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Ballot for Pope Francis’ mass tickets in Singapore to open in June

Ballots for Pope Francis’ mass tickets in Singapore will open from 24 June to 31 July 2024. Over 40,000 tickets are available for residents, with the mass scheduled for 12 September.



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SINGAPORE: Singapore residents will have the opportunity to secure tickets for Pope Francis’ upcoming mass, with the ballot open from 24 June to 31 July 2024.

According to the official website for the Pope’s visit, interested individuals can register through their myCatholicSG account.

Catholic News Singapore has reported that over 40,000 tickets have been allocated for Singapore residents.

Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Singapore from 11 to 13 September, with the Papal Mass taking place on 12 September.

Due to security concerns, the venue for the mass has not yet been disclosed.

Special provisions are in place for young children: infants below the age of two (as of 1 January 2024) do not require tickets, while children aged two and above must have their own seats and tickets.

Applicants will be informed of their ballot results through their myCatholicSG account on 1 August.

Only e-tickets will be issued, each being specific to an individual and non-transferable.

Successful applicants must accept or decline their e-ticket by 31 August 2024.

Declined tickets will be redistributed to those on the waiting list.

Further instructions on accepting or declining e-tickets will be provided at a later date.

Accepted tickets will be available in the myCatholicSG account from 1 September onwards.

Attendees must present their e-ticket and valid photo identification at the venue entrance for admission.

Additionally, a limited number of tickets have been reserved for overseas Catholics.

Details on how to obtain these tickets will be announced later.

Organizing committee seeks volunteers for Pope Francis’ visit

Catholic News Singapore announced that the organizing committee for Pope Francis’ visit is recruiting 4,500 volunteers to assist during the papal event.

The committee is looking for individuals to fill various roles, including Eucharistic ministers, wardens, altar servers, choir members, security personnel, and photographers.

The recruitment process is open from 11 May to 8 June, and those interested in volunteering can apply through their parishes.

Each parish has been allocated a quota based on its population, and applicants must specify the areas in which they wish to serve.

Volunteers should be prepared for physical activity, including climbing stairs, walking, and standing for extended periods, and should be in good health.

They must also meet specific criteria for their chosen roles, such as age requirements and relevant ministry experience.

In addition to meeting these criteria, volunteers are required to attend all scheduled meetings, training sessions, and prayer sessions as stipulated by the organizers.

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Did Edwin Tong negotiate an “exclusive” appearance deal with the Pope as well? You know, like what he did with Taylor Swift …

The “Pope” coming to visit Sin City.

Hopefully the angels don’t descend and demons from Hell don’t ascend and battle it out the moment he arrives.

If that does happen, I hope the Pope decides to give us a 24 hour warning so that us normal people can leave first.

Yes, the pope of islam is coming.

He will have the honour to recite the shahada that no other popes had to replace his own apostles creed.

The security costs & accomodation itself will be massive…all at who’s expense?
Im catholic but i hope he doesnt visit…what good will it do?
Idol worship at the most..

Looks quite clearly to anyone casting ballots this GE the PAP Administration’s course and causes of its actions.

By inviting the Pope, is the PAP Administration hoping to wash it’s sins, it’s crimes against SGpns, and hopefully – “lo and behold, SGpns please vote for me, I m baptised. I m borned again”.