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Lee Hsien Yang accuses Ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan of pressuring for false apology

Lee Hsien Yang (LHY), brother of Singapore’s PM, accuses Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan of pressuring him to issue a false apology over corruption allegations. The ministers are demanding that LHY retract statements which he claims he never made.

LHY had earlier challenged the two ministers to sue him in the UK if they believed they had a substantial case.



Mr Lee Hsien Yang (LHY), the younger brother of Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has alleged that Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan are pressuring him to issue a public apology that he perceives to be falsified.

In LHY’s Facebook post on Monday (31 July), he claimed the ministers demanded he make a specific statement: “I recognise that the Post meant and was understood to mean that Mr K Shamugam/Dr Vivian Balakrishnan acted corruptly and for personal gain by having the Singapore Land Authority give him preferential treatment by felling trees without approval and illegally and having it pay for renovations to 31 Ridout Road.”

However, LHY staunchly defends his initial words: “Two ministers have leased state-owned mansions from the agency that one of them controls, felling trees and getting state-sponsored renovations.” He believes his original statement does not equate to an allegation of corruption or personal gain, and criticizes the ministers for insisting on a “false apology” for words he claims he did not utter.

The dispute started last Thursday (27 July) when Ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan announced plans to sue LHY over defamation allegations, unless an apology is issued and the statements are retracted. LHY is accused of suggesting that the ministers acted corruptly, receiving preferential treatment by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) through unauthorized tree felling and state-funded renovations of 26 and 31 Ridout Road. Both ministers have categorically refuted these allegations.

In a Facebook post, Mr Shanmugam outlined their demands: Mr Lee is to retract his accusations, issue an apology, and pay damages, which would subsequently be donated to charity. Non-compliance would trigger a lawsuit.

In response to these demands, LHY reiterated his initial statement in a post last Saturday, adding, “My post did not assert that Shanmugam and V Balakrishnan acted corruptly or for personal gain by having the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) give them preferential treatment by illegally felling trees without approval and also having SLA pay for renovations for them. My post simply stated facts that were already widely published in the Singapore and international media.”

LHY further raised the stakes by challenging the ministers to sue him in the UK, where he believes their case will be subject to impartial judgement. As of now, no public statement from Mr Shanmugam or Mr Balakrishnan has been issued in response to LHY’s recent declarations.

The Facebook post which the two ministers took issue with discussed topics around the rental of properties from the Singapore Land Authority, which Mr Shanmugam – as Minister for Law – controls, the felling of trees, and state-funded renovations at 26 and 31 Ridout Road.

In the same post, LHY also levelled criticism against the People’s Action Party (PAP), accusing the current administration, led by his brother, of squandering the public trust inherited from their late father, Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore.

The Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) office, under the instruction of Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth and Second Minister for Law, had earlier directed LHY to issue a correction notice regarding his Facebook post discussing the ‘Ridout Road Saga’.

LHY complied with this order on Tuesday (25 Jul). Despite complying, LHY defended his post in a subsequent Facebook update, insisting that his original statements were not misleading.

The POFMA directive highlighted that the renovations at the cited properties were essential, and their funding by the SLA was not linked to the tenant ministers.

It was further clarified that independent arborists, following necessary approval from the National Parks Board (NParks), decided to fell trees at both properties for safety reasons.

The directive also refuted LHY’s claims about the SPH Media Trust inflating circulation figures, stating that this occurred under SPH Limited’s management before the formation of SPH Media Trust, which then addressed and investigated the overstatement upon discovery.

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BG Lee Hsien Yang Must Get In Touch With Ground Commander Kimberly Ann Goguen, Directly. Just My Opinion.

Quite dumb of the ministers to continue digging up the dirt. You’re not squeaking clean. And forcing an apology will not make either of you a prime minister. Just get on to do what you’re paid for to do. Wasting parliament time on your personal matters are already a big costs to the nation.

These two Ministers don’t have to face a COI for Conflict of Interests and not following the Ministerial code? Didn’t CPIB clear them only of following procedures in the Ridout Road tenders. Isn’t the Conflict of Interests and following the Ministerial code still outstanding? TCH only spoke about review on procedures, he stayed clear of the rest.

The two Ministers are behaving like Mafia thugs and henchmen toward Hsien Yang for expressing his opinion. Even if LHY spoke ‘falsehood’ on his part, it is for the two Ministers to debunk his opinion with their narrative to correct him and where he went wrong with his opinion. But no, they behave like thugs with threats. Shameful and embarrassing.

If it bothers these 2 maharajahs so much, then fly over to the UK and take LHY on in the courts there. I mean barking from your kennel is all bark and no bite. If they truly believe they’ve been wronged then go all the way. But be prepared to come back with a bruised ego. Here the system is rubber system can be rigid for some and flex for some. Play on neutral grounds without the puppet masters.

Full of noises, aloofness, shameless, disgraceful, ZERO moral and integrity.
Come Presidential Election 2023 and 2024/2025 General Election, eradicate and remove all incompetent incumbents and free Riders/Raiders in Parliament. Including their kleptomaniac cronies.

I lived in Singapore for 25 years It’s First world until proven third

In the present era,if you want people to respect(服)you,engage them,debate them,win them over with facts and proof.(facts and proofs by Neutrals).You cannot say integrity, responsibility,fairness in words.You must show through deeds and not creed.All the best to my beloved Singapore.Even I become rich and buy houses all over the world,I still want to come back often and when I speak to foreigners,I want them to say Singapore is a Top Top country.(Switzerland & Monaco of the east and traits of Denmark and the Scandic countries)

Mr Tan kin lian,my vote is going to you if you are eligible.Buy a Ferrari,a new bungalow with your stated salary.Nothing wrong if the president rules doesn’t forbid.Do something different.Also enjoy the good food when you travel overseas.(you can afford all these even without the salary)Just KAH JIAO here KAH JIAO there (kAH JIAO-check in hokkien).Ask the 56 years questions like Mr Ong teng cheong.At this stage of your life,do something great for singaporeans that will make you goes down in Singapore history as a Responsible and Accountable President.

Both clown jus tell the world, wats the meaning of
1. King of Law
2. Man of Princip
Hahaha…. Every morning I enjoy my 2cup of “kopi oh KOSONG!”

and the dogs will keep on barking, barking and barking …
for all we know barking dogs do not bite.

comment image

Hahaha. Monsters full of courage, full of venom, speaks loudly, beat their chests in Singapore, wield Parliamentary power, sharpen their POFMA knives.
But when turned around by lesser powers, or powerless people but gutsy with brains – behave EXACTLY like Kittens only know how to, meow, meow, meow.

What happened to reading skills? Has the guilt taken away a rational mind and behaviour?

Terry’s doing great. Keep it up. Keep up the fight wisely.
Thank you for all your efforts.
We have your backs.

哇! 恶人先告狀!其有此理!

They need to flaunt their absolute power to the public, showing they can do anything they want. What’s even more embarrassing are their supporters encouraging them to secure an apology from LHY.

It seems like LKY is turning in his grave. It would be quite embarrassing if these two figures were to turn down LHY’s challenge.

Shanmugam should bravely accept the challenge, fly to the UK, and sue LHY. I’m sure many Singaporeans will support him. Since he can call LMW as a coward, this could be a chance for him to gain more votes, if he dares. Isn’t that correct?

So what’s the two ministers waiting for? Not suing LHY now?