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Train fault on MRT Circle Line causes additional 30 min delay for morning commuters

Commuters on Singapore’s Circle Line faced delays due to a train fault, extending travel times by up to 30 minutes. SMRT deployed free buses to ease congestion during the morning rush and reported services returning to normal at 7.40am.



Commuters on Singapore’s Circle Line were met with unexpected delays this morning following a train fault at 6:05 AM, which disrupted services and increased travel times by up to 30 minutes.

SMRT, the transport operator, reported the initial disruption on Facebook at 6:28 AM, indicating that the stretch between Bishan and One-North was impacted.

The disruption extended, with SMRT posting updates at 6:50 AM advising commuters to use alternative MRT lines at interchange stations such as Serangoon, Bishan, and Buona Vista.

At 6:54 AM, another update indicated that trains between Paya Lebar and One-North were also affected.

In response to the delays, SMRT implemented free regular and bridging bus services across affected routes to alleviate congestion and provide alternative transportation options between stations like Paya Lebar, HarbourFront, and Buona Vista.

SMRT issued an apology at 7 AM and reassured commuters that their engineers were working swiftly to fix the problem.

By 7:34 AM, train services were reported to be progressively returning to normal, though free bus services continued to operate to support the commuter flow.

Frustrations among commuters were evident on social media, with notable comments highlighting the severity of the disruption.

Dickson Tan expressed his irritation, saying, “Why are your trains still ending service at Tai Seng?? It is so packed at this peak hour!!” Jerome Fs added, “Why the f is the train reversing to another direction? Creating confusion. Signal display also not showing anything.”

Others pointed out broader issues with the system, with one netizen remarking, “Train fault at Holland Village but affected trains service is like half the loop” and another commenting, “Feel like the CCL signalling system performs worse compared to the EWL or even TEL tbh.”

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Too many people competing for the same services and resources.
Somethings got to give way sometime..
Anyone cares? No. Theyre still throwing that “need to increase immigration” and take in fw/ft” shit at us!
Just afraid when the BIG ONE will come, on one unsuspecting day..

For those who can afford a car, they can get from home to the office in just 20-30 minutes.

For those who can’t, at least 40-50 minutes by public transport (including waiting and walking time). Now with the breakdown they need to add another 30 minutes.

Where exactly is this 45-minute city that LTA keeps planning for? It seems that Singapore only keeps drifting further away from this goal.

Sorry…..THEY OR THEIR KINS OR THEIR RELATIVES….don’t take LOW SES TRANSPORT like these kinds!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

Vote smartly and wisely next time. Vote for opposition you will get free transport and of course Zero breakdown.

Maybe the legacy of Cleopatra using cable ties still exist today.
Save costs so can pay millions to top management

Last edited 23 days ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

“We are sorry for any inconvenience caused” so says SMRT. Also bridging bus services available. Engineers working hard to restore normalcy.

And hey presto! All is good.

And we are paying higher fares since Dec 2023. The irony will be lost to SMRT and Chee Hong Tat.

沙丁魚 ?


把 一箱,一節 的 豬 送去 宰

Just a timely reminder to the majority, … that, even “perfection and brilliance” has it’s moments !!!

“Train fault”…Oh dear ..worst time for trains to mati …monday morning!!!🤯😵‍💫🥴
All services packed like sardines…poor sardines all kena squashed…plus the hot weather…tsk tsk tsk

World classed transport.