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Tharman refrains from commenting TKL’s remark on Singaporeans’ choice of “local-born” President and 1st Lady

Presidential contender Tharman Shanmugaratnam refrained from engaging with his rivals’ “tactical statements,” asserted that commenting on any particular statements by other candidates is “not his style”.

Fellow candidate Tan Kin Lian earlier expressed a desire for Singaporeans to choose a president and First Lady both born locally.



SINGAPORE: Presidential candidate Tharman Shanmugaratnam declined to comment on “tactical statements” made by fellow candidates and instead emphasized the importance of allowing people to form their own judgments.

Addressing a media inquiry about his thoughts on fellow candidate Tan Kin Lian’s recent remarks, Mr Tharman chose not to engage in direct commentary.

During an interview on Friday (25 Aug) morning at Geylang Serai Market Food Centre, Mr Tan introduced his wife, Vivian Tay Siew Hong, to the media.

Mr Tan said that he hoped that Singaporeans would also “have a choice” to have a president and First Lady who were both born in Singapore.

“You can have a choice, my wife, like me, we were born in Singapore, we are blue-blooded Singaporeans.”

While acknowledging his respect for individuals who acquire Singaporean citizenship from other countries, Mr Tan conveyed his belief that the local population would generally desire an opportunity for both the President and the First Lady to be authentic Singaporeans, rooted in their birthright.

Commenting on other candidate’s tactical statements “not my style”, says Mr Tharman

In response to Mr Tan’s remark, Mr Tharman highlighted the life journey of Mr George Goh, who unfortunately faced disqualification from the presidential race, as an illustrative case.

“The fact that he was born in Malaysia… started off poor, worked very hard, came to Singapore and succeeded… It has always been the Singapore story.”

Tharman, a former senior minister of the People’s Action Party (PAP), said commenting on any particular statements by other candidates is “not his style”.

He added, “My life is an open book, everyone knows me.”

Mr Tharman said his campaign budget “well within” the ELD’s election financing spending limits

In response to a query about his campaign budget, Mr Tharman confirmed compliance with the regulations set by the Elections Department (ELD).

However, Mr Tharman did not reveal the specific figures of his campaigning budget to the media.

“The good thing about Singapore is that we have, if not the tightest, one of the tightest rules anywhere in the world on spending money in politics. We should stick to that.”

Mr Tharman pointed out that his expenditures on social media were notably lower compared to some of his competitors.

According to ELD, Candidates can spend up to S$812,822.10 in election expenses, This is based on the maximum spending limit in the Presidential Elections Act, which is $600,000 or 30 cents per registered voter, whichever is greater.

This amount was $754,982.40 in the 2017 presidential election.

Previously, Gutzy reported an estimated spending by another Presidential contender Ng Kok Song , of at least S$60k to advertise his posts on Instagram and Facebook since creating his accounts on 17 July, just days before announcing his bid for the presidency on 19 July.

Discussing the realm of bolstering civil society and community endeavours, Mr Tharman emphasized the significance of nurturing self-assurance among the underprivileged.

“Confidence doesn’t come naturally. When you are poor and disadvantaged, you cannot underestimate how people can lose confidence and feel that they are being looked down upon.”

“So, earn their trust, respect them and help them to develop themselves.”

He expressed his intent to elevate this effort, stating, “It is not easy to overcome a disadvantaged background. You have to stay with people through their lives and give them real confidence in themselves, I believe strongly in that.”
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Time does not side Tharman contesting for EP, as anti-japanese sentiment in the north is getting serious after Japan threw the radioactive contaminated water into the sea.

Watch !!

Tan Cheng Bok , TJS, TKL having coffeeshop at People Park this morning?

CB (cuckoo bird) tells me: Next time PEC must state in the constitution to avoid confusions :

1) No foreign spouse or PR allowed is allowed for Presidential Candidates.

2) Both Presidential Candidate and Spouse must be born in Singapore.

Thank you CB !

You said: So Mrs TS is as SGgp as any..

TKL is still correct. Mrs TS is not True born Singaporean bro.

Keep hearing these elites (drawing 7 figures salaries) telling you that they are making sacrifices for Singapore?

You believe?

“Mr Tan said that he hoped that Singaporeans would also “have a choice” to have a president and First Lady who were both born in Singapore. “You can have a choice, my wife, like me, we were born in Singapore, we are blue-blooded Singaporeans.”” That’s right. In the last PE, the constitution was changed specifically stated that it was reserved for Malay, but ended up with an Indian masquerading as one. It can’t be there was not a single Malay CEO in Singapore, right? What happens in the next reserved president for a Malay again? Would he/she from Pinoy or… Read more »

Of course he can’t comment right? Is his wife Singapore born?

TKL is just stating facts. Remember the Pledge? Pledge ourselves as one united people……

A fact is a fact. What do you think?

Read your Singapore Pledge. One United People means?

So pappy stooges don’t mind to hang a non Singapore born citizen lady in the office room as their 1st Lady ? tsk tsk tsk

Come on CPIB, disclose everything about Iswaran including salary,bonus…and confirm and verify by checking other ministers salary so the data will be substantial.If you do well,even when new government in power,you will be praised and keep your job.In top top democratic countries,there’s always a double spy ,double CPIB.In this way check and balance is there.Trust no one in politics! Only substantial check by different groups of people(pro or anti)then can you prove you have honesty, integrity ,not by saying you have.Ridout case proved otherwise.Clause 3.1&3.2.Opposition MPs, please check.Strike the killer blow!

