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Red Dot United’s 50 crimson-clad supporters unite to spread National Day cheer across 4 constituencies

A dedicated group of 50 Red Dot United (RDU) supporters marked Singapore’s 58th anniversary by wearing red attire and spreading National Day cheer across four constituencies on Saturday.

RDU covered 2 Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) and 2 Single Member Constituencies (SMCs), dispersing across 6 MRT stations. The initiative showcased RDU’s commitment to community engagement.



SINGAPORE: To mark Singapore’s 58th anniversary, a group of 50 committed Red Dot United (RDU) supporters dons red outfits to spread National Day cheer across four constituencies on Saturday (6 Aug).

Their objective centred on spreading National Day joy and forging connections with the inhabitants of Jurong, Tanjong Pagar, Redhill, and Yuhua.

Operating in five teams, with Red Dot United (RDU), two Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) and two Single Member Constituencies (SMCs), they ventured onto the streets and dispersed across six distinct MRT stations in Singapore.

The initiative showcased RDU’s commitment to engaging with the community and understanding their aspirations.

Dr David Foo, Chairman of RDU, expressed gratitude to the members and volunteers, highlighting that their unwavering support was crucial in bringing the event to realization.

He mentioned that their National Day walkabout received significant backing from their members and volunteers. Stating that without their involvement, they wouldn’t have been capable of achieving what they did on that day, highlighting the shared enthusiasm that powered their actions

Symbolic gesture of unity

As a symbolic display of solidarity, Ravi Philemon, the Secretary-General of RDU, emphasized the party’s choice to temporarily set aside their party colours and instead don the national colour of Singapore, red.

“We donned red, Singapore’s national colour because it is the season to put aside our differences and be seen to be one united people,” said Ravi Philemon, as quoted in the RDU website.

The action aimed to emphasize the essence of unity and the significance of remaining united as a nation, particularly during the National Day period.

Following the teams’ successful interactions with residents at their respective MRT stations, they embarked on a collective train journey to assemble at Chinese Garden MRT station.

This gathering held notable importance as all five teams united, showcasing their commitment to a shared objective – spreading happiness among the people of Singapore.

Shortly after, members and volunteers of RDU distributed small flags and informative brochures to the public at Chinese Garden MRT station.

The sight of the red-clad group actively interacting with the community sparked curiosity, resulting in genuine conversations and connections.

After the distribution of National Day tokens, they then set off on a stroll to the nearby Yuhua Market, continuing their effort to spread National Day joy.

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