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Migrant worker faces forced repatriation despite claims of harassment victimhood

Uddin MD Sharif, a Bangladeshi worker in Singapore, faces deportation after an unjust dismissal amid harassment claims. Despite earlier assurances from authorities that he could stay in Singapore to seek new employment, Sharif is said to have been ordered to leave by 31 May. He pleads, “I have done nothing wrong. Going back will crush my family.”



Uddin MD Sharif, a Bangladeshi migrant worker and writer, faces forced repatriation after being unjustly dismissed amid harassment claims and the conclusion of police investigations.

Having endured ongoing harassment and unfounded financial accusations, Sharif was controversially dismissed by his employer earlier.

Sharif, who has contributed to Singapore’s construction industry since 2008 and authored two books, began facing problems in late January 2024 when his employer received mail falsely alleging that Sharif was indebted to a loan shark.

Sharif’s employment was terminated on 11 March. The employer claimed that both the police and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) had advised them to “send him back” as a solution to the ongoing harassment issue.

A clarification posted on Facebook by MOM and the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on 6 April stated, “MOM did not advise the employer to terminate Mr Sharif’s employment.”

They elaborated that the employer’s daughter had sought advice due to harassment, leading to a police officer’s general suggestion that “harassment might cease if the worker left the employer.”

Sharif subsequently filed a police report, claiming he was a victim of harassment, which is now being investigated under Section 3(2) of the Protection from Harassment Act.

Moreover, after being dismissed by his former employer, Sharif attempted to secure new employment, but continued harassment undermined these efforts.

After submitting an application for Sharif’s permit, a prospective employer received a threatening message, “If he works for you, you pay!”, along with scans of Sharif’s work permit.

According to a video posted by Workers Make Possible (WMP) on Instagram, on 23 May, the Singapore Police allegedly informed Sharif that his involvement in their investigations had concluded and he would be sent back to Bangladesh.


Sharif also shared that the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) set a departure deadline of May 31 the following day.

According to Sharif, this decision contradicts earlier assurances from authorities that he could stay in Singapore to seek new employment after his investigation concluded.

Sharif’s earlier commentary on his predicament underscores the gravity of his situation: “I am currently in a situation where, even if I manage to find another job in this very short period, I expect the harassment will follow me and jeopardize my employment in the new company.”

In his latest video, Sharif said about the police investigations, “I didn’t feel like I was treated as a victim, but as if I had done something wrong,” and noted the questions asked of him, which he found insulting.

He pointed out that while he was given a special pass to stay in Singapore, he was not given documents allowing him to work.

The latest development has overwhelmed Sharif with disappointment and anxiety as his wife in Bangladesh has developed medical emergencies requiring surgery.

He said, “This is a betrayal because earlier, the authorities assured me that I would be allowed to continue working in Singapore until my case was resolved.”

Sharif’s plight prompted WMP to launch an online petition advocating for his right to remain and work in Singapore. WorkersMakePossible urged the public on Instagram: “Sharif has done nothing wrong and has suffered a lot over the last few months. Why should he be sent home and lose his livelihood for no fault of his? The authorities should give Sharif time and support to find a new job and continue his life in Singapore.”

Sharif responded to these challenges in a video, saying, “I trust the police and MOM to help me, but they let me down.”

He also articulated his dismay, “Why should I be sent home when I have done nothing wrong? I know of many other cases, but am I not allowed to stay and look for a permanent job after that?”

According to WMP, Sharif is very worried that his outspokenness on migrant workers’ issues could lead to MOM not approving his work permit application even if he secures a new job in Singapore.

When asked why Sharif was not allowed to stay in Singapore to look for a job, an ICA officer allegedly said, “I cannot reveal everything to you. My job is to send him back.”

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“Sharif, who has contributed to Singapore’s construction industry since 2008” Comment: let’s not get carried away here. Workers like Shari come to Singapore seeking work to alleviate their financial circumstances back home. They are not here to “contribute”. Thus, there is an understanding, migrant workers provide the labour while Singapore gives these migrant workers the opportunity to earn money to send back home. So, when a migrant worker wants to be more vocal about the host country, the migrant worker has crossed the line. The question is ” has Sharif crossed that line?” What are his books all about?. Did… Read more »

Do we still remember the maid case who is fired for stealing watches? tsk tsk tsk

The maid get a lawyer to fight the case and won. LOL

Suggest this guy look for a lawyer who can help him.

Err… Strange the way SG exercise their nationalism, their loyalties, their wisdom don’t look to be up in the north side.

Mah Bow Tan emphasised to debunk sheeps he is among the 1000s of others who build our schools, flats, stations, shopping centres and other construction projects including roads and so on.

Why NOW the dictators operating in a democracy discarding him, pushing him off, and many fellow Sheep seems to follow the leader in condemning him.

Chinese famous say, Discard the Monk after prayers.

foreign trash, get out of the beautiful SG.

This is ample crystal clear proof, if there’s anything else even more clear cut, that the authorities, the powers have demonstrated true values of their politics –

:everyone here making money is subjected to
– politics of fear,
-politics of destruction,
-politics of revenge.

Citizens are NO NO NO different. The ONLY difference is punishment is EVEN 10 times WORST.

Even local sheeps have limited rights as citizens…much less for these FWs…no matter how long or how much theyve been contributing to our ctry…
They rather these fws be invisible…

Sure, he’s got a mouth on him and sure, he’s entitled to his views and opinions, but, … when he puts it in print, has a few “followers” and his comments are less than complimentary of the regime, he’s immediately within the regime’s radar as an “undesirable” !!!

Just look at the “team” assembled to get rid of him, … ICA, MOM, SPF, ST and his very own employer !!!

The commitment and dedication of this regime cannot be understated, … especially when “they’ve” decreed that your time’s up, … just ask LHY !!!

It’s g’morning, g’night and goodbye !!!

He learned the truth the hard way….

That the SPF and MOM will not work in your favour. The Ministry of Manpower doesn’t even work at all.

When you get back home, tell everyone there about your story, far and wide.

Make SURE his former company is not allowed to apply for employment pass for another foreign worker as a replacement for Mr Uddin.

Throw away the bloody stinky pledge – it’s a massive joke that 100s of 1000s of school kids over 10s of years – which means it MUST have been clowning our weary eyed kids them saying it millions of times during assbly – are coerced to recite a piece of junk when bastard adults pay no heed to practise into action this piece obviously a JUNK.

Get OUT of SG lah, big mouth and seeking trouble, FT poo.

Come here to work instead play politics, now say I only come here to work?
MOM obviously want him to fuck off, 10,000,000 Bangla will rush in to replace him!😆😆😆😆

The 2 books he authored…the contents , was that the trigger point to the treatment hes receiving?
The ICA officer said ” i cannot reveal every thing to you..”.

“I am currently in a situation where, even if I manage to find another job in this very short period, I expect the harassment will follow me and jeopardize my employment in the new company

This is definately your answer .

The World so Big .