Just watch Lawrence Wong in a forum!.
1)he said president is highest office in Singapore?The PM should be!.
2)he said will explain,persuade citizens regarding policy but maybe most of the time,they POFMA.
3)Most things he said are motherhood statements.
*Must remember he said government At -Arms -length regarding ho Ching’s salary.Is our nation’s money so by saying this he means the boss of a company cannot control the CFO on how he pay himself.You cannot be the PM because you lack the gumption! and most probably a yes man .The citizens must have alternative news beside MediaCorp.No sugarcoating.

i think it’s time to vote a Chinese President – the last PE we were FORCED to have an indian as our President.

TKL : Already said he welcome foreigners to Singapore.

What he meant when comes to important things like choosing a leader and a spouse, it has to be purely a TRUE BORN SINGAPOREAN.

Please do not take offence and make it an issue.

Nothing Wrong ! Nothing Wrong !!!

Suddenly everyone saying they will protect the reserves. So what happens ? MAS lost $30.8 billions. No comments from NKS and Tharman?

Botak: I’m my own man.

Hahaha ha… since when?

The more botak talks, the more he reveals himself as a hypocrite.

We are not xenophobia !!

Shame on you Singaporeans. Do you want to hang a Japanese photo in every garment offices?

You pappy stooges must have forgotten your Singapore Pledge?

TKL merely stated the facts.

There is no reason why he should not say this.

Is it because the TRUTH hurts ? No ?

Their supporters of the other 2 contenders cannot handle this truth.

The analysts are guarding their golden rice bowls to comment in a political correct way.

At every political contest you will always see these idiots Eugene Tan and Gillian Goh being interviewed by the main media.

Is there no other political analysts out there to interview than just these 2 idiots ?

In the USA, a presidential candidate by law be local born citizen. Not new citizen.

In relation to the question on “Blank Votes” can anyone out there give your opinion as to whether there exists a brand of “ink” which would turn colourless within a short period of time after it is applied as a print on special paper.As we now know a new device has been introduced to assist voters mark the little “box” in the ballot paper.What do you think???

To me there is nothing great about him I seen his talk in YouTube in international scenario and he talk like someone just graduates from poly.

On the subject of “Blank votes”.Can any provide an opinion as to whether there exists any brand of “ink” which would turn colourless within a very short period of time after applying as a print on paper.As we all now know special”device” has been introduced to assist in marking that “box” in the ballot paper.Your invaluable input will be appreciated 🐾🐾.

Bloody loose cannon, again say things without thinking. This comment means what his thinking, or he foolishly thinking of pleasing the sentiments? Tinge of xenophobia. Want to be figure head, how can say such things. How he going to behave and portrayed an image to outsider once elected. Now I conclude tkl must not get elected, Singapore would be in serious trouble. Wish all converted citizens and the foreign spoused don’t vote for him. Please spread the message as tkl despise them.

TKL is right…Japanese wife is a no-no. For that alone, Tharman must not be President.

Same Same, But Also Same Same.
Strawman Is STRAWMAN. But STRAWMAN Is A Chattel. A Tradeable Commodity, A Derived Financial Instrument.

The CPIB of the highest integrity will definitely disclose everything everything!!It will be the killer blow if there are discrepancies . Opposition MPs,please please srutinized and analyse the report if you given access!Make Singapore even better.

Yes ,for foreign spouse,I agreed with you ,is bit offensive.But for converted citizens,I think if better offers were to come,they probably jump ship.Just ask our imported sportsman if their own country give them same opportunity,will they come here.?Touch their heart and you will hear their own national anthem and not majula Singapura!But I agree Tan kin Lian not very appropriate here,forgive him and choose him.Should also leave all the wife’s, girlfriends alone,they have their rights to love regardless of age, nationality.If we keep bantering, insulting wife’s, girlfriends then aren’t we behaving like ⚡.The only way to pack them away is… Read more »

Very brainless offensive comments. He again offended a lot of converted citizens who can vote and those with foreign spouse. When can he learn to be smarter? Ensure his children and grand children don’t get a foreign partner in future.

The word SG born matter… lok at recent NDP, most of the crowd dun understand Y our national song in malay & laugh to sing…. SG roots matter. If its jus ROJAK, than employ ex.presi obama to replace PM.

Just an observation, spouses of past Presidents are all locally born citizens. 😍😍

This bald head comes out with all kinds of idiotic and confusing terms like independence of mind.

What’s the fcuk is that? Are we robots that we have no ability and freedom to think for ourselves?

Wake up lah!!!

As always ask a straight question on how much was spent on the election, instead of answering, avoid it. This is the PAP style. We have asked for decades on HC’S salary, same way of handling, avoid it. How can TS be elected when he is a true blue PAP ? He will not give a straight answer. A leopard can never change its spots.

Just look at the lady holding the microphone? pappy reporter? tsk tsk tsk

All the Best

Mr Tan

TKL doesn’t seem to have a communication or media manager chaperoning or guiding him. Such comments are not helpful, he may have shot himself in the foot. Looking at the numerous political analysts commenting on this, his comments indeed has caused him to take two steps back.