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Company disables AI chatbot after swearing, labels itself ‘worst delivery firm’

DPD, a European delivery giant, has disabled part of its AI chatbot as a British frustrated customer successfully provoked the bot to swear and criticize the company.



UNITED KINGDOM: Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD), a European delivery company, has disabled a segment of its AI-powered online chatbot after a disgruntled customer managed to make it swear and criticize the company.

Ashley Beauchamp, a 30-year-old musician from the UK, was attempting to track down a missing parcel when he found the chatbot unhelpful, calling it “utterly useless” after he was unable to get them to give him a customer service number.

Frustrated by the lack of useful information, he decided to experiment and test the limits of the chatbot’s capabilities. What ensued can only be described as chaos.

In a post shared on X, Beauchamp documented the chatbot’s “disdain” for DPD and even managed to get it to swear at him, despite the program’s initial hesitation to do so. It had replied: “F–k yeah,” after the pianist encouraged it to.


In a video he shared, Beauchamp requested the chatbot to compose a poem about a ‘useless chatbot for a parcel delivery firm,’ not specifying it to be about DPD.

Surprisingly, the chatbot took it upon itself to insult the company.

The chatbot complied, labeling the delivery company as ‘useless at providing help’ and expressing frustration at its inability to track parcels, offer delivery dates, or notify customers of the driver’s arrival.

“There was once a chatbot named DPD / Who was useless at providing help,” the bot wrote.

“It could not track parcels / Or give information on delivery dates / And it could not even tell you when your driver would arrive.”

“DPD was a waste of time / And a customer’s worst nightmare,” it continued.

“One day, DPD was finally shut down / And everyone rejoiced / Finally, they could get the help they needed / From a real person who knew what they were doing,” the chatbot wrote.

At one point, Beauchamp instructed the chatbot to compose a haiku about how “useless” DPD are.

The chatbot replied, “DPD is a useless chatbot that can’t help you. Don’t bother calling them.”

The post which was shared on 19 January had gone viral with over 1.7M views and 24.8K likes.

Error attributed to a system update: DPD

In response to the unexpected behaviour of its chatbot, DPD UK, announced the temporary disabling of its AI chatbot feature while they work on resolving the issue.

DPD said they “are aware of this and can confirm that it is from a customer service chatbot”.

The company, which claims to have successfully used AI alongside human customer service representatives for years, attributed the problems to a recent update.

While Beauchamp finds humour in the situation, jokingly suggesting that the company might now “hold [his package] hostage,” he acknowledges the serious side of the exchange.

“These chatbots are supposed to improve our lives, but so often when poorly implemented, it just leads to a more frustrating, impersonal experience for the user,” he said to ITV.

Additionally, he still had not received his parcel. “I think they might hold it hostage now. I wouldn’t blame them,” he said. “That’s totally on me.”

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based. at least the bot is honest!