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UN accuses Israel of obstructing evidence collection in Hamas’ 7 Oct attack investigation

A UN commission accused Israel of obstructing efforts to gather evidence from victims of a Hamas attack on 7 October, claiming lack of cooperation and active obstruction.



A UN-mandated commission of inquiry into human rights abuses in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories accused Israel last Tuesday of obstructing its efforts to collect evidence from the victims of a brutal attack by Hamas in southern Israel on 7 October last year.

Chris Sidoti, a member of the commission, highlighted the challenges they faced: “So far as the government of Israel is concerned, we have faced not merely a lack of cooperation but active obstruction.”

In response to these allegations, the Israeli diplomatic mission in Geneva noted that UN representatives had visited Israel and met with victims and survivors of the attacks.

However, the mission criticized the Commission of Inquiry, claiming its members have made anti-Semitic and anti-Israel statements.

“The 1,200 people murdered, the women and girls raped, the hostages taken into Gaza, know too well that they will never get any justice or the dignified treatment they deserve from the Commission,” the Israeli mission stated.

The conflict escalated significantly after the Hamas attack on 7 October 2023, which killed 1,169 people and took 253 hostages.

It prompted widespread Israeli retaliation in Gaza, resulting in thousands of casualties. The health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza reported at least 34,151 Palestinians killed and 77,084 wounded since the escalation.

The Commission of Inquiry, which was established by the UN Human Rights Council in May 2021, has faced significant hurdles. Members of the commission have been accused of bias, most notably in August 2022 when Miloon Kothari apologized for using the term “Jewish lobby,” sparking further controversy and calls for his resignation.

Reports have also emerged suggesting that some Israeli casualties on 7 October might have been due to friendly fire, including incidents at the Nova music festival and the Be’eri kibbutz near Gaza, where Israeli forces were engaged in combat with Hamas fighters.

Navi Pillay, a former judge at the International Criminal Court and a member of the commission, lamented the lack of access to potential witnesses within Israel. “I deplore the fact that people inside Israel who wish to speak to us are being denied that opportunity,” she stated.

The commission continues to appeal to the Israeli government and individuals affected by the attacks to cooperate with their investigation. The first findings of the commission are scheduled to be presented to the Human Rights Council in June.

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Wow ! now these Palestinians start protesting in all the U.S Universities ?

OMG !!! They are spreading every where.

Dissolve UN! They are double standards. Can’t solve Ukraine war. Only. U.S, U.K and the rest of the European countries support Ukraine.

Israel is self defense. Now Iran claiming self defense? tsk tsk tsk

The fact is up to date, the Zionists have refused to give full details of the dead including the militants and Israeli combatants and the hostages taken on Oct.7th 2023. There are surveillance cameras on almost every street in Israel. Israel is also known to sell Spying Technology to many countries including Singapore. So why the refusal? Instead in 6 months they have used the Oct. 7th as an excuse to kill 34,000 people and flatten the entire Gaza strip. If they have nothing to hide, they would be open to an UN investigation. If they do not trust the… Read more »

Remove the leaders from both sides first before gathering evidence … Cos they will always obstruct when they are guilty… No?!?

WHY would that be the case? Perhaps the REAL casualty numbers is much less than the 1200 figure that Israel has been using? Also perhaps most of the victims are the result of friendly fire ie shot by their own forces responding to the attack by Hamas. You know, like those hostages who managed to escape but were killed by their own soldiers.

The same UN that was considering Hamas’s application for full UN membership, … … surely not !!! !!!

UN Collecting evidence?

Un = You didn’t go and count how many missiles Hamas fired on 7th October 2023?

What a real joke! tsk tsk tsk