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Circle Line delays due to rail crack; 30-minute add-on to commute advised

A detected rail crack on the Circle Line causes service disruptions. SMRT advises an extra 30-minute travel time and suggests alternative routes.



SINGAPORE: Commuters on the Circle Line today can expect delays as train services run slower due to a detected crack on one of its rail tracks.

The fault was discovered during a routine maintenance inspection around 2.20am on Friday, near the crossing from Promenade station to Esplanade and Bayfront stations.

SMRT, in a statement released on their Facebook page, informed the public that the affected stretch would include Dhoby Ghaut to Promenade Stations and Marina Bay to Stadium Stations.

Due to the damage, only a single line operation can be conducted for both ways on these sections. As a result, passengers are advised to factor in an additional 30 minutes to their usual travel time.

SMRT’s rail replacement team is set to undertake the task of replacing the faulty rail crossing to ensure the safety and functionality of the tracks.

The complexity of the repair, which requires detailed surveying, the movement of weighty rails, and the use of engineering trains, means that the regular train service will be disrupted in the affected areas.

To alleviate the inconvenience, SMRT has arranged for free regular bus services between Paya Lebar and Dhoby Ghaut, and between Marina Bay stations.

Additionally, bridging bus services will be made available between Paya Lebar and Promenade stations.

For the benefit of the commuters, both in-train and station announcements will be made to update them on the situation and provide guidance.

To mitigate the disruption, SMRT suggests that commuters consider using the North-South Line, East-West Line, or the Downtown Line as alternative routes during this period.

The public is urged to plan their travels accordingly and to monitor SMRT’s official communication channels for further updates.

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Rail crack wor.
Tunnel wall any crack???
Don’t come another Nicoll Highway MRT station collapse hor.

Why never fine and move proceed to gas and electricity tariff then no need to increase … O only move to private pockets … not for Mass Benefit so again who selfish?!?

What happen to Edit button ….

Why never fine and move proceed to gas and electricity tariff then no need to increase … I only move to private pickets for Mass Benefit so again who selfish?!?

The circle line is ageing and I suspect it was built for a different total population and population distribution. Thus, today’s commuter demands are unprecedented. (It was scheduled to be completed in 2006, so the planning was likely done in the late 90s). The interval between trains is long during the weekends where demand is high throughout the day. This suggests that SMRT is trying to cut frequency where they can because maintenance cannot keep up with how fast things are wearing down. The problem with skimping on maintenance is that the problems only pile on and get more expensive… Read more »

There will be repeats of the same. However if the population is not curbed, there won’t be enough substitution in buses and the other trains will become packed. This will increase cost of maintenance to the trains and public buses. It also exposes commuters to bacteria and viruses due to close proximity. People are not going to be able to report to work on time and parents will not be able to send or pick up their children from childcare on time.