OpenAI staff threaten mass exodus to join ex-CEO Altman

OpenAI faces a crisis as staff considers joining Microsoft after CEO Sam Altman’s removal. Altman, now with Microsoft, plans to lead a new AI research team. OpenAI staff intends to follow, emphasizing board resignation. Microsoft reaffirms commitment to collaboration amid industry challenges.

AI threatens millions of South Korean jobs, central bank says

A Bank of Korea study warns that almost four million jobs in South Korea could be replaced by AI in the next two decades, with high-income professionals at greater risk. While AI creates new opportunities, job transitions may pose challenges for workers, especially in concentrated fields.

UN chief leads calls for ‘united’ response to AI threats

UN Chief Guterres urges global AI threat response at the AI Safety Summit in the UK. Western governments and AI firms agree on new safety testing amid concerns over job displacement and geopolitics.

The summit aims for a united global strategy and includes notable figures like Elon Musk. Future AI safety summits are planned.

AI anxiety as computers get super smart

Fears of AI harming humanity prompt calls for regulation. London summit addresses AI risks: job loss, copyright, disinformation, fraud, and the need for responsible AI use.

UK prepares to host global leaders’ gathering on AI

The UK is hosting a summit on AI, with leaders and experts discussing the challenges of advanced AI. Concerns include job loss and cybersecurity. Some find the summit’s focus too alarmist, preferring to address existing issues like transparency and bias in AI.

Alphabet and Microsoft see earnings rise on AI-infused cloud

Alphabet’s quarterly profit was US$19.7 billion, driven by ads, YouTube, and cloud services. Google Cloud missed revenue expectations, causing a 5% share price drop.

Microsoft reported a net income of US$22.3 billion, with Azure cloud growing by 29%, exceeding expectations and leading to a 3% share price increase.

Did a computer write this? Book industry grapples with AI

AI, like ChatGPT, raises concerns in publishing about copyright, content quality, and authorship. Legal challenges and AI’s impact on translation and nuanced writing persist. Some see potential in AI for specific genres, while transparency measures are being introduced.