Actress’ S’pore experience: from ‘rude’ Grab encounter to finding positivity among ‘wonderful’ locals

Nicole Crewe, a British-Czech model and actress, shared her negative encounter with a Grab driver in Singapore in a TikTok video titled “Singapore: First Impression.” She described the driver’s rudeness after missing her hotel drop-off. Despite a heavy bag, the driver insisted she walk, and driving recklessly. Grab Singapore initiated investigations, and Crewe received a full refund. Despite her initial disappointment, Crewe connected with “wonderful” people in Singapore, leading to a more positive experience. Online reactions varied, with some sharing similar experiences, while others considered her encounter uncommon. Crewe emphasized that Singapore is not hostile to everyone.

PAP MP Tin Pei Ling steps down from Grab’s Corporate Development role to pursue new tech sector leadership position

People’s Action Party Member of Parliament Tin Pei Ling has stepped down from her role as Director of Corporate Development at Grab, transitioning to a tech sector position emphasizing external interactions and commercial duties.

Ms Tin is said to be joining a fintech company focused on pioneering advancements in the payment industry, taking on a leadership role in strategic partnerships and business development.