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ICC may issue arrest warrants for Israeli officials, sparking deep concerns

Recent reports indicate that the International Criminal Court may issue arrest warrants for Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, over actions in the Gaza conflict, raising concerns from the Israeli administration and its allies.



Recent news reports have indicated that Israeli officials are increasingly concerned that the International Criminal Court (ICC) might soon issue arrest warrants against high-ranking government members, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

These concerns stem from actions related to Israel’s conflict with Hamas, as detailed by several anonymous Israeli and foreign officials.

The ICC’s scrutiny reportedly extends to both Israeli officials and Hamas leaders.

Specific allegations against the Israeli officials might include the obstruction of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and an excessively harsh military response to the Hamas-led attacks on 7 October last year, which resulted in the death of approximately 1,169 people in Israel and the abduction of around 250 others.

The potential issuance of arrest warrants is viewed by many international observers as a stern moral rebuke, especially given the global criticism of Israel’s conduct in Gaza. This criticism reached a peak when Israel’s closest ally, United States President Joe Biden, labelled Israel’s military actions as “over the top.”

The prospect of ICC action has been influencing Israeli policy and military strategies amidst its ongoing campaign against Hamas, as officials factor in the potential legal ramifications.

Channel 12, a major Israeli television news outlet, recently highlighted Israel’s growing concerns about potential ICC arrest warrants.

According to their report, an “emergency discussion” took place in the Prime Minister’s Office regarding this possibility. However, a government spokesperson declined to comment on the report and its specifics.

Karim Khan, the ICC’s chief prosecutor, acknowledged that his team was investigating war incidents but refused to comment on the specific matter of the warrants.

He earlier stated in October last year that the court has jurisdiction over any alleged war crimes committed by both Hamas in Israel and Israelis in the Gaza Strip.

If the ICC proceeds with issuing warrants, the officials involved will face significant travel restrictions and diplomatic challenges, including further isolation from the global community, though an actual trial or arrest may not be immediate. The warrants would require approval from a panel of judges at the ICC.

Netanyahu has expressed staunch opposition to any ICC interventions, emphasizing that under his leadership, Israel will fiercely defend its right to self-defense and reject any efforts by the ICC to undermine this.

The subsequent war in Gaza, which included heavy Israeli bombardment, has killed more than 34,400 people according to Gazan officials.

Many of the deceased are not accounted for, as their bodies are under rubble or unreachable due to the armed conflict. This has caused widespread damage to housing and infrastructure and brought the territory to the brink of famine.

This situation has also led to accusations of genocide led by South Africa against Israel by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), another tribunal based in The Hague, which has further intensified the international legal and political focus on Israel.

In January, ICJ declared that Israel is “plausibly” committing genocide in Gaza.

The potential for ICC arrest warrants places those named in a contentious position, historically reserved for figures like Omar al-Bashir, the former president of Sudan, and Vladimir V. Putin, the president of Russia, who faced a similar warrant in relation to his actions in Ukraine.

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How to have 2 state solution when Gaza is used to build tunnels and militarized hospitals?

Hamas and Russian Terrorist have no right to bargain !!!!

Don’t forget to add in Putin and the Iran terrorist leaders to the list.

ICC International Clown Convention. When are you going to arrest the Tzar? You mean ICC not aware of the Russia Ukraine war? They went all the way out issuing sanctions and all that BS during the Russian invasion and stopped there. So ICC picks and chooses the size of the prey?

So when is UN going to arrest Putin? Wasn’t Putin already declared a war criminal? Ukraine war – at least 800,000 dead on both sides; Gaza war – about 35,000 killed on both sides. Yes Hamas lovers, please divert attention on Gaza. UN – clap, clap, clap.

Biden and Rishi Sunak should be added to the list.

ICC, ICJ , UN = NATO . tsk tsk tsk

Dun forget there is Putin doing the same thing with Hamas, Iran all on standby to continue the war if they choose to …

It is ONLY right for Leaders to be held accountable for their War mongering. Instead being the adult to negotiate an end. They just bomb ppl put of their existence. Is that rights?!? They load themselves with money by lying and cheating YET refuse to give resources to the ppl unless they are enslave. What kind of world is it?!?

It’s still under consideration by ICC, … whether to issue arrest warrants for BOTH, .. Israeli officials and Hamas leaders.

And yet the headlines, which’ll rightly stir up “emotionally charged” comments, … are opting to only “showcase” Israel, which is not too dissimilar to the comments and postings here.

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ICC should have issue arrest warrants for the terrorist Hamas leaders BEFORE 7-Oct, then the current mess and sufferings might not had to happen. ICC should examine its own accountability and failures first.

ICC= Best Joker of the Year 2024 !!!

ICC = If you got balls, go and arrest Russia pudding . tsk tsk tsk

ICC is nothing but a theater.
Nothing is binding, same as UN, WTO, etc…
Who is policing..?? USA..??

It’s long overdue that these human animals be brought to face justice like how the nazis were tried & hang.