves and Investment Directorate Reserves Policy at the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to the Social Programmes Directorate Education and Manpower.

This shift is said to have taken place between 10 am and 12.40 pm today.

Screenshot pre-30 August 2023


Screenshot post-30 August 2023, 12.40pm

The online community has been abuzz with Akilan’s initial appointment at the reserves department, specifically on the local forum Hardwarezone.

Netizens have been debating whether there could be a conflict of interest, given that Akilan’s father, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, a former People’s Action Party politician, had served as the Minister for Finance from 2007 to 2015.

One forum member stated, “Tharman left MOF in 2015, so if his son joined after 2015 means no issue. Anyway, it’s not uncommon for their children to work in CS, Temasek, or GIC.”

Meanwhile, another speculated, “Tomorrow will be promoted to another ministry?”

Given the recent changes to Akilan’s record, some are wondering whether this move is a promotion or, contrarily, a demotion.

The reasons and implications behind this change remain to be seen, but it has certainly piqued the interest of the public.

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What a tangled web we weave!

The G will say Singapore is too small to ignore the few talents available. Thus the presence of these talented children in government service.

Or, are they being positioned and trained to follow daddy’s footsteps? In itself it is not wrong but it does evoke negative overtones.

Would Chan Chun Sing clarify why the change of jobs for Akilan Shanmugaratnam?

I guess he will explain it as routine redeployment of talent to where its needed.

Maybe all these positions is permanent for the particular individual and can be willed to siblings or children to carry on the unfinished work. Uniquely Singapore meritocracy at play by the powerful and connected.


Long Live Singapore. Loong Leave Singapore (after he pays for all his wrong doings).

What to expect. Hardly any Competition in Singapore. Anyone found to be politically inclined are watched & scrutinised by Deep State PAP ISD.
So that in time, their children can take over smoothly without any hindrance.
Got money & power.
Alan Datang to Politics. Is his son already a PAP member. Please check that .

No corruption in SG is a historical joke.

I didn’t mentioned the other SM because-even the PM says he is the one who invented the light bulbs,the SM will say amazing!

Tharman is NO NO for pro opposition!he definitely not cut out to be Prime minister or president.He lacked the integrity to ask for punishment to for home affairs minister where he breached 3.1&3.2.Please just send Lian into instana,Lian will definitely work hard and fulfill his job scope to the max not half way.Remember he got to make his son, daughter and grandchildren proud to have this grandfather where the future generation praise his integrity.Although he cannot do really much,but who knows?

What’s the bloody problem? Are you saying Mr Tharman’s son cannot work in civil service?

Behind botak calm facade and demeanour is rot and hypocrisy

Shame on botak

PM’s son works in his father’s office. Tharman ‘s son also works in the father’s office? Who else? I suppose after 58years, the PAP have forgotten that all the Reserves and Assets of the State belong to the Citizens, not to their family members.The Conflict of Interests seems to be entrenched in every level of the PAP. Tharman is truly disappointing and the children though educated do not seem to be able to find employment elsewhere. Why? The govt. is not a family organisation like CDL or HL.What is the point of education when you do not know what is… Read more »

You can dig for a find but it wouldn’t necessarily mean you’ll get an honest answer with this lot of crooks in power.

What is so surprising?
All oneself check ownself…kar ki lang, nepotism, cronyism is all part of the establishment.
Want to blame…BLAME YOURSELF LAH..OR THE 61%!😆😆😆😆