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Tharman, Ng Kok Song and Tan Kin Lian granted Certificate of Eligibility for presidential race; George Goh misses out

The Singapore Election Department announces Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Ng Kok Song, and Tan Kin Lian as eligible Presidential candidates. Businessman George Goh’s application for the Certificate of Eligibility falls short.

If multiple nominations are validated on Nomination Day (22 Aug), the public will cast their votes on 1 September, which will be observed as a public holiday.



SINGAPORE: The Elections Department (ELD) unveiled on Friday (18 Aug) the list of eligible candidates for the upcoming Presidential Election.

Former Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, ex-GIC Chief Investment Officer Ng Kok Song, and former presidential aspirant Tan Kin Lian have been deemed eligible to run.

Businessman George Goh, however, did not receive a Certificate of Eligibility, falling short in the application process.

ELD received six applications in total for the Certificate of Eligibility by the cut-off on Thursday. The identities of the applicants were initially withheld. Alongside, the department acknowledged 16 community declarations at the deadline.

Holders of the Certificate of Eligibility are acknowledged as individuals of utmost integrity, commendable character, and reputation. Moreover, they meet the mandatory public or private sector service criteria.

As stipulated by Singapore’s Constitution, presidential contenders from the public sector should have held pivotal positions such as a minister, chief justice, Speaker of the House, or attorney-general, among others, for a minimum of three years. Leaders of significant statutory boards or government-linked entities like Temasek also qualify.

Candidates emerging from the private sector must have served for three years as the chief executive of a company, which during their tenure, should have maintained an average shareholders’ equity of no less than S$500 million (US$372 million) and remained profitable throughout.

Goh had been under the scanner, with experts skeptical about his compliance with these conditions. In his defence, Goh stated that five companies under his helm accumulated a shareholders’ equity of S$1.521 billion over three years, surpassing the mandated figure.

ELD noted that unsuccessful applicants have been notified about their results and the Committee’s rationale and due to the Presidential Elections (Certificate of Eligibility) Regulations 2017, the Committee won’t publicly disclose reasons for rejections or the names of unsuccessful candidates.

This decision aligns with the 2016 Constitutional Commission’s concerns about deterring potential contenders. However, these applicants can choose to share the Committee’s reasons given to them.

The imminent task for Tharman, Ng, and Tan is their formal nomination as candidates. The trio has until Aug 22, Nomination Day, to submit their nomination documents, which includes the Certificate of Eligibility, community certificate, and political donation certificate.

ELD had previously, on 1 June, declared the update and public access to the Registers of Electors. Potential candidates could apply for the Certificate of Eligibility and community certificate starting 13 June.

Tharman was the pioneer to announce his candidacy on 8 June. Following suit were Goh and Ng on 12 June and 19 July, respectively, while Tan declared his run on 11 August though he had previously announced having submitted his COE application on 30 July.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong officially announced the Writ of Election on 11 August.

Nomination proceedings are slated for 22 August, between 11am and 12pm, at the People’s Association auditorium on King George’s Avenue.

Each candidate is required to deposit S$40,500 ahead of Nomination Day. If multiple nominations are validated, the public will cast their votes on 1 September, Polling Day, which will be observed as a public holiday.

Approved candidates can commence their campaigns once a contested election is declared and can continue until Cooling-off Day, which precedes Polling Day.

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Whoever Is Selected, SameSame No Different.
But, The True Global Difference Is This,

“我的总统是ah lian” jack neo’s new movie.😁🎥🙄

PAP may ask NKS to withdraw from the contest, it would ensure PAP voters would not be diluted between TS and NKS.

Met my Malaysian colleague recently,asked him if Singapore grant him citizenship,who will he vote .Without blinking,he said PAP.I asked why,he said government doing a good job ,reading news from MediaCorp and Singapore newspaper.I asked him did the news mentioned Ridout case clause 3.1&3.2?He said What’s that? So with about 180k plus new citizens and the newly minted 4000 Indonesian,it’s quite challenging.They need to read alternative news not only from Medicorp and then scrutinize and analyse.

Recently ,in dilenma while doing volunteering work.feel that government not doing enough with those high salary ministers.Dont want a nice picture to be painted.Cant denied when the society looks good,80% of praise will go to the government.(hokkien-use people backside skin to use as your face)The ministers should work harder ,invest our reserve better and help the underprivileged.If you are mediocre,get someone from Vanguard or Blackrock and pay him $99million. Anyway,anyone knows who do the final payslips for the ministers and who check and balance the one who do the payslips and which bank giro into and how many bank staff… Read more »

Each and every SG voter must really “feel good” to have this once in lifetime opportunity to cast the deciding vote to whoever shall be their of choice of SG ‘s President.In past few PE “elections”SG voters were offered candidates all closely associated with the incumbent.However in the impending PE ,voters ironically have been offered a choice to hand over the second “key” to the “one” who they consider independent . The time has come for all SG voters to do the right thing to ensure the start of a new era.Bravo!!!🏟️😁😁😁😁.

Now GG knows how dirty politics here can be.
He probably was squeezed out of the contest by tkl, the white termite’s last minute secret weapon. 🤣

Singapore president has no power over the government. He can only be a jaga, aka watchman. 🤔😂

So the goalpost shifted again eliminating a suspected threat to the PAPigs. I guess then with the choices given, people have to elect a non PAP linked dog.
TS is a no no and Kosong is a no no too. It’s only 1 choice.

Congratulations Mr. Tan. You have my vote.

Sorry, not going to support another PAP yes-man for President post, another puppet show for another 6 years.