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Pope Francis to embark on lengthy Southeast Asia tour

Pope Francis embarks on an 11-day tour of Southeast Asia, visiting Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Singapore, marking his longest trip amid recent health challenges.



VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Southeast Asia in an 11-day international journey, his longest trip abroad to date, according to the Vatican’s announcement on Friday. From September 2 to 13, the Pope will travel to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Singapore.

This extensive tour marks a significant pace change for the 87-year-old Pope, who has recently slowed down his travel schedule due to health issues, leading to several canceled public engagements.

The Pope, who often uses a wheelchair, has not undertaken international travel since September 2023.

Indonesia: The Pope’s journey will commence in Indonesia, the country with the world’s largest Muslim population from 2-5 September. Indonesia is a pivotal location for interfaith dialogue, home to 229 million Muslims and more than 29 million Christians, including 7 million Catholics. Cardinal Ignatius Suharyo of Jakarta expressed hopes that the Pope’s visit will inspire Indonesian Catholics to live out their faith with courage and love. Pope Francis’ presence is anticipated to bridge gaps between religious communities in a country previously visited by Popes Paul VI and John Paul II.

Papua New Guinea: From 6-9 September, the Pope will visit Papua New Guinea, a culturally rich nation with over 851 indigenous languages. This country of nearly 9 million people, where 26% of the population is Catholic, expects to reflect on its Christian unity amidst immense cultural diversity.

East Timor:  The tour will continue to East Timor, where the Pope will stay from 9-11 September. East Timor, where over 97% of the population is Catholic, gained independence in 1999 after a protracted struggle for sovereignty. This visit comes at a time when the nation reflects on its journey towards peace, especially recalling the contributions of Nobel Laureate Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, despite recent controversies surrounding him.

Singapore: Pope Francis will conclude his journey in Singapore, from 11-13 September. As one of Asia’s most economically prosperous countries, Singapore presents a unique backdrop for the Pope’s messages on inclusivity and multicultural coexistence.

Since assuming the papacy 11 years ago, Pope Francis has traveled internationally on 44 occasions, with his latest trip being to Marseille, France, in September last year.

In addition to his extensive upcoming journey through Southeast Asia, Pope Francis has a busy itinerary for the year, including a visit to Belgium. He has also hinted at a long-awaited return to his native Argentina.

Within Italy, the Pope has three domestic trips scheduled, the first of which will take him to Venice on 28 April. These visits are part of his ongoing efforts to engage with communities and promote the Church’s message directly.

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Hope he likes to eat rice..

I think this pope is too accomodating. He had previously declared that Christians and Muslims worship the same God of Abraham. This flies in the face of Islam’s denial of the divinity of Jesus and notedly Jesus is considered merely a prophet to Muslims; despite Muslims acknowledging that Jesus is the coming Messiah. Muslims recognise that Jesus worked miracles while Muhammad did not. So, go figure why Muhammad is considered greater than Jesus Muslims take Muhammad as the paragon of the perfect man to be emulated. Islam is also against the doctrine of the Trinity and Muslims do not believe… Read more »

His flock in the West often dubbed him the “pope of islam”.

I can see why from his coming itinerary.

Nothing is further from this truth.

Sri Lanka Easter bombing in 2019 –
3 catholic churches destroyed
3 luxury hotels hit
267 died including 45 other nationalities
About 500 injured

Nothing strong came out of him other than just a small squel.

We SGs are footing the bill for the Pope’s visit…Catholics churches worldwide do an annual $collection for the vatican upkeep too… ……. Got this from an article: When it comes to papal trips, the pope gets the best of both worlds. He claims the diplomatic perks of a head of state [1] yet as a religious leader he doesn’t hesitate to make politically-charged statements about the policies of his hosts [2] which no real visiting head of state could get away with. “In order for this arrangement to work in any country that has separation of church and state, the papacy… Read more »

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Why he don’t visit Gaza?

Why he don’t visit Gaza?
Bet they would ‘welcome’ him!😆😆😆

Who is footing the bill? The Vatican or we taxpayers?

A good statesman, not afraid to visit across multi-faith, multi-cultural countries, not just the Catholic/Christian countries. Why we don’t see that with the other world religious leaders – just armchair leaders, easy to be preaching 24/7 to their own flocks but no show beyond that.

We welcome Pope Francis to SG.
May he be safe …everywhere he vists.