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Philippines condemns China coast guard fired water cannon on its vessels

The Philippines strongly denounced Chinese coast guard ships firing water cannons at two PH vessels near Scarborough Shoal, marking the latest escalation in tensions over disputed waters.



The Philippines strongly denounced the firing of water cannons by Chinese coast guard ships at two Philippine vessels in the South China Sea, marking the latest escalation in tensions between the two countries over the disputed waters.

Commodore Jay Tarriela, spokesperson for the Philippine Coast Guard, reported that a China Coast Guard ship deployed a water cannon against a Philippine Bureau of Fisheries vessel near Scarborough Shoal on Tuesday morning (30 April).

Additionally, two other Chinese coast guard ships targeted a Philippine coast guard vessel patrolling the area alongside the fisheries boat, resulting in damage to its railing and canopy, as shared by Tarriela on social media X.

Tarriela emphasized that the damage inflicted provides clear evidence of the forceful water pressure used by the China Coast Guard in their harassment of the Philippine vessels.

Furthermore, Tarriela revealed that China’s coast guard erected a 380-meter floating barrier, effectively blocking access to the entire entrance of the shoal.

This action mirrors a previous incident where the Philippines removed a China-installed floating barrier in Scarborough Shoal, which had hindered access for Filipino fishing vessels.

China Central Television reported earlier on Tuesday that China’s coast guard drove away two Philippine ships from Scarborough Shoal (黄岩岛), without elaborating further.

Beijing has justified its actions in the South China Sea as necessary law enforcement measures.

Since 2012, Scarborough Shoal has been a point of contention between Manila and Beijing, with China seizing control of the ring of reefs from the Philippines and subsequently deploying patrol boats in the area.

Tarriela also disclosed that during their latest patrol, Philippine vessels encountered “dangerous maneuvers and obstruction” from four China Coast Guard vessels and six Chinese maritime militia vessels.

The Philippine vessels were on a mission to distribute fuel and food supplies to fishermen near the shoal.

Escalating tensions between China and Philippines in the South China Sea

Tensions between the Philippines and China in the disputed waters have intensified recently, with China asserting claims over much of the area, including zones recognized by Manila as part of its exclusive economic zone.

The growing concern revolves around the potential ramifications of further disputes between China and the Philippines over sovereignty in the South China Sea, posing a threat to the security and stability of the region.

ON 23 March, in the latest altercation near a disputed South China Sea shoal, two Chinese coast guard ships reportedly unleashed water cannon fire at a Philippine supply boat, resulting in significant damage to the wooden vessel, according to Philippine officials.

Videos shared on the Armed Forces of the Philippines Facebook page vividly depict the Philippine supply vessel, Unaizah May 4, being targeted by direct water cannon fire from two Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) vessels.

The Philippine government reported severe damage to the Unaizah May 4 during Saturday’s confrontation, which occurred as the vessel was en route to deliver troops and provisions to a Philippine navy ship stationed atop the Second Thomas Shoal.

The shoal, which has been occupied by a small contingent of Philippine Navy personnel aboard a marooned warship since the late 1990s, is now surrounded by Chinese coast guard and suspected militia vessels, escalating tensions in the territorial standoff.

The Chinese Embassy in Manila in a statement reiterated its stance on the West Philippine Sea, alleging that the Philippines has trespassed into the waters of Ayungin Shoal, which China refers to as Ren’ai Jiao (仁爱礁).

Last October, the Philippine Coast Guard disclosed that three Filipino fishermen perished following a collision with a foreign commercial vessel in close proximity to Scarborough Shoal.


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Just a thought, … once all of ComnChina’s assertions and claims on the SCSeas are fully met, … shouldn’t they move on to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans !!!

Pinoy also stupid lah. If the PRC water cannon you then you fit your water cannon to your shit tank and fire back at them see how they like it or not. Pressure vs shit.

Many readers complained about world bullies, genocides la et al. Where does PRC stand? And they assisted Russia who attacked Ukraine unprovoked – where does this assistance rate? Of course PRC no commit genocide, well how to describe PRC violence – perhaps someone has a scale to calibrate one would like to learn.